Migrants Break Into Hungary

The following video reports on an incursion of military-age migrants into a farmstead in the south of Hungary. Border security in the area seems to have broken down, to the point that hundreds of these young culture-enrichers have been able to enter the country and squat in local properties.

CrossWare, who translated the video for subtitles, includes these contextual notes:

  • Szeged: nearby major Hungarian city
  • Ásotthalom: a small border town in the south of Hungary. László Toroczkai, the creator of the video, is the mayor of the town.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

As an afterword, the translator also sends these thoughts about the events in the video and the current political situation in Hungary:

First of all, this guy László Toroczkai is the president of a party called “Mi Hazánk Párt” (Our Country Party).

His party was created after the 2018 election loss by Jobbik, which had moved from being a radical right-wing party into an alliance with all post-communist and globalist parties. The leaders of the new party had all been in Jobbik, assisting this “new alliance”, but when the election results came out (Fidesz’ third 2/3 victory), it became clear that they would not receive high-paying jobs in the new Parliament. That is when they left Jobbik.

So their posturing as “true patriots” smells a bit fishy to me. But still, he raises many good points.

The Fidesz government and Viktor Orbán are indeed behaving very strangely. The border defense has in fact decreased, as if the government has lost interest in the fight against migration. But their fight against the “deadly pandemic” is beyond imagination. We have been in lockdown for months now. One can only venture out to work, while all entertainment, restaurants, and hotels are closed. We have a curfew between 8pm and 5am. Viktor Orbán emphasised that opening will only be possible only after a majority of the population has been vaccinated. (That would mean the vaccination of more than 5 million people, but only 1.2 million have registered so far, so they are in trouble in this area).

In the meantime, the right-wing media are in full spin mode. On some of the sites comments are censored, and doctors who raise questions about the “deadliness” of the “plague” are silenced the same way that they are in the USA, UK or Germany.

I read multiple articles with speeches by Orbán and his closest people, talking about how Hungary will be the winner of the New World Order economy, which will be coming after COVID. If someone were to ask me to speculate, I would say they sat down and made a deal with the Cabal that Hungary will be spared from the Great Reset (at least most of the population will not be murdered, but as an exchange Viktor Orbán will stop resisting them and sell us into slavery). He is a great politician with excellent skills for negotiation and an ability to compromise, but I think he went too far in this case. Yes, he might think it is better that instead of murdering us, we will be slaves to the global elite — after all we are smart, industrious people… but selling our souls to save our bodies is too high a price for me, anyway…

I have contacts within the Fidesz party, and I know that for years now the general membership of the party have had no connection, no real communication, no conversation with the leadership of the party (it started long before COVID). The middle-upper leaders are all in Budapest, successfully isolating the highest level of the leadership from the rank-and-file membership. Viktor Orbán is cut off from the rest of the population. Sounds familiar? Yes, because that is exactly what happened with Trump. I see many parallel between them. I am fully convinced that the Deep State are vastly present in the Fidesz leadership, in the government, and especially in the judicial system, just like in the USA.

I am not sure what is coming. People are slowly waking up to the reality that even the Fidesz government is not serving their interests. However, we have no alternative solution. The Left is full of political radicals and criminals, and the right — well, there id only László Toroczkai with his tiny 2% party and with his suspicious goals.

God help us all. I feel really black-pilled!

Video transcript:

00:24   Greetings everybody. Behind me can be seen
00:28   that in the farm, during the day with my colleagues,
00:32   we found 65 migrants here.
00:36   The owner of the farm, an old lady, took the bus to Szeged.
00:40   When she returned on the bus from Szeged,
00:44   she tried to return to her home; she found herself facing
00:48   sixty-five young military-age illegal migrants,
00:52   who simply broke into the house, broke down the door, windows,
00:56   and occupied this old lady’s property, her kitchen, her bedroom;
01:00   they went in everywhere.
01:04   It is inconceivable to me, what is currently going on at
01:08   the Hungarian border, at this moment. My colleagues, the municipal field guards,
01:12   in another farm found another big group, which means
01:16   that a large group, hundreds of people, all military-age men,
01:20   like some kind of army, broke into this country, came over here
01:24   across the border barrier of Ásotthalom, across the fence, where
01:28   they have night vision cameras, too, which must have seen
01:32   that almost a whole army of migrants were coming over. Inconceivable —
01:36   where are the police, where is the Hungarian army?
01:40   It seems that the Hungarian government presently sends much fewer police
01:44   and soldiers to the border, here to the border, that we used to get earlier.
01:48   I do not know what is happening. We ask the Hungarian government
01:52   to protect the borders of Hungary, not just talk about it,
01:56   but if necessary, send the Hungarian army here.
02:00   Send the Hungarian army down here to us to help.
02:04   Order must be restored. This is unacceptable, that
02:08   groups with hundreds of members invade and take the houses,
02:12   farms of Hungarian people.

