The American Future: A Simulacrum of Normality

I hate to jump the gun on events, so I prefer not to write about the definitive Death of the Republic until January 20, after Joe Biden has put his hand on The Communist Manifesto, or The Autobiography of Malcolm X, or whatever he plans to use in lieu of the Bible, and been sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts as the 46th President of the United States. That’s when we’ll be able to say that the Republic is morally, ethically, spiritually, physically, positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead.

In the meantime I’m keeping up with the flow of events in this American Twilight. As is Roger Kimball, who has written a lucid, restrained essay for American Greatness that is worth reading while you’re waiting for the Biden/Harris administration and the Great Reset.

I found the link at Western Rifle Shooters, which also has many other links to much less restrained discussions on the same topic. If you want to get a feeling for what the community of, ahem, friskier and well-armed deplorables — who by now number in the millions, if not tens of millions — are talking about, I recommend following those links at WRSA.

Mr. Kimball opens his essay with these paragraphs:

A Betrayal of American Freedom

At the moment, the world seems to be divided into two camps.

One camp belongs to those who believe that Joe Biden, notwithstanding some possible election “irregularities,” won the 2020 presidential election fair and square. A corollary of this belief is the conviction that Donald Trump, by refusing to concede and go graciously into the good night of political defeat, is behaving badly (one venue even describes his behavior as a “disgrace”).

The second camp, which is where I reside, holds that the 2020 election was inherently fraudulent, that the fraud was perpetrated in ways large and small over many months, and that it appears to have cost Donald Trump the election. I say “appears” because the reality, I believe, is that Donald Trump won by a significant margin but that voter fraud obscures that reality.

The first camp seems to be the larger of the two and its membership is growing quickly as more and more erstwhile supporters of the president fold their tents and make their peace with “President-elect Biden.” Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, was a recent high-profile defector from President Trump’s side.

Or maybe he is only a realist who sees the writing on the wall, not to mention the headlines in the papers and on CNN.

This is being too generous to Mitch McConnell. The majority leader has never been in the Trump camp. He may have pretended to be from time to time, when he found it expedient. But he has always been a member of what Sundance at Conservative Tree House calls the “Uniparty”, which includes all Democrats and most Republicans, especially in the Senate.

The Republicans pretend to be an opposition party, but the snouts of their leadership are as thoroughly dipped in the trough of graft and corruption as are those of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the Democrat Party.

But that’s a minor point. And Mr. Kimball seems to allude to that reality a couple of paragraphs further along:

President Trump has not fared well with his legal battles, but that has not dimmed his determination to fight on, much to the dismay, indeed, the fury, of his critics in both parties (actually, I think it is basically one big party, but that is an issue for another day).

And where do we go from here?

It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that Something Ugly This Way Comes.

It’s likely, I suppose, that Congress is just too sclerotic for anything really dramatic to happen. It seems pretty clear that the courts — above all the Supreme Court — remain terrified of being called mean names by reporters at the New York Times.

In this context, it is worth pondering “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities,” the thirty-six page report on voter fraud in the election just published by Peter Navarro. Navarro is Director of the president’s Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, but he oversaw this report in his capacity as a private citizen. I am not sure that there is much that is new in the document, but it stands as a useful, one-stop summary of allegations of voter fraud and manipulation. Navarro and his team looked at the key battleground states of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Georgia. The six dimensions of irregularity they investigated were outright voter fraud (which they found in nearly all of the states), ballot mishandling, contestable process fouls, equal protection clause violations, voting machine irregularities, and significant statistical anomalies.

I apologize if this seems like beating a dead horse. I think the old mare has some life left in her yet, and if I continue to prod her it is because I think the 2020 election brought us to a political crossroads. If I am right and the election, in effect, was stolen, then it is a line in the sand.

On one side of that line is the tradition of the American Republic where elections might be bitterly contested but are in the end fair and are seen by both sides to be fair. On the other side of that line is a country in which elections are not fair, where they are rigged for the benefit of vested interests.

This is an eventuality that the Navarro Report recognizes explicitly. “If these election irregularities are not fully investigated prior to Inauguration Day,” it warns, “and thereby effectively allowed to stand, this nation runs the very real risk of never being able to have a fair presidential election again.”

