Geert Wilders: Immigration, Integration, the Budget, the Climate, and Other Election Topics

On Wednesday Dutch voters will go to the polls to cast their votes for members of the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Parliament. For the last two months the Dutch populace has been afflicted with a COVID curfew, and according to this AP article, the Wuhan Coronavirus will be the single most important issue in the election.

Up until the Coronamadness hit, however, immigration was the main topic. Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), is the candidate with the consistently strongest position against mass immigration into the Netherlands.

The following seven videos are a selection of recent debates and interviews featuring Geert Wilders. Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Immigration vs. the budget

Video #2: Investing in healthcare

Video #3: Integration is failing, even in Parliament

Video #4: Discrimination against the native Dutch

Video #5: Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development, is a frequent flyer

Video #6: Ambushed by a Moroccan woman

Video #7: A Qibla in every jail cell

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I’d like to ask both gentlemen the following question:
00:03   we’re discussing whether we should cut the budget; you know, both your parties are responsible,
00:07   Mr. Rutte especially, given that since 2010
00:11   we imported 750,000 non-Western immigrants into the Netherlands over the last 10 years.
00:17   And I bring this up because this has cost us over €100 billion.
00:22   We had Nyfer calculate this. €7.2 billion per year, with the current numbers: 100 billion.
00:27   Not just 100 billion in expenses, but also our housing, our social housing, 100,000 units.
00:34   went not to Dutch citizens, but to asylum seekers. So my point is:
00:38   Can we agree to close the borders, that we don’t let
00:45   those 750,000 people into the Netherlands,
00:48   [?] so that we don’t need budget cuts, and can spend that money on other things?
00:53   You are going to raise taxes, whereas if you close the border
00:56   and limit immigration, that would save a lot of money.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Healthcare, 100%. We’ll have to invest massively in healthcare,
00:04   When I heard Mr. [PM] Rutte say that healthcare is important, I almost fell off my chair.
00:09   I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, because his party
00:12   has closed hospitals for the last few years.
00:15   So you want to invest in healthcare. —Closed ERs, closed hospitals, closed ICUs!
00:20   The VVD has made healthcare the lowest priority.
00:24   We have to make it our first priority, and invest massively.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   Look, Madam Arib is a great Speaker of the House, but having said that,
00:05   I think that if you’re in Parliament, there shouldn’t be even the appearance of dual loyalties.
00:10   So, for every MP, whether you’re Speaker, or MP for the PVV, for the VVD or the SP,
00:15   you have Dutch nationality exclusively. In many countries, like Australia, this is the case;
00:19   it’s not an issue at all. But about the introduction: look…
00:22   In the Netherlands, unfortunately it makes a difference,
00:25   if you face the facts instead of talking PC nonsense,
00:28   if you look at the facts, it makes a difference where you are from.
00:31   Non-Western immigrants in the Netherlands in 2019: 169,000 people were suspected of a crime,
00:38   and 56,000, a third, were non-Western immigrants.
00:42   In our prisons, half are non-Western immigrants. Do they perform better in the labor market?
00:47   Of the people on social benefits, more than half are non-Western immigrant.
00:51   And when, as seen in the video, unfortunately, a terrorist,
00:57   when somebody who uses his freedom of speech, Samuel Paty, when he is beheaded,
01:01   then in the Netherlands, this is how badly immigrants are integrated, in a few days,
01:07   before Mr. Paty is buried, 125,000 Muslims in the Netherlands sign a petition
01:14   that demands what the terrorist also wanted, a ban on cartoons of Muhammad,
01:18   and [MP for DENK, Turkish party] Mr. Azarkan is defending this in Parliament!
01:21   So, is [social] integration succeeding? Unfortunately, integration is failing, even in Parliament.

Video transcript #4:

00:00   The people, Madam Kaag, I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under,
00:03   the people of the Netherlands love Black Pete.
00:06   They love our culture. If you spent less time flying around the world you’d have seen this, too.
00:10   Culture is more than Black Pete, Mr. Wilders!
00:13   But what’s more important, I’ve had it with the fuss about discrimination.
00:16   Mr. Wester, look at the facts. Last year in the Netherlands,
00:19   the courts dealt with 123 discrimination cases, in a population of 17 million.
00:23   That’s still 123 too many, but it’s almost nothing. Do you know what’s [real] discrimination?
00:28   It’s those 110,000 Dutch people who can’t get social housing anymore,
00:32   because Mr. Rutte let in all those asylum seekers.
00:36   Discrimination against the [native] Dutch people — why don’t you worry about that, Madam Kaag!?

