Vax Reax to the Max

All of the “vaccines” so far deployed against the Wuhan Coronavirus are experimental in nature. The most widely-used ones use previously untested techniques involving messenger RNA, whose long-term side effects have never been studied. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world are acting as guinea pigs in the rollout of these genetic therapies.

Some reports say that the adverse reactions to the vaccines make them more deadly than COVID-19 itself. My statistical skills are not good enough to evaluate that assertion, so I’ll just have to remain agnostic on the topic for the time being.

The two videos below, one from France and one talking about Austria and Germany, address the negative consequences of the Corona “vaccines”. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video was uploaded by a French doctor named Denis Agret. He guides his audience through the official statistics on adverse reactions to the vaccines being used in France:

The second video is in German. It talks about adverse reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine, as experienced by recipients in North Rhine-Westphalia and Austria:

The following story of a lethal adverse reaction to the vaccine from the German city of Würzburg is particularly affecting. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

He wanted to get back in touch with his grandchildren: 82-year-old dies after a corona vaccination in Würzburg

An 82-year-old man from the Würzburg area died after being vaccinated against the corona virus for the first time in the vaccination center on the Würzburg Talavera, reports BR24. As reported by the Würzburg District Office, the patient suffered from the most serious, life-threatening previous illnesses. The vaccination was carried out with the vaccine from BioNTech / Pfizer.

“The vaccination itself was uneventful. The man also was unremarkable in the subsequent monitoring,” says the medical director of the vaccination center Christoph Zander. After the vaccination, the 82-year-old went back to the car on his own and complained that he was now worse off.

An emergency doctor called in from the vaccination center found him lifeless and brought him to the emergency room with his relatives — but the man was already dead.

The man has a patient directive that does not allow resuscitation. Therefore, no resuscitation was performed. “In the consultation, he expressed an urgent wish for a vaccination in order to be able to live a more normal life again. In particular, he lacked contact with his grandchildren,” says Zander.

