An Open Letter to US Generals

The author of the following letter requested that he be identified only as a ‘US Air Force veteran’.

If China had invaded the USA and installed Beijing Biden, would you respond?

by a US Air Force veteran

In the 2020 election, Trump won overwhelmingly. Biden lost.

Anyone willing to look at the data can see this fact. If the Democrats had nothing to hide, they would welcome an open audit.

But the Democrats do have something to hide. They have blocked all efforts for an open audit.

Somehow big media, the digital giants, the Democratic voter fraud machine, and China got Beijing Biden, a man who appears to be on the CCP payroll, installed in the US presidency via a fraudulent election.

When I joined the military, I took an oath to defend the constitution of the USA from all enemies — both foreign and domestic.

Did you generals do the same thing?

Elections are an important part of the American system. Without real elections, we are a banana republic.

Trump’s, Sept. 2018 executive order on “Foreign Interference in American Elections” clearly spells out exactly what transpired during the 2020 election.

The Executive order also states what the US response should be.

DNI John Ratcliffe said: China interfered in the 2020 election. This fact alone triggers Trump’s executive order.

So, what happened? Why no response to a clear act of war?

If China had invaded the USA and installed Beijing Biden, would you respond? What’s the difference? (The Art of War: Sun Tzu)

Does it matter if the outcome is the same? We now have a CCP plant in the White House

I do not believe for a minute Trump gave up and accepted Beijing Biden as the winner.

I can imagine behind the scenes the Democrats and RINOs have put a lot of pressure on you generals. You control the guns. Without your support, Beijing Biden would not be in the presidency.

Trump left because you let the American people down. You supported a CCP plant in the presidency.

Mao said: “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

In America, political power is supposed to grow out of ballot boxes.

You generals need to do the job you swore an oath to do. Don’t be a bunch of Benedict Arnolds.

13 thoughts on “An Open Letter to US Generals

  1. With all due respect, or in this case, disrespect how pathetic is this guy?
    He worked there, so he knows who is there, he knows their positions, but rather than do anything of significance he writes on yet another toilet door what we already know.
    Jo meets Xi for a session in stall 2 every night from 7pm. When Jo isn’t up to it, Jill steps in.
    So what is this “military” person doing? Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
    The myopia is outstanding. The Chinese have taken over so what will you who have been bought and paid for do? Well nothing of course.
    Here is the deal [epithet], I didn’t know your name before and I don’t know it now, but before you wrote this Gomer Pile I might well have wanted to know you. Now I KNOW WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE.
    Noone needs pretenders hiding behind pseudonyms. Noone needs frauds pretending to be conservatives. Least of all, no one needs an [epithet] pretending to be someone asking those who have been bought to do something that we don’t know that YOU have done!
    So what I suggest is that you go back to playing your computer game under that pseudonym you use there too – General Patton

    • [ad-hominem redacted]. THIS GUY knows exactly what will happen if anyone finds out who he is. YOU HAVE TO BE A LIBERAL because a true Patriot would not react the way you did.

      I agree that if our Generals do nothing to STOP BIDEN and his chinese lap dogs, AMERICA IS DONE.DONE.DONE because now that the govt has labeled us Patriots as terrorists, what do you think will happen when they come for you? CRY? MOAN? Or, regret you did nothing………….hopefully, the latter, but it will be too late.

  2. The US judiciary is guilty of treason here. It refused (and still refuses) to hear cases of clear voter fraud. If the Supreme Court did its job and found in favour of President Trump, and then the Democrats/media refused to implement that judgment, the military would have to step in, to support the law and the constitution.

    Without a clear judgment, the military remains overwhelmingly reluctant to intervene. The judiciary is corrupt.


    Do you really think that soldiers can reach the rank of General without being “reliable”?

    A little story from Germany, you know where in 1944 Colonel Stauffenberg broke his oath and tried to blow up Hitler. Yes, he is the greatest hero of the Bundeswehr (but the Antifa is now slowly creeping up to him, as he was no leftwing, but a Prussian officer).

    When in France the Generals moved against President / General de Gaulle because of Algeria, the german chancellor Adenauer asked one of his aides, if this was also possible in Germany (remember this took place between 9 and 17 years after WWII – and remember Colonel Stauffenberg, the great hero!!!) and the aide replied:
    “My dear Chancellor, the way we select our officers makes sure that this will never happen in Germany!”

