The Catholic Church Pays for its Own Demise

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Next migrant ferry: Catholic dioceses donate €125,000 for the new “Sea-Eye” ship

Three Catholic dioceses are donating a total of €125,000 so that the fourth “Sea-Eye” migrant ferry can actively cross-search the pickup zone in the spring. The news should certainly please the thugs who provide supplies and send fully loaded boats out to sea for the targeted “sea rescue”. The next migrant cutter willing to transport those who deliberately go into distress in rubber boats or nutshells that are unsuitable for the sea, with the small difference between being “picked up” or “in distress”, and to transport them to Europe as requested. The charity of the Good Samaritans only lasts until disembarkation in Italy / Malta, the taxpayers are held responsible for the supply and the lifelong follow-up costs, and European societies are equally charged and faced with the problems.

The German rescue organization Sea-Eye is financially supported by three Catholic archdioceses. She received €125,000 from Munich-Freising, Paderborn and Trier, as announced on Thursday. The Trier vicar general Ulrich Count von Plettenberg announced: “We cannot sit and watch as people drown on our doorstep.”

It is important not to forget to think outside the box when it comes to all internal church issues. The donation from the dioceses is intended to be used to transfer the fourth rescue ship of the Regensburg organization Sea-Eye from the shipyard to the Mediterranean for its first mission in the spring. The “Sea-Eye 4” is also the second rescue ship of the United4Rescue alliance co-initiated by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD). A further €50,000 will also flow to SOS Méditerranée from the disaster fund of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising.

10 thoughts on “The Catholic Church Pays for its Own Demise

  1. There is something in the air alright. Discovered any arms caches close to or under mosques or shipments on the high seas – yet. Security is a thing of the past. Enter a world of real possibilities.

    • Arms shipments from the east to the natives of Western Europe are selling like hotcakes these days.

  2. Dont they know how many CO2 they are releasing into the atmosphere by using thisdiesel-powered ship?
    They should be forced to use a sailing ship.

    And those who want those enrichers should be forced to pay for them out of their own pockets. And if those enrichers commit crimes then the leftwing supporters should be punished too.

    • In South Africa they banned us from the beaches believing that Corona comes in waves !

      • That what happens when you allow poster children of the low end of the Bell Curve to rule you. It won’t be much longer before the anc unleashes the eff on all whites in SA

  3. Gee, are the pews in the church buildings and cathedrals so empty that the clergy feel compelled to import congregants? Isn’t there a “Cardinal” rule that governs such actions?

  4. When the Church was sane those people inviting and encouraging the infesting of Africans and the smearing of Islam on Europe would have, in Justice, been killed.

  5. Every single bloody day there is always something that these maxist world globulists and their 3rd world pets are doing to make us more and more angry by the day. Keep up the atrocities, insanity and utter stupidity, sooner or later the final straw is going to break the camels back so we can get on with the fun and festivities to right the ship of state again. Deo Volente!

  6. The Catholic Church is not “paying” for its own demise, quite the opposite acutally. Catholic charities are being “paid” massive amounts of money by the US government and varios NGOs to resettle immigrants from South & Central America and Mexico who cross our Southern border and/or who have made it to shelters in US “sanctuary” cities into select US cities. I’m sure its no different in Europe.

    Also, don’t forget who this current Pope is… a well known, long time, hard-core Marxist Communist. Has everyone forgotten when the Marxist-Communist Evo Morales presented Pope Francis with the “hammer & sickle” Communist Crucifix in a press conference widely shown on television in South America, but censored for the most part in the US press? Here’s a reminder:

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