After the death of the 82-year-old, the police were informed. The public prosecutor’s office is also involved.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Good evening to all. Denis Agret here, so everyone can see my little head.
00:06   There. I think you know me a little bit. I’m a doctor.
00:12   I’ve been talking to you about COVID for a few months now.
00:16   So, I was told to be an investigative journalist, which makes it sound a little more professional.
00:22   “Serious Side Effects and Death following COVID Vaccination”
00:26   Source: ANSM, Agence Nationale de Sécurité du Médicament, Santé Publique France. From March 6 2021.
00:32   I’m a public health physician. I graduated in Public Health Medicine and General Medicine.
00:37   Fifteen years in the emergency room. Two and a half years at the Fondation Partage et Vie.
00:41   93 nursing home residents. As you know,
00:44   there’s no difference in mortality between the years 2019 and 2020.
00:48   Those who died, most of them exceeded 90-95 years old. That’s my observation,
00:52   which I have already shared with you.
00:56   Since all of this is well hidden, there isn’t any investigation by any journalists.
01:00   I don’t know where they went or where they are. That’s a little ironic.
01:04   So here’s: “All the data on the ANSM national drug agency”. So, it’s a public site.
01:09   You see at the top there? News update on the surveillance of vaccines against COVID.
01:16   COVID. So there you go, click there, boom.
01:22   OK, so when you to click on Google to find ANSM-Covid-vaccine-surveillance,
01:29   there is a link that changed and says, “not available”.
01:34   It’s done very well and well hidden on this website. You have to go to the small bar here,
01:42   “to consult the synthesis and the factual highlights” March 5. Yes. It is updated every week.
01:46   There is a splendid pdf which has 172 ko.
01:49   “The seventh pharmacovigilance report on adverse reactions
01:53   reported with the vaccine Comirnaty from Pfizer-BioNTech. 6,960 cases of adverse reactions.
02:02   The majority of adverse reactions are expected. It nice of them to specify that.
02:07   So first, let’s look at “analyses by the regional centers
02:11   of pharmacovigilance reports (Bordeaux and Marseille)”.
02:15   So you could say, this is the voluntary reporting
02:19   and there’s most certainly a huge under-reporting,
02:22   as with all adverse reactions with medication and vaccines.
02:27   And of course, they wrote, “of course serious adverse reactions
02:31   are not mentioned here and were not expected!”
02:34   Of course, because these are deaths, anaphylactic shock,
02:38   and those hospitalized from their injuries.
02:41   So let’s see. “Monitoring of cases of adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines,
02:46   data from February 19 to February 25.”
02:50   You see, it’s a little late, isn’t it? It’s already March 5th, so there’s a week’s delay.
02:56   So, they’re telling you that in one week, they vaccinated 802,000 people. It’s shocking.
03:02   Since the end of December and beginning of January they vaccinated 4 million people.
03:08   Frankly. I’m dumbfounded to see all the people who are rushing to get vaccinated.
03:13   Maybe my conclusions will cool some of them down.
03:18   So you see that basically the only vaccine being used is Pfizer-BioNTech.
03:24   It’s weird; my Gerontology boss is Claude Jeandel, who had a conflict of transparency involving
03:30   €110,000 with Pfizer. He’s a medical adviser to the foundation.
03:36   So there we see: Pfizer almost 4 million, 3,954,000.
03:41   Let’s just say that it’s almost the only vaccine used.
03:46   Then there’s 190,000 vaccinations from Moderna, and 182,000 from AstraZeneca.
03:52   So we’re going to look at that, because that, you see,
03:57   that’s almost all of it. Not put it in percentages, but you get the idea.
04:02   So here’s the global analysis for all vaccines. Evolution of the number of cases of adverse events,
04:07   serious and numerous since the beginning of vaccination. So of course, the more we vaccinate,
04:13   the more adverse events we’ll have. You see. It’s almost, I don’t know,
04:19   as if it could become exponential, but OK. So, February 19, you see we have just under 10,000.
04:26   We’re not far from 10,000 serious and non-serious adverse reactions.
04:31   So it’s getting serious. Really serious.
04:36   “Proportion of serious and non-serious cases since the beginning of the vaccination.”
04:41   24% are serious cases. So frankly, I don’t know;
04:46   I don’t know if there’s even a minister of health,
04:51   if there is a DGS, our manager of Solomon, but I would stop everything.
04:57   24% serious cases. OK, well, the proportion of serious cases this week was 29% serious cases.
05:06   You still like it? Let’s continue. So, adverse reactions reported with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
05:15   We see “Distribution by age”; in fact,
05:23   there are almost, 23+45, that makes 68% of those vaccinated
05:31   who are under 65 years old. It’s necessary to explain, because the mortality rate of Corona,
