Kinetic Action by Youths in Brussels

This is a follow-up to the report on the Brussels riots posted here several days ago.

First, a subtitled video report on the kinetic incidents involving “Belgian” “youths”. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is an article from the French-language Belgian daily Le Libre, also translated by Gary Fouse:

The female police officer beaten during the protest in Brussels feared for her life: “Without my protective clothing I probably wouldn’t have survived”

January 15, 2021

Fortunately, the policewoman feels better today.

The demonstration in tribute to the young Ibrahima on Wednesday evening gave way to riots and scenes of extreme violence. Among the videos disseminated that evening, we can see a policewoman being kicked while she is still on the ground. If she is almost recovered today, nevertheless she had to be hospitalized because she showed signs of paralysis. The day after her attack, the officer recounted the events to our colleagues from Nieuwsblad. “I have just gotten out of the hospital. Last night the tingling sensation in my legs disappeared. I still have pain all over but the pain medication relieves it. I am covered in bruises, but I will probably make a full recovery.”

Kelly, mother of a little 9-year-old boy, was called in for backup after she had finished her service after the incidents in progress in Schaerbeek [district of Brussels]. The policewoman explains that a group of rioters rushed her and her colleagues as they were trying to secure a street. She lost her balance and wound up on the ground; for several seconds she was kicked in the belly and face. “Suddenly, I heard a man scream. He asked them to stop and told them that I was a woman, not a man. It was a resident of the district, a Moroccan, I believe. He saved me from these young men by intervening. My colleagues were able to get rid of the attackers and immediately took me under their wing. I am very grateful to this man and to my colleagues. If I hadn’t been wearing my robocop protective clothing, I probably wouldn’t have survived,” she confides.

Following these events, during which 15 police officers were injured in total, Kelly explains that she has lost all of her motivation. She asks herself if she still wants to be a police officer in Brussels, a city where respect for the uniform is lost, according to her. “The prosecutor’s office doesn’t pursue these cases, and the judges give out ridiculous punishments. We are not supported. The motivation is still there, but more than ever, we have the impression of being alone, abandoned by politics and justice. This demonstration should never have been authorized,” she laments.

Video transcript:

00:03   Violence: The atmosphere turns during protest for deceased Ibrahima (23).
00:07   Brussels protest gets out of hand.
00:19   A few hundred people protest at the Brussels North station.
00:23   They ask for clarity concerning the death of Ibrahima Barrie.
00:27   The 23-year-old died after he was arrested by police.
00:31   “We want the truth!”
00:35   Initially, the procession was peaceful, but around 4pm the atmosphere suddenly changed.
00:39   Protesters threw stones at police who were present.
00:49   Several people called on the rioters to stop.
00:52   Young people, C’mon stop!
00:55   Hey, young people, stop! Stop, stop, please!
00:58   Stop!
01:02   Young people, stop!
01:06   We achieve nothing by this! —Police, murderers! Police, murderers!
01:12   The protesters also throw bang fireworks.
01:29   Riot police were present en masse and deployed water cannons several times.
01:42   The rioters then moved farther to the Liedtsplein [Square].
01:45   There, they destroyed several bus stops, among other things.
01:48   Images — VTM News, Stephanie Romans

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  1. Unfortunately the policewoman survived. I’ll never trust cops again after seeing so many videos of cops in Dem states being the stormtroopers of the Democrat controllers. I’m a Canadian in Thailand — I’ve come to feel a visceral hatred for the USA Democrats.

    I will never get vaccinated, never. If I can no longer travel by airline, or visit Phuket, or travel home, so be it.

  2. They are so afraid of shooting these bloody savages that they let them kick them to death if need be. Insanity!

  3. Typical savagery of Islam. Any excuse to hate, lie and destroy. They never want to take responsibility for their crimes and always blame the non Muslims. No wonder their countries are failures.

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