Your Infidel Christmas Insults Allah!

The following sermon from an imam in Germany explains why wishing someone a merry Christmas is haram in Islam.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Christmas, dear brothers and sisters, is an insult to Allah in Islam.
00:08   Christmas celebrates the birthday
00:14   of the alleged Son of God.
00:19   It is celebrated that Allah had a son.
00:24   May Allah protect us all from the wrath of Allah.
00:34   What a great statement.
00:39   Some weak Muslims still wish their friends
00:44   a Merry Christmas.
00:48   That it is an insult to Allah doesn’t come from me.
00:53   It comes from Allah himself.
00:57   In the holy hadith, Allah says:
01:04   “The son of Adam insults me
01:08   and it is not for him to insult me. He has no right to do so.”
01:13   Man insults Allah! He has no right to do so!
01:22   And then he says, “and he denies me.”
01:28   He denies me. He accuses me of lying.
01:35   Man accuses Allah of lying,
01:41   and he is the absolute truth.
01:48   Then Allah says, “And it is not for them to deny me.
01:52   As for insulting me, he does so
01:57   by saying that I have a son.
02:03   But I am Allah, the one, the superior.
02:08   I have not begotten, and I have not been begotten,
02:14   and no one is ever equal to me.”
02:20   As for his denial of me, it is by his saying
02:26   he will not raise me to life again,
02:31   as when he created me before, and Allah says:
02:37   “But the first creation is not easier than recreating him.”
02:43   That means, recreating man after his death is still much easier
02:48   than creating him for the first time,
02:52   and everything is easy for Allah. What I’m getting at is
02:56   that this part of Hadith, if it’s from Allah himself,
03:03   he says, “He insults me!”
03:08   You insult Allah when you wish
03:14   or confirm a Merry Christmas.
03:20   We hear that a lot at the register:
03:25   *Beep* “Merry Christmas!” “Yes, thank you, same to you!”
03:31   That’s haram! They insult Allah,
03:36   and you say thank you!
03:40   You are not allowed to do that and certainly not to say it yourself.
03:44   These powerful words.
03:47   No Muslim would say that. No Muslim would say that.
03:51   No Muslim would say that if he really knows what it means.
03:55   This is an insult to Allah.
04:02   They are celebrating this event of insulting Allah.
04:10   That someone else is being served besides Allah.
04:15   Brother, take care of yourself and your children.
04:19   This is the time. Remember whenever you hear anything about Christmas,
04:25   or if your children want anything about Christmas. That this is an insult to Allah.
04:31   “He insulted me by saying that I had a son.”
04:36   Therefore, be careful and realize what these words means.
04:43   We do not wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you Hidayah.
04:47   We wish you guidance and that you will not offend Allah anymore.
04:51   Learn Islam from authentic sources.

26 thoughts on “Your Infidel Christmas Insults Allah!

  1. What a wimpy diety some people have. Easily offended, everyone is his enemy, whining all the time that he hates everything.

    • yes indeed! And this is a partly fine and theological angle of attack to fundamentalists : their deity – alledgedly allmighty and omniscient, is so weak that mere earthlings have to come to his defence? And he is to be impressed if I do not eat certain foods and wear knitted barrets? Knee down according to a compass? How ridiculous is such a deity?

      • How anyone can consider less freedom, less social protection and more red tape as a success story baffles me. That’s the UK right now and the US under Biden. The west in general really.

  2. to misquote Porky Pig, “All it be, All it be, that’s Allah folks!”

    Hark the Herald Angels Sing! Glory to the newborn King!
    Peace on Earth and mercy mild, God and sinner reconciled!
    Joyful all ye nations rise,
    join the triumph of the skies,
    with angelic hosts proclaim,
    “Christ is born in Bethlehem!”

    I will put my trust in Christ and the Salvation He provides, thank you.

  3. Go back where you are came from immediately, you are cancer to our way of life and our country and our continent Europe, just pack your [solid waste] and go , you can enjoy your Allah in your sandy land you savage , oh and take a Merkel with You !! We don’t need Her either, .,

    • I’m sure Sow Merkel would be a real popular accessory in some sheiks tent. “With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes and a bone in her nose, ho ho…”

    • Only Merkel?
      He should take 99% of all politicians of Germany to some Muslim country.
      That would be a good start.

  4. There’s an ancient concept in several western philosophies that goes something like, “the uneducated one blames others for his troubles; the student blames himself; the educated one blames no one.” The idea is that, once you understand enough of the world and yourself, you understand that it isn’t the external world that’s making you suffer – it’s you. The only thing which is truly yours to control is your mind. If you try to impose that control over others, you’re going to end up frustrated and suffering, because you don’t have that kind of power.

    So it seems to me that the god of islam is a foolish one, as are his followers. Of course they spend their lives raging at the external world, trying to control it through violence. They worship the very concept of ignorance. And to carry the idea further, the Judeo-Christian God is the god of enlightenment, right? So what is his opposite? It must be the god of ignorance and foolish rage.

