Dirty Secrets

As a follow-up to his previous report, our Israeli correspondent MC sends the latest on COVID vaccination statistics in Israel.

Dirty Secrets

by MC

The Israeli medical authorities have been leaking some of the data on Covid vaccination based upon figures kept in tabular form:

The figures have been released as a propaganda exercise to justify vaxing children, but were subject to a re-analysis by the French newspaper FranceSoir:

A front-page article appeared in the FranceSoir newspaper about findings on the Nakim website regarding what some experts are calling “the high mortality caused by the vaccine.”

The gist of the re-analysis is that since starting mass vaccinations in December, the death rate in Israel for over-60s has gone up by 40 times and for younger people 260 times.

Essentially, of the 5,351 total deaths from Covid in Israel, 2337 happened during the two months following the first vaccinations.

The data first appeared in a YNET article in Hebrew where, using relative risk analysis as discussed in my latest article, it painted a glowing picture of progress.

In effect, the FranceSoir article picks up real figures which show that the Pfizer mRNA ‘vaccine’ is more deadly than the virus itself.

From the table we can work out how many of these deaths were due to the vaccine — 51.9%. For the math, see the article itself (URL below).

We conclude that the Pfizer vaccines, for the elderly, killed during the 5-week vaccination period about 40 times more people than the disease itself would have killed, and about 260 times more people than the disease among the younger age class. We stress that this is in order to produce a green passport valid for at most 6 months, and promote Pfizer sales.

These estimated numbers of deaths from the vaccine are probably much lower than actual numbers as it accounts only for those defined as COVID-19 deaths for that short time period and does not include AVC and cardiac (and other) events resulting from the inflammatory reactions in tens of reports documented on the NAKIM site, which themselves are only the iceberg’s tip, see here.

The article goes on to discuss figures from the USA beginning to appear on VAERS:

Inspection of these data across various years finds consistent patterns in percentages of postvaccination deaths according to age classes. For each year, there are tens of thousands of individual cases reported.

In January 2021 there were 2947 reported cases, an amount similar to monthly amounts reported in previous years. Among these, 1980 were post-COVID-19 Pfizer and 954 Moderna vaccination reactions.

In January 2021, 456 postvaccination deaths were reported, which is unusually high. In January 2020, VAERS reports only 14 postvaccination deaths, and 166 deaths for the whole year 2020.

The full article can be seen here. If it is removed I have made a copy which can be made available on request.

The data are frightening, yet the various government institutions are still churning out the propaganda, but recently, more and more threats and more coercion, too.

One must ask oneself: What am I seeing here? Is Israel to be an isolated ghetto upon which Pfizer can experiment to its corporate heart’s content, or is this to be the elimination event of Zech. 13:8 coming true? Who knows?

If the spike protein is in itself pathogenic as speculated on Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s website (in the GoV article above) then the vaccine that causes our bodies to replicate the spike protein is toxic of itself and the results are predictable.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

18 thoughts on “Dirty Secrets

  1. I posted this earlier this morning on the new update page. What I have written that follows is my best effort at connecting the dots with my armchair understanding of the human body and how it works, which in my opinion is a finely tuned machine governed and managed by a computer system that we can only hope to replicate. You are correct MC, this is some serious **** that is going on.

    75% of US Troops Refused Taking COVID-19 Vaccine Says Pentagon Report

    With the deaths within hours of healthy people having received the ‘genetic therapy’ that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are, it should behoove us to consider the hazards of the forced alteration of the DNA/RNA coding. As each one of us is unique with coding that can and has been used as a ‘finger print’ in criminal prosecution, it should stand to reason that genetic sampling be performed to determine the potential of risk to the health of the person receiving the injection. Inasmuch as the cause of the deaths of the injection recipients has been documented, there now should exist a legal mandate on the part of the injection dispensary to ascertain the health risks to the person receiving the injection prior to administering it. Otherwise, a case for Manslaughter could be made as the dispensary was aware of the potential for risk yet refused to mitigate against them and knowingly exposed the recipient of the injection to physical harm and even death.
    On another note, one can only wonder if the vaccine is part of a eugenics program in which only certain genetic profiles will be allowed to remain while those that are not desired by the global elite who are busily asserting their authority will be eliminated in the course of a mandatory ‘vaccination’ program against this virus that was apparently manufactured with the intent of being used as a biological weapon, (why nuke the buildings when all we need to do is kill the inhabitants and take their infrastructure for ourselves?)
    Some thoughts while I am sifting though the hoopla to get to an understanding of the basics involved.