Video transcript #5:

00:00   No, and [the slogan] “do or die” is of course counterproductive. I personally think,
00:05   apart from that remark, it’s not so bad, because the problems are greatly exaggerated.
00:09   You heard me in the video calling this “climate terror”; if you see what’s really going on,
00:14   you’ll see that Earth has become 1 degree warmer since 1860.
00:20   The Netherlands is responsible for 0.35% of CO2 emissions.
00:26   And if we apply that 0.35%, if we meet the targets
00:31   of that climate treaty, 49% in 2030,
00:36   we’ll lower the temperature by 0.00007 degrees, and what price will we pay?
00:42   We’ll spend billions, we’ll have a government that tells us how to drive, to use an electric car,
00:48   how you should live, use natural gas or not,
00:52   whether you can ride on a plane, what food you should eat.
00:56   Are you saying there’s no problem, or that the next generation should deal with it? —The problem,
01:01   again, is that 97% of CO2 emissions are natural, not anthropogenic.
01:07   We’ll pay a huge price, and I predict it’ll be the common man who pays for it,
01:14   not people like, with all due respect, Madam Kaag [leader D66].
01:18   When Joe the Plumber, assuming he can go on holiday after paying
01:22   all those taxes of yours, he’ll have to pay your flight tax,
01:25   but you yourself fly around the world. I’ve looked into it, Madam Kaag.
01:29   How many kilometers have you flown since you’ve been minister, since 2017?
01:34   You’ve flown 178,000 km, that’s 4.5 times the circumference of the planet…
01:39   [talking over each other] Mr. Wilders, she is minister
01:42   of international affairs, foreign affairs, excuse me.
01:45   You’ve flown around the world 4.5 times, and it wouldn’t surprise me
01:48   if Schiphol [airport] named a runway [Kaagbaan] after you, because you have…
01:51   you are Schiphol’s absolute record holder when it comes to flying,
01:55   and it’s hypocritical, because the common man
01:58   won’t be able to fly because of your obsession with the climate!

Video transcript #6:

00:08   Welcome back, this is the RTL election debate. We’ll be talking about the economy.
00:13   Who will foot the bill? —And we have 3 voters for three party leaders.
00:17   First up: Nadia Zerouali.
00:20   I find it astonishing that I, born and raised in Winterswijk,
00:25   with a Moroccan background, can be branded a second-class citizen by Wilders.
00:30   I am Nadia Zerouali, owner of the couscous bar, writer of cookbooks, and a proud Dutch Muslima.
00:37   I find Wilders to currently be one of the most polarizing figures in the Netherlands.
00:44   The fact that, according to his position, you can’t be loyal to the Netherlands
00:49   if you have dual nationality, that’s just crazy.
00:53   How do I explain my 16-year-old son
00:56   that he’s not a regular Dutch citizen, a regular inhabitant of Almere,
00:59   but that he’s branded a second-class citizen?
01:04   Nadia, welcome. —Thank you! —What is your question for Geert Wilders?
01:08   Well, I wanted to ask Mr. Wilders how you can brand me a second-class citizen,
01:13   when I was born and raised in Winterswijk, as mentioned in the video.
01:18   How can I explain this to my son, to many more Dutch people like me,
01:24   who contribute to Dutch society, even more than others.
01:29   Well, I don’t brand you a second-class citizen, I don’t know where you got that from.
01:35   Who I do brand as people who create problems are many Moroccans, Dutch Moroccans,
01:41   who are criminals. I’m afraid our country is plagued by
01:45   an over-representation of Dutch-Moroccans, youths especially,
01:49   boys especially, who terrorize our streets and neighborhoods. But somebody like you,
01:54   who was born and raised here, who as far as I can tell does not commit crimes,
02:00   I’d never brand as second-class citizen. —When I read your programme,
02:04   and I read Dutch very well, then I definitely see I’m being branded. But OK.
02:10   But where did you read that? —That’s your programme.
02:13   But we won’t agree on this, we can come back to that later.
02:17   Nadia, you’re talking about the fact that you shouldn’t be able to vote,
02:20   according to Wilders, because you have dual nationality.
02:23   Or join the government, even though I’d be able to contribute something. But that’s fine.
02:28   we’ll put this aside for the moment because I’m afraid we won’t agree on this anyway.
02:31   But the next question: you want a Ministry of de-Islamization and Remigration.
02:34   Yes. That’s correct.
02:37   Big words, but how do you plan to achieve this?
02:43   What is the job description of the minister who has to achieve this?
02:46   Well, first off, the minister, who will also be the minister of immigration,
02:50   you forgot to mention that word,
02:53   will have to close our borders to non-Western immigrants.
02:57   so that we have less immigration to the Netherlands. A big problem.
03:00   And why only non-Western immigrants? Why, because we’re becoming foreigners in our own country.
03:05   If you look at the three major cities. I assume not in Winterswijk, although it may happen there,
03:10   too, but if you look at Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague,
03:13   immigrants are already the majority, of which a large number…
03:16   Those aren’t immigrants, they’re Dutch people with an immigrant background,
03:20   and I think you are married to somebody with an immigration background [Hungarian].
03:23   I wonder what the difference is between a non-Western and a Western migrant.
03:28   A lot, because many non-Western immigrants, not all,
03:32   slightly over half, are people from Islamic countries;
03:36   they come with a sort of Islamic culture, and norms and values.
03:41   Thank God! —Unfortunately, because that is a terrible thing.
03:44   70% — this has been shown by a Dutch professor — 70% of the Muslims in the Netherlands,
03:50   70% find the rules of Islam, the sharia, more important than our laws,
03:56   that’s 700,000 Muslims living in the Netherlands. —I’m glad…
04:01   How are you a theologian, that you present this picture as truth?
04:06   That was professor [Ruud] Koopmans, who published research in 2015 that showed
04:10   that 70% of Muslims in the Netherlands are of the opinion that their own religious rules,
04:15   in my words, the sharia, are more important than our…
04:18   That’s an important qualification, in YOUR own words.
04:21   …and I’d prefer to get them out of the Netherlands, because in the Netherlands
04:24   there is no place for Islamic law, there is no place for the sharia, if you treat women,
04:27   gays or Jews like that. —What faith…
04:30   Mr. Wilders! Unfortunately we’ll have to wrap up.
04:33   Nadia, would you like to add something, did you get an answer?
04:36   No. And of course that’s not possible in these few minutes, so I’d like to invite Mr. Wilders.
04:42   for a cup of tea and delicious couscous, and go deeper into this, because
04:46   you’re getting off easy, you’re wriggling out of this, and I’d like to…
04:51   I’m always, if I could skip the couscous, then I’d… —I’m sure it’s delicious!
04:58   [?] but that’s not important. —I’d like to thank you both for this conversation. —Thank you.
05:02   And… you should shut up for once! Start [right now]…