    • Marcus or Seneca would have no issue with treating Muslims as the plague that they most certainly are. It is incredible how the west boasts so much education and enlightenment and yet drowns itself in reversed everything.

  5. Hate speech, just like all the rest of the invaders books. When will the authorities clamp down on this blatant disregard of the host nations customs.

    • That will be the upcoming peasants revolt.
      Unless the coup d’état beats it to the draw bridge. Of course a Turkish armed led and directed 9111111111111. A natural progression following decades of plotting and banging open wide Angela de Disaster. Or maybe the Pakistanis will get a nuke into anywhere they choose. We are not really in charge of anything. Mess with nature and her harmonies and this is what you get. Peace.

      • Peace only comes from total Victory, and only then, peace is nothing more than a lull until the next storm that always arises.

        • The Chinese have a little ditty that is very popular in the wider world. Something about peacekeeping by preparing for war. Definitely not peace through surrender surrender surrender – on demand.

  6. This man and all of them, all of this Islam toilet Nazi cult,
    Have to be removed by force from Western Europe and all western countries.

    This man, is propagating violence and hate on internet, why is he allowed to get away with this? Yet you or me would or could be arrested or jailed or fined?

    So Its only us these communist hate speech laws apply to?

    There’s no place for Islam in our countries, or the entire world.

    This man is a Nazi, a fool, a clown, he incites others to do violence against Christians,

    He must be arrested NOW! And deported to the [sump] sand park where he belongs.

    Islam go to hell!

    • Let’s do some simple math shall we? Deporting said 3rd world savage costs around 200,000 Euro to send back with no guarantees said 3rd worlder won’t come back to rain hell upon us again. Now a 9MM costs about 20 cents to produce per round, a 7.62 Nato costs about 26 cents per round, rope is a few bucks for 50 feet and reusable, now you do the bloody math and what is economical and guaranteed never to be a problem ever again, Saavy?

      • Well, a guillotine can be built with materials sourced from the Home Depot with the paltry $600 stimulus that our congressional lords condescend to toss to us after their edicts and overreaction to CCP virus destroyed our livelihoods. Such a guillotine may then be used to send back to Beelzebub his hordes of orcs with no additional costs. In theory, the construction and operation of a single guillotine could be sufficient to rid Europe of all of its orcs with its politicians, judges, and evil globalists thrown in for good measure, thereby representing the ultimate in economy. Practically though, multiple guillotines wohld need to be constructed across Europe in order to minimize the costs associated with getting the orc to their appointment with Madame Guillotine.

        While rope is cheaper, a scaffold is required for efficient operation, or a sufficient supply of sturdy limbs or lampposts, and after each use the miscreant would need to be cut down, therefore shortening the rope with each subsequent use until it was too short for its intended function. For economy and ease of useage, the guillotine wins hands down, which is likely why it was so ubiquitous during the Great Terror of the French Revolution.

        In America, we are blessed with an abundance of small arms and cartridges, and cursed with a dearth of individuals skilled in carpentry and metalwork required to build the number of guillotines required to rid all the globalists, socialists, college professors, and traitorous elected officials of our monoparty.

        • Never sell those carpenters and farmers short, for those boys can fix anything and build anything once their minds are put to it. I’ll bet you a fine Bourbon that in the region you live, that you could find one of those guys in short order who could figure out how to build one and build it better.

          • I most certainly could, but in the cities and campuses where such a device is most needed the talent to build it would be the least likely to be present.

          • That is why God invented transportation to bring that fine blade to do God’s work, to those places of Marxist scum.

  7. Oh, the scriptural ignorance of muslims! Just listen to this guy’s (and others’) description of allah and his attributes: He is satan, the devil, setting himself up against the Creator of the Universe!

  8. The fact that Christians were protected in the Syria of Assad and the Iraq of Hussein shows that a majority-Islamic country need not be inconsistent with the presence of Christians. This German Imam, besides being amazingly ignorant, is embarked on the jihad aspect of Islam. In other words, those Muslims hoping to make Islam prevail will be working with the Cultural Marxists to denigrate and deconstruct the Western culture of the country hosting them.

    So, obviously, Muslims are better off in Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, Syria etc, than they are in the West. Jews and Christians can live under Muslims, and have done so successfully, but importing Muslims into an alien culture they are tempted to destroy is simply a bad idea. Incidentally, in many Muslim countries, this Imam would be shut down immediately, as advocating a doctrine counter to the policy of the government. Mixing cultures just doesn’t work. We have social constructs designed to maintain our own society; importing aliens who are totally immune to those constructs just doesn’t work out.

  9. The allala alah gay-gay gay butcher and his 1.1 b hollowed out breed enrages humanity. The Muslims will be re-educated and driven out.
    China leads the world at this point.

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