Brave German Police Capture a Dangerous Criminal

The following video shows German police making an arrest in the German town of Kempten, in Bavaria. The footage was shot by a passerby who was unable to get close enough to give a detailed view of what happened. All we know is that three or four cops struggled to arrest an elderly woman, who was screaming for help. I presume she violated the Corona regulations in some fashion. Or maybe her dog defecated in an unapproved location. Or something.

In any case, she was a dangerous criminal who had to be handcuffed and detained.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   To enforce with violence, also here in Kempten.
00:05   So now you act like you’ve been waiting for it or something.
00:09   Yes, exactly… Hey… [people shouting indignantly]
00:14   Hey… Shame on you, shame on you!
00:19   Shame on you. This can’t be happening [woman cries for HELP in the background]
00:23   HELP! —There’s a dog in between, aren’t you starting to be ashamed?
00:28   Shame on you… [indistinct]
00:32   Help, help, help… Why doesn’t anyone help me?
00:37   [indistinct] Shame on you… Bloody hell…
00:42   This is bodily harm, what you’re doing. [MY DOG, MY DOG]
00:46   What are you doing? Shame on you…
00:50   This is deprivation of liberty.
00:53   This woman could be your mother, haven’t you got any SHAME, dammit?
00:58   This is an elderly woman. HELP… let her go…
01:02   HELP… Leave the street. HELP… Leave the street.
01:07   I told you, go to the sidewalk. That is deprivation of liberty.
01:11   I told you to leave the street and go to the sidewalk.
01:16   Shame on you… You can watch from here, and now it’s… QUIET!
01:20   What did she do to you? Shame on you…
01:25   [Indistinct angry chatter]
01:29   “Great work” you’re doing here…
01:32   It’s kind of weird, all this.
01:35   [indistinct]
01:39   Aahhhhh … you don’t treat a person like that.
01:43   That’s an old woman, folks, they’re arresting an old woman.
01:47   What… Shame on you…
01:50   Tell me, are you guys only against old people, or what?
01:54   Such a [spitting sound] I would be ashamed if I were you.
01:57   Get off the street… Only against old people, those…
02:01   [indistinct]
02:05   This could be your mother or grandmother.
02:10   [indistinct]
02:14   Now will you look at how they perform.
02:18   Shall we call an ambulance, are you injured?
02:27   Should we call an ambulance? Have they hurt you?
02:30   This is enough. HELP…
02:35   Bastards…

12 thoughts on “Brave German Police Capture a Dangerous Criminal

  1. I would write what should be done to those thugs in uniform, but it would just be redacted.

    • I know, I wrote it in the email send with the Subtitle translation……

  2. The title of the article is misleading at best, the video clearly shows the police being attacked by a ferocious criminal.

    • They were only following orders.
      Now where have we heard that excuse before?
      That good old German refrain.

      • I hate to break this to you, but, men will follow any order given to them by any higher authority and has since the dawn of time.

  3. Like in Hyde park London,

    The crowd fought back, and the cop gestapo run away like cowards they are.

    Germany, you need find your strong men to deal with those clowns in gestapo outfits.

    Do it now!

  4. Nobody does anything but bleat helplessly.
    To intervene is to be arrested and jailed.
    In a country where moslem invaders rape German children and get slapped on the wrist.
    Our Western future is grim.

    • It is always darkest before dawn. I have no doubt that we will have that moment in time where someone stands up, and starts reindeer games. I absolutely believe it will happen that starts a domino effect.

  5. In Hyde park they were ready with smoke bombs, very effective, and the London protesters defeated the covid new gestapo automatons, it was a great laugh watching those traitor cowards run for their lives!

    In future we must utilise smoke bombs to break up the thugs, and disoriente them,
    Then pick them off.
    It worked beautifully in Hyde park! London, speakers corner.

    The Germans must learn these methods of how to beat down their gestapo clowns.

  6. Just like murder victim Kitty Genovese in Kew Gardens Queens NYC in 1964, hundreds of people heard her screams for help but nobody came to help her. Covid is cowardice and tyranny and cops are both disgusting and way overpaid.

    • Man always follows any form of authoritarianism and has sine the beginning of time and always will. So don’t fool yourself.

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