Video transcript #7:

00:00   We saw many answers, but this was the only correct one.
00:04   In each police cell there’s a dot on the ceiling which indicates east.
00:10   Its purpose is, when we lock up a suspect whose faith is Islamic,
00:15   that he or she can pray towards the east.
00:18   So no, it’s not a camera or air vent, but really just a dot that indicates east.

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Immigration, Integration, the Budget, the Climate, and Other Election Topics

  1. Real good stuff Baron. I’d just note that either the good looking Moroccan lady doesn’t want to face what sharia really is, is too afraid to face it, or agrees with it partially or in whole.

    And boy Geert Wilders really put it to the frequent flyer lady, I guess the next Mrs. Kerry.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • The moroccan lady is a well-known media figure, and politically connected. Here she was presented as a random business owner, a cheap trick. Also naive, because this was bound to be exposed within a day. It’s an insult to the viewer’s intelligence.

      It also wasn’t effective because she was too emotional, Wilders stayed calm. Not a good look for her.

      One thing I noticed is she said “thank God” when Wilders talked about muslim immigrants bringing their culture with them. She’s clearly against integration, so she’s actually making his point for him.

      It’s something I’ve heard other Moroccans say as well. They even self-police and harass other Moroccans who are acting “too dutch” (they call it “cheesified”).

  2. Dutch are infiltrated from inside by Turks and morrocan Trojan horses, who are paid Mps, they undermine the Dutch people.

    In ww2 Dutch surrendered their nation without a fight to Germany,
    They are a coward nation, with no courage!

    I wondering where does the saying come from “dutch courage”?

    I guess you drink some Heineken, and you get Dutch courage?

    • It was the Gin……

      Gin is a Dutch invention and was first distilled in Holland in the 16th century. As you may know, spirits are basically flavoured alcohol and the flavouring in gin comes from juniper berries. The Dutch for ‘juniper’ is ‘jenever’, which got Anglicised to ‘ginever’ and then to ‘gin’.

      ‘Dutch courage’ derives from the English derision of the Dutch which came about during the Anglo-Dutch wars. Indeed, if there is one race that has been singled out for linguistic brickbats from the English it is the Dutch. Much of our language was formed in the 17th/18th centuries, at the time that the Dutch were the principal adversaries of the British.

      – Dutch bargain – a contract made when one is drunk.
      – Dutch concert – where several tunes are played at the same time.
      – Dutch feast – where the host gets drunk before the guests.
      – Dutch treat – a ‘treat’ at which one has to pay one’s own share.
      – Double Dutch – nonsense.

      ‘Dutch courage’ is another example of these slurs; it just means ‘confidence gained by drinking alcohol’, i.e. not actual courage at all.

      The expression came into use in the early 19th century (after the end of the last Anglo-Dutch war ?) and was most commonly used by sailors. The first example that I have found of the expression in print is this piece from the London Courier and Evening Gazette, June 1814:

      NAVAL INTELLIGENCE: The next day, when La Pique’s crew were to receive their daily allowance of grog, every man threw it overboard, declaring, that they did not require Dutch courage to engage a Yankee.

      Whilst it was the intended slur rather than the Dutchness of gin that brought the phrase into being it may well be that, on occasions, sailors gained their sense of abandon by drinking gin – after all, sailors will drink pretty well anything.

    • The dutch army fought hard, despite being under-trained and under-armed. They managed to hold off the nazis, so that the royal house and some members of government could escape.
      Hitler lost his patience and threatened to bomb all major cities. So the government surrendered, but Rotterdam was still bombed.

  3. As with Cyprus the Turks are planning and preparing. What the hell are a lunch of old ladies in Bruxelles or London or Washington for that matter going to do? Just seeing those ultra racist angry anti Christian anti White Muslim hostiles marauding everywhere is scary stuff.

    • If you are in Europe? Why are you not armed up yet? And God bloody spare me because it is against the so called rules!

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