29 thoughts on “Migrants Break Into Hungary

  1. Here is something I don’t understand. This is the local mayor? How come he is asking where the police are? Doesn’t he have police in his town he can call upon? Why is he acting as though he is clueless?

    • In Hungary all police serves under the Internal Ministry on the state level, no such thing as city police like in the USA or Canada. The border control also under this ministry.

      • Sounds like Hungary could use some decentralization. Apparently, more power to Fidesz just corrupted them.

        • The Hungarian government is in the process of centralizing everything. Presently the State Railway Company just bought all the bus companies…

          I do not like it either!

    • His “militia” is a couple of unarmed field guard essentially. They only effective to keep birds away from fruits. In Hungary not possible to have armed guards in a city.

      • How about “informal” militia, like they have in Bulgaria? Doesn’t he have a posse of local “bad boys” to call upon? If he doesn’t, what kind of a mayor is this?

        • Hungary law about guns are still the same as it was in the time of Communists. The only guns exists with the state actors. It is impossible to get a license. From the V4, I think here is the stricktest the law. The Czechs have pretty good gun laws, similar to the USA.

          • [Profanity]! Whatever the so called law is these days is void and moot, you are bloody being invaded by these savages and you had better get off your backside and start dealing with it. You have arms bunkers all over Hungary(and all central and eastern countries) dating from the second world war filled to the brim with everything you need, get busy!

  2. In 2022, there will a general election in Hungary. Most conservative, right wing citizen is pretty unhappy about the Fidesz government communication, their deeds in the pandemic – being tightly following the WHO line, suppressing academics who try to have an opposing view.
    I am pretty black pilled in the topic, I estimate the following:
    – 2022 The Fidesz will lose the election against the left wing coalition.
    – The left wing will similar to USA, will ruin the country, accepting EU edicts and large quantity of migrants. In a couple of year Hungary will end and the EU Migrant Storage Region will born. Then the muslims will start killing the local population…

  3. Yes,

    It seems very very odd, I’ve been many many times at that border by car on my way to Romania Bulgaria Serbia,

    Szeged is the town, there’s actually 2 border crossings nearby the town, you can choose to leave Hungary in that town area, and enter to romania or Serbia.

    the actual borders are about, 20 to 40 km outside of the town area.
    I’d say it’s a pourous border area, no mans land, a corruptionbhot spot, gypsys galore, smugglers, and really dodgy bent border guards, susceptible to bribes, or it was before 2007.

    *To think that these borders are the outer eu schengen doorway to EU, is frightening! Everyone has a price in those places, to turn a blind eye, or be directly involved, to get invaders past those flimsy checkpoint borders, or cross the river in countryside there, money talks!

    George soros and his ngo brownshirts prob been greasing palms there. €€€€

    Europe is being anilhated by soros and wef who imf UN,
    And k schwabe all in consort,
    They have either threatened or bought our political leaders, or threatened there family’s, because they are all in on it!

    Because You can clearly see it now! It’s out in open

    In on the human genocide that’s underway disguised as a virus pandemic.

    But the people for sure, many have awakened, the msn and big tech are try to silence us all. It’s really strong right now! It’s hard to post anything outside of telegram,

    Today I tried put something about Greta thurnberg in Facebook, it blocked me immediately! It’s like we’re in GDR East Germany, pre 1989, and indeed we are! It’s real.

    Same in MSM, there’s no mention of the huge protests being organised called “the great re-opening”,
    Scheduled for for this weekend in Uk,

    There’s a total blackout, except MSM and soc media NaZis now labelling anyone who dares to speak against the vaccine lockdown narrative as right wing dangerous people!

    I’m sick of it! The society is split, divided, you can’t show your colours in public or private, because high risk of getting into a altercation with others, and you can’t be sure who it is or what views others have, if u speak up, u risk again another confrontation, and create more enemy’s!

