The Cultural Enrichment of the Public Prosecutor’s Office

The migrant who infiltrated the public prosecutor’s office in Hamburg is said to be from Abkhazia, the autonomous region of Georgia in the Caucasus. According to Wikipedia, Abkhazia’s largest religious group is Orthodox Christian, although it has a significant Muslim minority and a growing traditional neo-pagan sect. Therefore this case of cultural enrichment may or may not have a Muslim factor.

By the way, I notice that the German word for “infiltration” is Unterwanderung — clearly another cognate of the word “wander”, roughly “under-wandering”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Consequences of the infiltration — Hamburg: Employee of the public prosecutor’s office arrested

News from the motley Hamburgistan — A worrying incident comes to light more or less by chance, which shows the dramatic consequences of infiltration in sensitive areas by the migrant quota, and how this bears fruit: A 29-year-old employee of the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office from Abkhazia is thought to have revealed numerous investigation results in recent months. The recipient of the official secrets was her friend, a drug dealer known to the police. It is a one-off case, the Abendblatt quotes a spokeswoman for the prosecutor.

It is unbelievable how far the infiltration has progressed, whereby the politically correct blinkers continue to block the view of reality by belittling the discovery as a “one-off case”, i.e. only an individual case, which is more based on pure wishful thinking.

The “individual case”, just the tip of the iceberg, is likely to increase with a further increase in the migrant quota, and the infiltration in all sensitive areas is progressing bit by bit. The main thing is that the left-wing green diversity dream is coming true.

An afterword from the translator:

What amazes me is the amazement of those who cannot see the writing on the wall in front of their noses. But at least we’re politically correct and culturally enriched here in Merkelstan. It doesn’t matter that the hold’s on fire and the ship is sinking, either, because we’re PROGRESSIVE.

8 thoughts on “The Cultural Enrichment of the Public Prosecutor’s Office

  1. Mild correction for PolitikStube: there is no such thing as a migrant quota as in forcible hiring of a certain number of invaders e la affirmative action for any federal state as of now. It was recently in the news that the Berlin Bundesland was planning such a thing, but it is not yet implemented there, they have started with the forcible hiring of women to large corporations. Federal and state governments are the importers savages and pushers of propaganda, the social pressure created to hire the foreigners might as well make the situation recurrent anyways, prime responsibly for giving her the lofty position to abuse belongs to whoever made the decision at the Hamburg public prosecutors office to hire this wench.

  2. ==QUOTE== By the way, I notice that the German word for “infiltration” is Unterwanderung — clearly another cognate of the word “wander”, roughly “under-wandering”. ==UNQUOTE==

    The German preposition “unter” means not only “under” but also “among”, so “Unterwanderung” means “among-wandering”, which makes more sense here.

  3. Gee! Who didn’t see that coming? I mean of course it happened because tribal loyalty to their tribe is more important than loyalty to the country they currently infest.

    • In a way you’ve gotta “admire” them, I sure wish we in the West had even a smidgon of their tribal loyalty. We have none, it seems.

      • We do, it is just below the surface, with all the vilification and demonizing of everything of western civilization, it is driving even the most moderate European further and further to our tribe by the day, it is human nature to do so when danger is near. This will not turn out well shortly, for nobody does conquer and kill better than those of European extraction. I say, let it rain.

        • Pffft, bloody sheep, the whole bloody lot of them. The Germans of WW1 should have won and we wouldn’t be in this bloody mess we are in today.

  4. Honestly, it doesn’t matter who they are, Christians or Muslims. The Caucasus is tribalism and the mafia. If you read Russian crime reports, you would see that there is no less crime on the part of the so-called Armenians than on the part of Muslim Azerbaijanis. Moreover, there are many more economic crimes on the part of the Armenians, although there are also enough murders and other types of violence. Azerbaijanis specialize in counterfeit alcohol.
    Earlier there were problems with Georgians – “Thieves in law” (something like “The Godfather”). Now there are fewer problems, because a visa regime has been introduced with Georgia.

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