    • It’s truly disgusting, like a globally planned event , I am a nurse and what I have seen is not science you do not test the healthy or mask the healthy, I fear we are heading towards socialism via technacracy- vaccine passports biometrics identification, pushing vaccinations that have not been tested

  2. When will mommygov make the immortality vaccine in the spirit of unity?
    Can’t we all have a hermetically sealed bubble to keep us safe?

  3. You should have studied in Rehovot. Reading the data, what I take away from this is that by the time you are over 14 days after your first dose of the vaccine, the chances of you suffering a serious, critical, or fatal case are low, and almost zero after over 14 days from your second dose.

    The vaccine doesn’t work as a cure if you are already infected. It takes time.

    Maybe FranceSoir, the online reincarnation of a bankrupt tabloid paper, should confine itself to posting articles on what the “journos” there actually understand.

  4. Odd that in the UK, which has vaccinated a higher proportion of its population than any country except Israel, deaths are declining.

    • Note the spike in VAERS the US vaccine incident reporting database too, the problem here is that we are not being informed, this table was leaked for other reasons but the data was picked up on by the two doctors mentioned in the FranceSoir article.

      Richard Smiley in the above post is deflecting and minimalizing the issue, he dismisses FranceSoir as a tabloid which is irrelevant, and makes an obscure reference to Rehovot which is the Israel equivalent of Neasden on a wet and windy Wednesday (also irrelevant).

      The IDF is also reporting a spike in Covid infections in young soldiers a previously low infection group – this will be in tomorrow’s news roundup.

      I wish I knew what is really going on!

    • That could be a result of creativ accounting. Just as someone who got hit by bus become covid victim, because of positive test months ago, then vaccinated deaths become not related to covid at all. Just like muslim terrorists, who are all lone wolfs and mentally injured victims of society…

    • is it the same jab. I won’t call it a vaccine because I don’t believe it is. I believe that there is more than on kind of jab and to allow someone to put chemicals into your body that you know nothing about is pure lunacy.

  5. Hi,

    I am taking advantage of the fact that MC is talking about Big Pharma and I want to do my part to praise medicine where it deserves to be praised. Basically I want to do a good deed. So I am addressing what I think is a fairly new improvement in the area of medicine where to take two examples of people that were/are hurting, Teresa and Simpleton I may be helpful. I have been helped immensely by a procedure for leg pain which from out of nowhere, attacked me, if that is the correct phraseology.

    I will leave out the long story of how I met Dr. K. at another doctor’s office. I got to talking with him, I told him my problem, that is leg pain wherever I stressed my legs, particularly my calves by playing ball, walking hard and fast, etc. He heard my symptoms and seemed sure he could help. And let me just state I was suffering for about 7 years and had to stop my favorite activity – playing basketball. So he said I should come and see him. He was sure he could help. Was he ever right!!!

    Teresa and Simpleton, I had no idea that as far as I knew a new form of medicine had evolved called Pain Medicine. Maybe it had been available all along but I didn’t know. Since I saw Dr. K, this medical treatment for pain relief seems to now be everywhere.. At least where I live in Brooklyn New York. I don’t mean to say that it is a flash in the pan, I don’t know, but from what I can fathom it just seems a lot of doctors are going into it. And they seem to be getting a lot of patients.

    When I saw Dr. K He put me under a Floroscope, essentially an X ray machine. I just lay down and he moves the machine about – you don’t feel anything, the machine does not tough you. He presses the button and presto the next thing is he and you look at whatever it is he is aiming at. Again kind of like an X ray machine. If you have leg pain what he does is looks at your spine where your nerves are aligned.

    If some nerves are touching each other where they should not be, presto, you have with 99.8% certainty (as El Rushbo used to say) found the problem.

    Well that was my problem. He gave me shots in my back to stop the inflammation (did I mention that the inflammation of the nerves touching each other when they should not be is the problem)? It is the inflammation that is causing the nerves to touch each other. So especially at the beginning you may need many shots of medication to cause your inflammation to go down. The shots don’t hurt much, mainly a teeny if you are sensitive.