“Never” is a long time. But I do not think it is necessarily an overstatement. I fear that John Adams was right when, writing to his wife in 1775, he noted that while destroyed cities might be rebuilt and “a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property,” a “Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

Many people, including some smart people of good will, are impatient with Donald Trump. They are impatient, above all, with the 2020 election. They want it to be over. They want to get on with “normal life.” They believe that ceding a stolen election to a geriatric talking mannequin represents normality because it wears a familiar face. In fact, it is terra incognita. Or, rather, it is unknown only in an American context. History provides us with many, many examples of what we may expect from acceding to such a betrayal of freedom. It is a mournful, and usually sanguinary, alternative that awaits those who barter freedom for the simulacrum of normality. I think that Donald Trump understands that. I am convinced that many of his 75 million supporters do, too.

In 2021 it won’t be the Ides of March that we should beware. Did the Romans have a catchy Latin phrase for “the last ten days of January”?

This will not end well.

42 thoughts on “The American Future: A Simulacrum of Normality

  1. “My paramount objective is to save the Union, and it is not either to save or destroy slavery. If I could save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do it.”
    -Abe Lincoln

    • but the Lord had determined that the Union could be saved by setting the slaves free and having them treated as equal citizens in compliance with His righteousness and the Law He had given Moses. Look it up in Leviticus. Anyone who kidnaps someone to sell them into slavery is guilty of a capital offense, and so is the person who purchases the slave (accomplice after the fact). They both will hang. The decision to Dread Scott was a slap in the Lord’s face by a nation that called Him their God. I should say that we are now being treated as we have treated others. Tain’t pleasant, is it?

      • You are on the side of negroes.I don’t know why you are even here.I never own sclaves, nor my parents, why then I have to be made feel guilty for belying white or American white, why we the whites have to pay a price for negroes that we did not enslave?
        I am not going to do it ,the consequence is , we will hate negroes even more.

        • my forebears were slaves, or indentured servants from Wales. My skin is white but that doesn’t matter to me. All that matters is that I can competently perform the work that is set before me, and anyone whom I employ is also able to competently perform. I don’t care what your skin color is, the only thing your skin color is, is the paint job on your body, the car you drive around. I have a two-tone paint job, tan where I don’t wear clothes and white where I wear them. So what! We are not allowed to own them whom the Lord has created. The term of servitude was seven years. go look it up.

        • By your poor comments it sounds like if given the opportunity and cash, you probably would own slaves.

          • No, for me all people are equal, but I despise what happens now,all this abnormal situation with the woke…BLM and all.
            And I see what happens in South Africa with whites, I learn from that.Therefore I am forced to keep to my color,because in the future we will have to if we will survive.We have to keep with our color and our faith.

      • Really? Leviticus 25:44–46, “As for your male and female slaves whom you may have—you may acquire male and female slaves from the pagan nations that are around you. 45 ‘Then, too, it is out of the sons of the sojourners who live as aliens among you that you may gain acquisition, and out of their families who are with you, whom they will have produced in your land; they also may become your possession.

  2. “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”

    Literal translation into Latin would be “Kill them. For the Lord knows those that are His own.” In the modern argot the phrase could be easier interpreted as “Kill them all and let God sort them out.”

    Just as relevant advice now as it was when originally spoken.

    • Though do keep in mind that it was originally spoken by the Bishop Inquisitor against the Cathars of France (appx 1400) when he ordered the church in which a mix of Cathars and Catholics were taking refuge to be burned with all of them inside.
      Now, a problem will be identifying the controllers and their puppets, and removing their ability to set us against ourselves.
      John in Indy

      • Very nice to see someone else knows their history!

        Granted, there are many good people mixed up with the evil ones within the urban and suburban warrens they dominate. However, telling them apart is nigh impossible and when this country erupts into war there might be no choice but to treat everyone from a particular wealthy suburb as enemies.

        My mother explained the parable of the wheat and the tares to me when I was young and I noted later that her explanation differed significantly from the mainstream explanation. Her interpretation was that the tares are suffered because in order to remove them, much good wheat would need to be trampled in order to get at them. When the field is harvested, the wheat and the tares are all cut down together and the grain is saved while the tares are burnt. If a meteorite were to obliterate Washington DC and everyone there was killed, there would undoubtedly be good people who died, but far more evil people would have perished and the country would have been better served than trying to sort them and allowing evil men to escape by disguising themselves as good men.

  3. The left, and the RINOs are uniting behind Biden and all he stands for, but can the right unite?

    Maybe it needs a ‘hobby’ organisation like the NRA (WRSA) to provide the seed around which the forces of conservatism can unite.

    Is Biden (or his substitute) going to be Allende mk 2, will we need a Pinotchet to unreset he reset?

    Many say Pinochet went too far, but he pricked the balloon of corruption that powers the drive for leftist feudalism. It was no longer profitable to support Allende, the price, death, was too much.

