Kauthar Bouchallikht and the Muslim Brotherhood

The article below is a follow-up to previous reports on the Muslim Brotherhood in the Netherlands. It provides additional information about Kauthar Bouchallikht, a Muslim candidate for the Green-Left (GroenLinks) party. The piece is from the Dagelijkse Standaard, but it is based on an article by Carel Brendel, a freelance journalist-investigator of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation:

Green-Left Kauthar Bouchallikht again under fire: “Took media training with the Muslim Brothers”

[Photo caption: Kauthar Bouchallikht at the announcement of the GL election list]

While Jesse Klaver [leader of Green-Left] and the Green-Left Party continue to firmly deny that candidate-MP Kauthar Bouchallikht belonged to an unsavory club, more trash is found. The Green-Left- and radical-tracker Carel Brendel has come up with another remarkable discovery: Bouchallikht attended several media training sessions of a club that is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Once again Green-Left seems to want to burn its fingers with the not-so-clean background of Kauthar Bouchallikht, number 9 on the party’s candidate list. The journalist Carel Brendel has found new evidence that her old club FEMSYO and her past are a lot grimmer than she herself argues.

Specifically, Bouchallikht has in the past attended media training with an organization that is connected to the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. The organization Sinan Wren Foundation is managed by people from the Muslim Brotherhood. And thus, new evidence is found that FEMSYO is really not the club that Green-Left thought it was.

On social media and through the Green-Left, Bouchallikht continues to be put forward as a brave climate rebel, but her past with an extremist Islamist umbrella group, FEMSYO, remains controversial. Only the top of the party has a gigantic plate on their head and they swear that criticism of the woman is racism, or hatred of women, or Islamophobia. Brendel then asks the following question:

“All in all, Bouchallikht was more active in the youth movement of the Muslim Brotherhood than previously thought. It remains a puzzle that — even though she grew up in this environment — as vice-chairwoman of FEMSYO, she never noticed any of their involvement. Growing up in this circle, of course, doesn’t mean that one is a prisoner of certain beliefs, but thus far the voter has not learned how she has freed herself. The most important questions in this case, moreover, are not about her, but about Jesse Klaver and the party leadership of Green-Left. Why isn’t FEMSYO in her party biography? Has Green-Left investigated what FEMSYO stands for? Why did Green-Left blindly take the FEMSYO position that it is all the fault of extreme-right bloggers?”

Brendel rightly asks these questions, because how can it be that the Green-Left party, time after time, dismisses this issue as a right-wing smear? The evidence clearly shows that FEMSYO is a club with dubious and radical links; as a serious party, do you really want to be associated with this?

How long can the Green apologists insist that it’s all about right-wing smears? It is quite clear that FEMSYO is just wrong. So, Klaver, finally take responsibility and eject the hardcore Islamist Bouchallikht from the election list!