05:39   as described for months by our public health authorities in France,
05:43   92% of deaths are in those over 65 years old,
05:46   but 68% of those being vaccinated are under 65 years old.
05:50   I do not know if there is something I do not understand.
05:54   So, my friends, the mortality. These are the tables
05:57   I have already shown you, but I’ll show you again. It’s interesting.
06:00   “COVID Mortality Public Health France” So, you have to do a small search,
06:05   given in, Public Health France .fr, coronavirus-key-figures.
06:10   You open the page, COVID-19: national and regional weekly epidemiological points
06:17   and you land on National Epidemiological Point. Weekly details from March 4th.
06:26   Then you get a table like this. You need to look carefully because the report is now 59 pages long.
06:32   You’ll find this beautiful table on page 36. Here it is,
06:36   the epidemiological report as of March 4th on page 36.
06:40   We’re going to look at COVID mortality.
06:44   So, mortality from COVID. Who dies of COVID?
06:48   “Description of electronically certified deaths”. So, there aren’t even paper death certificates
06:52   anymore. Mentioned, “with mention of COVID.” March 1, 2020 to March 1, 2021.
06:58   So in the entirety of a year. And there, it didn’t move. So it’s 14% more than 2018.
07:05   That’s 92% of deaths over 65 years old, 70% of deaths over 75 years old.
07:13   So you see, it’s all very old people and specially note: 65% had co-morbidities.
07:21   So when you take that plus that, what do you think to yourself?
07:25   That it’s old and sick people who die. So, it’s kind of normal. It’s nature’s way.
07:33   And here, I’ll just show the details on the comorbidities. 86% of the comorbidities are
07:40   the following: heart pathologies, high blood pressure, diabetes, and respiratory pathology, OK?
07:47   86% had co-morbidities. So go do sports,
07:52   stop smoking, eat less fat and you won’t die earlier.
07:58   So back to the vaccination category breakdown. Here’s the gender breakdown of those vaccinated.
08:04   75% are women. Looks like they’re vaccinating the caregivers and nurses to death, who are
08:11   very poorly informed and in my opinion they take great risks.
08:19   So here we come to something very interesting and rather serious. Really very serious.
08:25   “Zoom in on serious adverse effects known as ‘special interests’.”
08:29   So, it’s written here in very small letters. “These effects are already followed for other vaccines
08:33   because of concerns from health professionals or users.” So that means that we are
08:38   looking at more or less the same things as for other vaccines. So reassuring.
08:43   Then we see directly below, Deaths. Since the beginning, 217 deaths. OK?
08:49   This week, 48 deaths post vaccination. Of course, no one can assure you that
08:54   it’s the vaccine that has killed you, since it is not evaluated in front of people.
09:03   So let’s look at the number of deaths. Coronary pathology — 27,
09:11   Heart rhythm disorders — 185, after vaccination. My goodness, not bad at all.
09:18   Heart failure — 43, after vaccination. AVC (Stroke/cerebral vascular accidents) meaning paralysis —
09:23   64, after vaccination. Hemorrhagic disease — 48.
09:30   Thrombocytopenia, deep vein thrombosis. Yes, it causes phlebitis, clots in the veins — 21.
09:38   Generalized convulsions, oops, following the vaccine injection, 25 convulsed after the vaccine.
09:43   It could be a coincidence, but hey. And then there’s facial paralysis — 30.
09:48   Nice, you’ll have your face paralyzed for a few days or for life. Well, that’s your choice.
09:54   Acute respiratory distress syndrome. Well, that’s not serious at all, but you go directly to ICU
09:59   without going through the waiting room — 3. So before vaccination, you don’t have
10:04   acute respiratory distress syndrome, but afterward you have it.
10:08   There are, I don’t know — 49 of them got COVID after vaccination, that’s stupid.
10:15   Does not say if they’re dead. And hypersensitivity anaphylaxis. Basically severe allergies — 37.
10:22   So you see, it’s not serious to get vaccinated.
10:29   So here again, it’s about the same thing. This is our table which I find presents it a bit better.
10:33   So this is the number of cumulative cases of adverse reactions, including non-serious: 6,960.
10:42   So, we see the number of cases declared by professionals and by users: 5,349 and 1,611.
10:51   It is important to know that the declaration of undesirable effects
10:55   has been under-declared for decades.
10:58   So what you see here is most certainly an understatement.
11:03   So, again, we have the 217 deaths,
11:08   We have 200 adverse events that are unknown. We don’t know what, but they are undesirable.
11:15   And the age groups are the same as before. You see there are 67% who are under 64 years old.
11:24   And now, we go back to the serious adverse events. 1516 serious adverse events,
11:32   put frankly, that’s just huge. Here is says 22%;
11:36   earlier we had 23%. Deaths 217, life-threatening — 83.
11:41   So that’s a grouping of respiratory distress syndromes,
11:46   anaphylactic shock, heart failure, no doubt.