    Then there’s the left and right divide, and the feminist Nazis,
    It’s f war, a nightmare.

    I’m musician, my life’s since March 2020 has been ruined!
    My live engagements all cancelled, even busking is finnished, bec there’s lockdowns, plus no tourists around anymore.

    Plus being involved with music, is a minefield, because many many people who play music or often extreme left wing commie che Guevara types, so more enemy’s for you if you are against communism.

    So I have no income, since one year! My savings all gone!
    Portg or Uk gov will give 0, I get some food from Red Cross, once a month, but they give EVERYTHING! To the invaders people who step off a dinghy on Spanish Uk or Portg beach, they give everything! Everything!

    But the tax paying native ethnic European person they give 0!

    They are murdering Europeans! All all type of ways!

    It’s absolutely insane what is taking place right now!

    And if you have any existing underlying illnesses, you cannot get any treatments since one year,
    And if you become ill now, your going prob die, because in Portg they only want COVID-19 people! And Portugal has a disfunctional and racist health system anyway.

    In Portugal right now, u can’t work, plus u get 0 €€ cash support, no access to any health care! Borders are all closed.

    The Portg Red Cross, you might get given basic food items, enough for 10 days, once a month!

    The lockdown is a Death Trap! It’s now starving and killing must be huge numbers, i also see now large numbers of abandoned dogs on the streets, where people have no money no food to feed there pets!

    *I’ve myself have been in last few years under attack from some Portg British Marxist commies, and femiNaZis, portugal is full of them!

    Lots of socialist ex pat, especially British, socialist brainwashed retarded commies and feminazis who are in social groups in Algarve, they target people and bully, try to ruin and destroy anyone they find or hear about who is anti communist, pro trump, brexit, anti vax, anti covid pandemic, Christian, anti lgbt, pro family, patriotic, OR HAS DIFFERENT VIEWS THAN THEM,

    These people are exteremly dangerous, they are all in fbook and Twitter, they form social cliques, and they are pure pure EVIL.
    THEy also engage in sabotage against people they target, and if they get idea where u hang out, eat or work, or live,
    They whisper lies about you, and you get bad service, or refused service.
    In past months I’ve had a fire wood supplier, who I used for 3 winters, blacklisting me, refused to take my calls to order wood.
    A music instrument luthier shop, didn’t want serve me,
    Some places I eat, I b treated badly, get bad looks from people.
    I had to stop mixing with almost everyone I’d met here in past 9 years.

    There’s a few marxist communists I met here who are orchestrating this hate against me. A hate campaign.

    • Hatem back! If they are making your life this bloody miserable, start thinking outside the box. Just don’t sit there and take it like the sheep for the slaughter, start being the Wolf.

  4. “The middle-upper leaders are all in Budapest, successfully isolating the highest level of the leadership from the rank-and-file membership. ”

    I know I will produce a lot of laughter…
    But how did these middle-upper leaders became those middle-upper leaders? Were they elected?
    Can you not un-elect them? And elect one of your own into this place. Do this with all of them. Make the March through the institutions.

    • Most of them were not elected, just got there by connections. The Fidesz is a very old school pyramid shaped organization, with all the disadvantages such organization type can offer…

      • Sounds like Fidesz needs a wake up call. Is it in their interest for the country to fall apart? Hardly. They just have it too good. And they think they don’t have to listen.

        • Yes, their leadership very much needs a wakeup call! I will do in my own little power to do whatever I can…

  5. This is what armies are for – to repel invaders.
    Round them up and expel them. If they resist, shoot them.

    • Armies are only as good as those who give the orders. You can no longer depend upon other people to defend you and yours, it is YOUR job! Anything else is a fool’s errand and a quick trip to the gulag. Sheep!? Or Wolf!? Which one are you?

      • It’s gonna come down to Solzhenitsyn’s scenario. Either you make it very very dangerous for the state agents to bag you, or you’re toast.

        I remember when Oregon wilds were being dusted with nasty poisons from planes; the health of the hippies and war protesters and country bumpkins living there could be disregarded. No amount of regular complaints made a dent. Then the vet organizations got into it, and made it public they know who the pilots were and where they lived. The overflights stopped. You gotta have leverage.

        • The sheepdog is on vacation, the sheep has told the sheepdog his fangs are too sharp and he is not needed any longer because we live in the land of rainbows and unicorns now. I used to be one of those sheepdogs myself, no longer, I’m the Wolf now.

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