Switzerland: Honor Violence Against a Gay Son

An Iraqi culture-enricher in Switzerland attempted to kill his homosexual son by slitting his throat. The boy survived, and now his father has been convicted of attempted murder.

The photo of the son’s hideous wound was too graphic to include in this post.

Many thanks to MissPiggy and Gary Fouse for translating this article from Blick:

Attempted murder of his gay son

Brutal father must spend 11 years in prison!

Dogan Z. * (54) wanted to kill his gay son in May 2019 — the Iraqi denied the act to the end. Now the court has handed down its verdict.

Dogan Z. is small and rather slimly built and his dark hair is graying a little. The shackles that he wears in the courtroom in Burgdorf (Bern) seem exaggerated on him. He speaks softly and his voice is hoarse. And this gaunt man is supposed to be a murderous family tyrant?

The court reached a verdict on Tuesday. According to a statement from the public prosecutor’s office, the Iraqi was found guilty of the attempted murder of his homosexual son, and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. Following that, he will be expelled from the country for 12 years. He must also pay the victim 20,000 [Swiss] francs in compensation.

Throat slit in his sleep

While Dogan Z. demanded an acquittal by claiming that his son wanted to take his own life at the end of May 2019, the judges believed the prosecution’s version.

The prosecution wanted the brutal father sentenced to 12 years in prison and accused him of sneaking into his son’s room on that fateful day in the spring. Armed with a 27-cm-long [10.5”] kitchen knife, he knelt over his sleeping son and brutally slit his throat — with the intention of murdering him.

Son manages to escape

“You’re gay, you’re gay!?!” the devout Muslim is alleged to have shouted during the perfidious attack. However, according to the indictment, the then-17-year-old fiercely resisted his brutal father and was finally able to break away from him.

With the gaping wound on his neck, he ran out of his parents’ apartment in Langnau. Neighbors immediately took care of the injured man. The teenager was then taken to hospital by helicopter. He lost over a liter of blood and had to be intubated.

Clear scars of the death-battle

In the meantime, the attacked son lives as a woman and calls himself Cataleya** (18). To this day, the scars on his neck are still clearly visible. The red marks from the struggle will probably never disappear completely.

She cried bitter tears during her interview last week. Sadly, the trans woman told the judges, “Every day when I wash my face and look in the mirror, I see my scars. I feel ugly.” She now refers to her father only as “progenitor.” Due to the incomprehensible act, she currently has no job and lost her apprenticeship at the time.

A family drama

Cataleya should be satisfied with her father’s guilty verdict — however, there are no winners in this story. The siblings of the victim sobbed in the courtroom last week. It became clear: The tragedy has torn a family apart and is gnawing at everyone involved.

Whether the last word has been spoken in the case is not yet clear. The defense attorney for the convicted man told BLICK that an appeal to a higher court is very likely in case of a guilty verdict. The verdict is therefore not yet final.

*   Name changed
**   Name known

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  1. small built, gaunt man? It is not physical, it is the implanted coran chip,that directs their actions.

    • In their minds, one is only gay if they are the receiver of the carnal act, so no significance is attached to such a relationship.

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