Corona: Information, Misinformation, Disinformation, and Propaganda

Below are six recent articles from PolitikStube with the latest news on the Coronamadness in Germany. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translations.

Article #1: Masks are bad for your health:

The first meta-study on masks is available — Result: masks are hazardous to health

From RA Ludwig: The authors urgently advise doctors to respect their oath and to give liberal exemptions.

This study should mean two things:

1.   Doctors who are targeted by the public prosecutor for allegedly false certificates may not be prosecuted.
2.   Fines for mask violations must be withdrawn.

Anyone who has received a fine should send this study to the competent authority / public prosecutor’s office.

School administrators, teachers and employers should also be more careful. Remember, the pandemic will be over, and with it panic and hysteria. Then the courts — only to divert attention from their own guilt — will scapegoat you and persecute you with all severity. I strongly advise against “compelling” even a student or an employee to wear a mask without first having received a specific positive certificate from a doctor.

I also advise business owners not to expel anyone not wearing a mask.

Masks are harmful to health and there is not a single study that clearly shows the benefit.

Write on your doors that you assume that anyone who does not wear a mask is liberated. It is not your job to play the deputy lord. You are only putting yourself in the danger of making yourself liable to prosecution.

Source of the study

Article #2: Hospital ICUs are not overwhelmed:

Reality in intensive care units — Helios-Kliniken boss: “The situation is not really dramatic at the moment”

The Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn repeatedly warned of the overloading of the intensive care units and of the dramatic situation in many hospitals that were reaching their capacity limits, and in his speech in the Bundestag yesterday, Spahn again pointed these things out to justify the change to the Infection Protection Act. The situation is so noticeable that Spahn reduced orders for 10,112 ventilators last year and canceled 8,505 orders again.

The situation is so drastically noticeable: In 2020, 20 hospitals had to close in the middle of the deadliest “pandemic” of all time, the clinics were not sufficiently occupied with patients and could not make any profit as a commercial enterprise. Of course there are also some hospitals that are working to the limit, but the situation is probably not as dramatic as the politicians and the media want the citizens to believe.

Stirring panic and targeted disinformation — that has been the linchpin of the government since the beginning of Corona to justify measures, lockdowns and the “emergency”, but now someone is finally speaking the truth, the head of the hospital chain Helios:

“The situation is not really dramatic at the moment, even if our large hospitals in particular are now treating a large number of Covid patients again,” said Francesco De Meo of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Thursday edition) with a view to the intensive care beds being occupied. The total number of cases is currently still below what the hospitals would have managed during the second wave in winter.

“In the beginning the discussion revolved around the hospital beds as a whole, then about the staff, now about the intensive care capacities.” He thinks one should look at “the whole picture”. “And I don’t think it makes much sense to scare people further as long as we’re on the level of the second wave,” warned De Meo.

The Helios hospitals currently care for around 15,000 patients without Covid-19 in normal wards and a good 750 with Covid-19. There are currently just under 1,150 patients without and just under 330 patients with Covid-19 in the intensive care units.

“There have always been full intensive care units, that’s nothing new,” he said. However, it works well to move patients to hospitals with free capacities, “which means that the effectiveness of our health system stands and falls.” In Germany, patients are quickly transferred to the intensive care unit.

Source: Epoch Times

Article #3: The government of Saxony cashes in on COVID:

Ten times the fines: With Corona only cashing in works!

From the AfD parliamentary group in Saxony: At the end of the Corona season, the government will once again pull out the very big cudgel: the so-called “Corona emergency brake”. With this, it not only wants to close most schools and daycare centers, but also to cash in on the fines, reports the LVZ [Leipziger Volkszeitung].

Previously, if the contact restrictions were violated in Saxony, 250 euros were due. The new law allows the government to charge ten times that amount — a whopping €2,500!

And it gets even harder: Anyone who celebrates their birthday and is caught can now even end up in prison. Up to five years in prison may be imposed if a celebrant infects another participant with Corona.

“I think the new fines are excessively excessive,” criticized the financial policy spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group, André Barth. “Apparently the government is increasingly resorting to authoritarian means because it has lost the approval of the citizens.”

Article #4: Corona = more debt:

Merkel’s minion at the Federal Constitutional Court pushes Germany into the debt union!

The Federal Constitutional Court rejects an urgent application against the EU’s corona development fund, reports Der Spiegel.

Karlsruhe paves the way for the EU’s €750 billion reconstruction fund. The constitutional judges reject an urgent motion against the common debts.

From the German side, nothing stands in the way of the European Union’s €750 billion reconstruction fund. The Federal Constitutional Court refused to stop the EU borrowing money.

The urgent application by a citizens’ initiative to the AfD founder Bernd Lucke was unsuccessful. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier can now sign the relevant law for the national implementation of the EU’s own funds decision.