    When I first saw Dr. K I was on GHI and I was able to get a bunch of shots – but by the way even after the first shots I felt enormous relief. Here is where you should track me back and shoot me – I used to know the name of the medicine, but after the first few times I saw him, I forgot what it is . Another thing, when I graduated so to speak to Medicare I was not allowed as many shots under that plan. Sometimes, depends on your physical health, if you lift weights etc. and overdo it, run too much, or just living daily life, you may be moving things around in your body that pre leg pain you were not aware of. Now you are.

    So I am suggesting in the strongest terms – see a Pain Specialist, a Pain Doctor, et. al. and let him take a floroscopic look at your spine. If he doesn’t have a floroscope walk out. By the way this is not the same as chiropractic. They do different things.

    I take meds all the time. These I know the names of – gabapentin, and gralise. They are both the same actually, one is time release. If the pain doctor is so good why do I take the medicine daily ? Because for whatever reason I have a lot of inflammation. Big deal, I go to the doctor once in awhile, haven’t seen him actually in 3 -4 months when last I had a shot. And I take the medicine which again relieves the inflammation.

    Baron, if this gets in, thanks. If it doesn’t thanks anyway. It is one of the few things medically I know about, and having lost many years of otherwise good health that held me back in life I wanted to do a good deed. Also one of these days I hope to go to Israel and spend a little time in MC’s town, Sderot.

    Regarding the vaccine – I am scheduled for my second Moderna shot this Friday Feb 26. Aside from a little itch about 2 nights later on the spot of the first shot I had no problem. So I certainly don’t know what to make of all these stats. If the point, or one of the points that MC was making is that there are a lot of untrustworthy politicians out there like Newsome and Pelosi, MC has my vote.

    Mike from Brooklyn

    • there wasn’t a conflict between your RNA and the memory RNA of the inoculation. My father-in-law and mother-in-law, both of whom are 90 years old, received the inoculations without incident. However, I know of people who became deathly ill. Why one and not the other? Again, in light of all the data, a person should be genetically screened to be certain that there are no conflict prior to inoculation. As for myself. I am very grateful that J&J’s vaccine has cleared the FDA hurdle and will be available soon. Insofar as I know, it was made as a vaccine and without any aborted fetal tissue.

    • Hi Mike

      There are no hotels in Sderot and I don’t know of any ‘Zimmers’ as such, few in Israel (or elsewhere) are brave enough to get past our reputation.

      If you would like to visit then contact me through the GoV website and I can usually arrange something, but it would mean staying with someone. Most of the residents of Sderot are Sephardic and not at all like the NYC diaspora (Askenaszy) and it can be a bit of a culture shock.

      As for untrustworthy pols we have our share too.

      The stats reveal that the vaccine is more dangerous than the disease, especially for younger people.

      That is, if the stats are accurate, but there is so little information and so much propaganda who knows what is really going on. There is no spike in overall deaths, so this is not a real pandemic, most of those who have died from Covid proper (not from other underlying conditions or RTAs) were elderly and immune compromised in someway (like me).

      Covid is very nasty, and persistent, but not worthy of the panic and hysteria it has generated, but the pols have not let a good crisis go to waste, and have curtailed ‘liberty’ in ways which we may well never get back, in 2019 I could get on a ‘plane and visit my grandchildren in UK without restriction as I have dual nationality, now that is impossible. But for why, I can only guess at.

      Israel has become a huge Ghetto with the Ghetto elders (the pols) selling our live bodies to Pfizer as if this was block 10. We are being coerced into taking the vaccine, already, employers and airlines are insisting that employees and passengers get the (as yet unproven) jab.

      Its a crying shame!

    • Sorry – You have to guess, the table comes as is and I cannot get any explainations.

      My guess is that ‘community’ is physical symptoms only (pain bruising at site), ‘Low’ is maybe elevated temp, ‘mean’ is some other symptoms as well.

      They are probably direct dictionary translations of Hebrew technical jargon by an ESL person in the Israeli health ministry

  6. The death rate went up 40 times? Like if the death rate, for example were 100 per 100,000 , then the death rate skyrocketed up to 4,000 per 100,000? DH

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