    Pinochet is despised and rejected by all because he outflanked the forces of the left using their own murderous methods, HE THEN VOLUNTARILY HANDED POWER BACK TO AN ELECTED GOVERNMENT.

    Strange days we live in……

    • Pinochet is a very interesting character, indeed.

      Not very fond of his methods, but I’d have been even less fond of ending up in Venezuela, which is where Chile was headed but for his intervention.

      There are no morally correct answers to *that* one!

  4. It’s probably not what you wish to hear, but how about “dum spiro spero” (while I breathe, I hope) or, as we say in German, “Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt” (hope will be the last one to die).

    But then, Spengler said: “Optimismus ist Feigheit.” (optimism equals cowardice). Maybe he was right. Or not. I don’t rightly know at the moment. Not only concerning your situation in the US, of course.

  5. “There Will Be Blood”

    [I don’t do a lot of writing anymore. My novels and short stories were meant to serve as warnings, to prepare the reachable for what’s coming. Now that we are in the thick of it, what purpose is served by more novels and stories? I did write this recently, though, FWIW.]

    The impossible situation that the non-politician outsider Donald Trump found himself in was that he had to fight all of the DemSocRats and (at least) half of the GOP.

    Nominally Republican Governor Kemp in Georgia is a classic example. Early in 2020 he signed a $110 million dollar contract to buy 30,000 Chinese-made Fraud-O-Matic vote-switching machines, placing them in every GA precinct. He reportedly inked the contract two weeks after he visited the CCP “spy nest” in Houston that was recently forced to close. It is safe to assume family kickbacks were involved.

    Kemp, his Republican AG and his Republican lieutenant governor do not want their financial connections to the CCP revealed. This Georgia corruption was endangered by Swamp Drainer Trump, and will be protected by Beijing Biden. Trump lost Georgia, and with a few other corrupt states, he lost the White House. What happened in Georgia was a classic example of Trump’s dilemma.

    Like “Republican” Brian Kemp, half of the GOP goes into politics for the legal family graft, happy to play the “designated losers” aka the “Washington Generals” to the “DemSocRat Globetrotters,” who are assigned by the overall system to win majorities. Witness the sellout “consent decree” election deal the Georgia GOP made with Stacy Abrams, which guaranteed a Rat victory, and the unexamined continuance of the Georgia GOP graft machine.

    The GOP grifters want the graft without the hassles and accusations of being part of systemic white racism and so on, so they are eager to roll over on their backs for their DemSocRat shot-callers.

    Hunter and Joe Biden were not unique, they are typical of both sides of the political aisle, if a bit flagrant at their grifting. You can’t give an American politician a million bucks, heaven forfend, that’s a bribe! But you can give it to his son or his brother, after creating a fictitious job for him. Then he buys a couple of mansions, and lets you live in them. Great work if you can get it–and you can only get it by becoming a “made member” of the ruling elite.

    Trump upset this legalized political graft formula, so he had 75% of Washington out to bury him from Day One. All of the Rats, and half of the GOP. Impossible math to overcome.
    [The rest is at the link, if you care to read it.]

    • Nothing will be decided in the courts. The courts of the USA were hijacked by lawyers many years ago and made into a lawyer piggy bank. First to go..lawyers and courts. Citizen tribunal verdicts and sentences delivered on the same day. The rot is deep. The patient may expire because of radical amputations. Dirty commie bastards. Channel your inner Vlad.
      Merry Christmas Matt.

      • I’ll channel my inner Lyudmila Pavlichenko if and when it becomes necessary, thank you very much!

        Waiting to see what new devilry the New Year brings. Opening day of hunting season on 20th January and no bag limits is my pessimist guess for what 2021 will hold.

  6. I am sorry if I rant, but I just let it out.

    Trump made mistakes. There is no doubt.
    He lost contact with his base.
    1) Just go over to:
    When the stories of good ole Antifa were presented on TV, Fox should have reported about this.
    Even better: Trump should have invited them into the White House and made a speech about their experience with “peaceful” Antifa on live-TV.
    Hell, he should have sent some undercover people watched by drones into Antifa territory and put this on TV.
    Antifa is good, but military grade surveillance equipment is better.

    2) Rule 1 of Fight Club: You dont talk about Fight Club. NEVER!
    Instead of saying: I am thinking about declaring Antifa a terrorist organization he should have just wrote an Executive Order (declaring Antifa and their political supporters a terrorist organization) at 0400 in the morning so that Cops can arrest the most powerful Antifa supporters at 0500. Then they are tagged and bagged and shipped off to Guantanomo Bay or some other Black Ops site as threat to the constitution of the USA.
    And if the most powerful Antifa supporters are known as Joe Biden or Kamala Harris – so what?