    Do you see the irony in this? On the one hand they demand officers to rebell against their ruler (bad ones, but who decides???) and on the other hand they demand kadavergehorsam (obey without question those orders) from their officers.

    • Rest assured, when the time comes and it will, the Generals will be taking over. As for that quote by Adenauer, they didn’t have a clue as to what the military would or not do, for they all came from the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Kreigsmarine of the Reich, but they were all afraid of the military. Why do you think that commie Merkel put useless females in charge of the Defense Ministry? Because they are very very afraid of the military and why they cut the military to the bone, it is also why no military personnel are on their protective details. Why don’t the Generals ever make defense meetings with the Defense minister and only send low ranking aides? The military has made plans for this NWO nonsense for a very long time, it is why they keep throwing monkey wrenches into the whole EU army nonsense and keep paying lip service.

  4. Never trust anything you read, get second hand, or anything you cannot validate yourself. You will live longer and be more likely to stay out of trouble.

  5. The bloody lot will stand in judgment before the Lord God for what they have done. Best they enjoy the fruits of their perfidy now as eternal condemnation awaits them.

  6. What’s the difference?
    The difference is that, although the Democrats did steal the election, they were able to maintain a facade of legitimacy in doing so. All of the world’s countries and institutions were willing to go along with it. If the military intervened, not only would every country and institution denounce the action, it would lend credibility to the claim that it was Trump trying to steal the election.
    The generals would know this. Even if they were not part of the Swamp (and many no doubt are), their hands would be tied.

  7. Who does he think is paying our Generals?
    No, I don’t mean just the taxpayers.
    See for instance Mad Dog Mattis, who was always tougher on Marines in Combat than the Enemy [Haditha 7].

    Our Generals fight with Silver Bullets, as the Chinese saying goes.
    Silver Bullets mean’s they’re on the take.

    Our Generals and increasingly our precious swaggering Sergeant Majors are all in it for the money. This is no secret from the Troops, apparently this Airman didn’t ‘get the word’.

  8. This country has been operating for the last fifteen to twenty years without real elections which is why there this little problem of we can call the Deep State Harlot. They’ve been installing only those people whose allegiances are only to itself. Without a semblance of fair and open elections there can be no real consent of the governed. Which is why they’re about to come out hard against the 2nd Right to bear arms.

    At the moment the US military is fighting a covert war against both foreign and domestic enemies of the United States. Everyone should note that President Trump has not yet conceded the election to Beijing Biden. One of the results of this covert war against the CCP and the Deep State Harlot is that both of them have just had their combined operations exposed to the American people as well as to the rest of the world. Just don’t expect any confirmation of that by any mainstream media outlet controlled by the CIA. The whole world is watching the goats being separated from the sheep, let’s say. But let me propose a view of perhaps what the bigger picture represents, on a biblical scale. Note that the identity of the woman riding the Beast, the Harlot is representative of what we now refer to as the Deep State…

    “…I saw a woman sitting on a bright red Beast covered with insulting names. It had Seven heads and Ten horns. The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. And upon her forehead was a name written: “Mystery Babylon The Great – The Mother Of Harlots – And Of The Abominations Of The Earth”.” (Apokalypsis 17.3-5)

    “The Ten Horns that you saw are Ten Kings who have not yet started to rule. They will receive authority to rule as kings with the Beast for one hour. They have one purpose, to give their power and authority to the Beast.” (Apokalypsis 17.12-13)

    “And the Ten Horns that you saw, and the Beast, these will hate the Harlot. They will make her desolate and exposed; consume her entire body and wholly consume her with fire.” (Apokalypsis 17.16)

    “For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose, this one purpose to give their Kingdoms to the Beast until the Words of God are fulfilled.” (Apokalypsis 17.17)

    The Ten Kings cannot rule until the Deep State Harlot system has been destroyed, falling away (2 Thessalonians 2.3-7) and they then can fill in the power vacuum to take over the entire rulership of the planet. The ‘Generals’ aren’t in control. God is in control. So then, may I say it? Trust the Plan.

  9. Trump could have signed the Insurrection Act any time he wanted. He just didn’t have the backbone. He is a coward and ultimately a traitor – just like the other traitors in the courts and Senate.

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