Article #5: Greens want fundamental rights restricted even further:

(AfD) Gauland: For the Greens, the curtailment of fundamental rights does not go far enough

On the abstention of the Greens in the Bundestag in the vote on the Infection Protection Act, the AfD parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland, explains:

The Greens abstained from voting on the Infection Protection Act because the massive curtailment of basic rights is still not enough for them.

The economic damage that the government is causing with its policies is not yet great enough for the Greens. That is why they want, above all, to grind the economy down even more. With their contribution to the Infection Protection Act, the Greens show where the journey goes when they are involved in government: Bans, Restrictions, lack of Freedom.

With this ban-everything-that-is-not-in-our-interest Party, Germany would go from bad to worse. That danger is real. Because even if the citizens do not fall for the blatant and brazen election campaigns of the media for the Greens, every vote for the Union is also a vote for Green participation in government.

The attitude of the Green parliamentary group to the Infection Protection Act must be a renewed warning against this left-wing authoritarian party to every freedom-minded citizen.

Article #6: Corona unemployment:

Just the beginning! Because of Corona measures: More than 1 million people lost their jobs

The economic consequences of the Corona measures are devastating; more than a million people have lost their jobs, including 477,000 employees subject to social insurance.

The real extent will only come when the short-time working regulations expire; the suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency (keyword: up to 800,000 zombie companies ) is not extended and the bankruptcy wave really starts rolling, and that could perhaps occur shortly, according to the BTW [Bundesverband der Deutschen Tourismuswirtschaft/Federal Association of the German Tourism industry]. On top of that, another storm could sweep over Germany from autumn and develop into the very last nail in the coffin, if the goblin expert with proven gaps in knowledge should follow in the footsteps of the no-alternative Uckermark pearl.

9 thoughts on “Corona: Information, Misinformation, Disinformation, and Propaganda

  1. I’m not sure if this naive Germans realize , that Merkel&CO put this country to the ruins, !!, it’s too late for everything!!, Germany Is Done, finished, RIP . They was all asleep never realize what’s coming, just awful 😢

    • The financial collapse will ripple worldwide. So much for my years of hard work and saving. And it was all avoidable.

  2. The true villains here will escape justice. Absconding with the wealth stolen from the citizens they were elected to serve. The failure lies not in the system but in the people choosing to pillage for their own gain.

    • The fault is with our multi-trillion dollar euros LGBTQ military and police. These weaponized baboons have raided churches, locked up millions of small businesses, forced everyone to wear useless face masks or suffer a beating arrest or death with firepower purchased from our taxes. These way way overpaid uniformed thieves cost all of us far more in one year of taxes than all the street crimials who have ever lived. These same soldiers and cops allowed or more probably used their super expensive computers to perp the biggest election fraud in world history and then shot people to death on January 6th who dared to protest the fraud.

  3. The Green Party attitude is right in line with the contention of Irish vlogger Dave Cullen and others that the longer-term tool of tyranny is the climate change scare, which is now being referred to as a climate emergency.

    Prior to COVID the climate narrative was losing traction, but the opportunities for emergency measures afforded by the more immediate COVID scare has given the climate hoax new life.

    Vaccine passports will merge into general medical passports, carbon footprint passports, and then into a Chinese style social credit system that will literally control every aspect of participants’ lives.

    At that point, masks will no longer be needed.

    • You’re right on target. The immediate objective of all the measures, climate, Covid, anti-racism and social justice, is to destroy the economy and the culture. Those are not side effects of the collective scares: those are the primary objectives.

      You have the same dynamic with the Biden administration in the US. Biden is senile, but not too senile to indulge his ego to get a time period named after him. He is going to stamp his Presidency as the most significant milestone in US history. True, it represents the destruction of the Constitution, the persecution and enslavement of Euro-Americans and whoever else values the US, and the dismantling of the entire cultural fabric. But, for Biden’s senile grasp for immortality, the type of change is unimportant. Only the momentousness of the change is relevant.

      The philosophical basis of the modern nihilists is cultural-Marxism. Cult-Marx preaches that the social structure must be destroyed to clear the path for classic Marxism. But, the destruction is primary; the actual vision of a coherent society, even a totalitarian one, is fuzzy for these revolutionaries. In reality, they will govern as dictators by what feels right to them, like the Democrat governors Whitmer, Newsome and McMurtry.

      • If they destroy the economyand the industrial infrastructure:
        Where do they get the power for their smartphones, PC etc?

        Sorry, forgot, only those true believers will have access to power, running water, food etc.

        I slowly begin to think that those crazy conspiracytheorists with their Georgia Guidestone comments (only 500 mio people may live on Earth, everybody else has to die) may have something for them.

  4. It’s a little late, hope y’all can spread this resource around, just found it minutes ago, damn good, explains much, against the evil non vaccines not really for covid, that’s just the excuse, this is just the beginning, and I do bet the CIA is in on this plot, FYI. It smells.
    So here is the reference, I think everyone with good sense will know the value in this knowledge, that appears to be all the regulars here, at the Baron’s.

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