11:51   Hospitalizations — 300 after vaccination. Disability, so it must be strokes and others — 21.
12:00   So, serious cases affected 1085 females, which is more than two thirds.
12:08   And the age groups most affected by the adverse reactions are those under 65 years of age at 52%.
12:15   So what saddens me enormously is that we don’t have deaths by distribution of age group,
12:21   because that would allow us to know who is dying. It’s the young people, but they hide it well.
12:29   I would like someone from ANSM
12:34   or the health ministry or anyone anywhere else
12:39   to have the courage, the transparency and capability to show us the distribution of
12:45   the 217 deaths in all age groups. Because if these deaths are people aged 10, 15, 20 years,
12:53   dying after vaccination, frankly, it is extremely worrying.
13:00   So that’s what I wanted to tell you, and
13:06   one last thing. You’ve already understood that the risk
13:12   from being vaccinated is a thousand times higher than
13:18   not being vaccinated for those under 65 years.
13:25   There’s no risk of dying from COVID, since
13:32   this age group barely represents 10% of deaths. Those who die all have co-morbidities.
13:38   Those who have died were over 65 years of age. So please, do not get vaccinated.
13:45   Send a message to all your bosses who push you to vaccinate, that you have been briefed
13:52   by Dr. Denis Agret and that you refuse the vaccination.
13:59   And if the health personnel put pressure on you, you resign or use your right to retire.
14:08   You go on strike. Do not forget, you were the heroes that were applauded during recent months,
14:14   to make us feel better, but now they want you to take a bullet. So all you caregivers, revolt!
14:20   Thank you for listening to me, the good Doctor Agret. See you soon on YouTube.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   That appears to be the reason why some people are hesitant.
00:03   It’s better to have a headache for a couple of days, than to get this damned disease.
00:07   That must be said clearly. The vaccines that we have approved are highly effective.
00:12   Nothing would make me happier than soon to be enjoying my AstraZeneca vaccine.
00:17   We have to do everything in our power to vaccinate far and wide as soon as possible.
00:22   The vaccines that we have are extremely good, far beyond what we could expect.
00:28   Of course, there’s always a hair in someone’s soup somewhere,
00:32   and some are taking a magnifying glass to look for it. That should not be done.
00:36   In North Rhine-Westphalia, several hundred emergency service personnel were immunized.
00:41   Apparently, many of them developed severe side effects.
00:45   There’s a black flag flying in front of the Zwettl State Clinic and the reason is tragic.
00:49   The health status of a 49-year-old nurse employed there deteriorated so rapidly
00:55   that she was transferred to the AKH hospital in Vienna, where she died on Sunday evening.
00:59   Before suffering from this medical condition, she had been vaccinated against Corona
01:03   with AstraZeneca. The alarm went off on Friday at the Health Ministry for Lower Austria
01:10   and at the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) after a second incident
01:14   in the Zwettl Clinic. Another nurse, 30 years old, who was vaccinated with AstraZeneca
01:19   from the same batch and suffered a pulmonary embolism.
01:24   After deaths, batch of AstraZeneca confiscated in Italy
01:34   Health authorities examine vaccination procedures and the premier comes under pressure.
01:40   This breaking news has just reached us. According to the European Drug Administration,
01:44   the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca is increasingly causing severe side effects.
02:06   That’s why we assume that we will continue to vaccinate with AstraZeneca.
02:13   RKI Director: “Nothing would make me happier than soon to be enjoying my AstraZeneca vaccine.”

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  1. Im surprised that none of our governments have appointed a Minister of Death yet . Or are they who approve , namely the pharma companies, paying off the governments as well as the justice systems and the police , to enforce it upon the public and getting away with hundreds of thousands of deaths?
    What happened to the Nurenburg declaration ? Human rights ? Medical standards ?

  2. The “vaccines” are experimental. There is no question about that, but many people are unaware. In this regard, I think governments are being irresponsible. People need to be made aware of the risks.

  3. Every thieving fraudster I have met used the “there is not enough time, you have to hurry, tomorrow will be too late, do it now, do it, come on, quickly, hurry up!” tactics.

  4. I think that the Political Traitor Class will only stop pushing the Mengele-juice into peoples Veins, when their Tax-payer base is GONE.
    When they’ve finally rung the Golden Goose’s neck.
    And that is just a kind of false “Hope” I would venture, since they have shown NO regards for Human Life whatsoever – EVER.

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