    3) Poison the well
    We all know that leftwing people never get punished. If we are lucky they get arrested, a few hours of communal duties and thats it.
    Trump should have countered this.
    Kyle Rittenhouse – Presidential Pardon
    the couple who defended their home with non-working guns – Presidential Pardon
    James Fields jr (Unite the Right 2016) – Presidential Pardon

    Please say I am wrong but I expect that once Joe Biden is President he will issue Pardons to every leftwing, black, non-white currently in US prisons.

    Trump should be ahead of the game and poison the well. Issue Pardons to every conservative to right or white who is currently in prison.

    • Kyle Rittenhouse – Presidential Pardon
      the couple who defended their home with non-working guns – Presidential Pardon

      President can’t pardon state charges.

    • As Mike says, the President cannot pardon state charges, only federal ones. That is why Trump will be indicted by New York state prosecutors after he leaves office. This will provide a perfect cover for the Democrats to engineer criminal charges against Trump and claim Biden cannot interfere.

      As to your other dream of Trump’s arresting ANTIFA, in fact, the Justice Department and State Department simply refused to follow Trump’s instructions. Trump’s biggest mistake was not to appoint Trump supporters into political positions from the beginning. He thought he could work with never-Trumper representation, but they consistently stabbed him in the back.

      • As an addendum: obviously, once Trump is brought up on New York charges, he’ll never see the light of day. They’ll either convict him with a hanging judge, or keep him in court the rest of his life.

        Trump is now a resident of Florida, who has one of the best governors in the country, Ron DeSantis. I think it would be appropriate for Trump to fight extradition to New York, and for Florida to deny extradition, given the obviously political nature of the prosecution. It probably wouldn’t even hurt Trump’s chances in 2024, even in New York. The brain-dead New Yorkers who voted in Bill the Red de Bombastico, Governor Coma, and the fact-free 100% emotion-driven Cortez, have no wriggle room to become more anti-Trump than they already are. And the (minority) rationaal New Yorkers would love the maneuvers.

  7. “History provides us with many, many examples of what we may expect from acceding to such a betrayal of freedom.”

    But no example of seeing this done, with such a heavily armed population, and in a population with such amazing communication options. It will be interesting. We are actually in uncharted waters.

    • The Revolutionary War is a pretty good example of how this will play out. Heavily armed population ruled by distant and aloof elites, and communications were excellent for the times. Likewise, only a very small percent of the population were combatants at the outset, and the revolution never had majority popular support until it was obvious that the enemy was down for the count. If anything we have even more advantages because of the enemy’s reliability upon fragile technological infrastructure and weapons, and the target rich environment of enemies and their enablers which can be used and made examples of in real time with the abilities of instantaneous mass communication that the enemy relies upon to spread his propaganda and suppress dissent.

      • We now have too many 3rd worlders and ethnic enclaves for a revolutionary end. This is going to break down to a Balkans type scenario where race, religion, region and politics with the strongest and most ruthless will rule. Peoples families, despite the politics breaking them apart, will be forced together because their lives will depend upon it. The feminaxi’s will rue the day they made the male, they vilified for so long, angry, for the Alpha male types won’t put up with a caterwauling female telling him what to do and be put in their place. The soy boy males will be a endangered species for the strong and most ruthless rule and everybody else serves.

        • Interestingly, students of evolutionary biology claim that the females are programmed to shack up with the strong males, even if those males are from a conquering tribe. You always have had the problem of female collaborators, such as the French and Dutch women who fraternized with the conquering Germans. In a sense, they do what they’re genetically programmed to do.

          My point is that the females of the conquered tribe will be too busy sucking up to the victorious males to reflect on how they facilitated their own downfall.

          • You are absolutely correct.

            It is almost impossible to escape our biology and in this regard women cannot really be blamed for acting on biological imperatives. If anything the blame should fall upon weak men who refuse to recognize the female need to seek out strong and aggressive men, and do not try to be the strongest men, or barring that, control their women to prevent or punish this behavior in the first place. Our society with all of its pathologies and terminal decline into irrelevance and subjugation by baser but more aggressive invaders is precisely what happens when we ignore these biological truths and treat women as equals. Successful matriarchial societies are extremely rare throughout history; there is a reason patriarchal societies are the rule rather than the exception.

  8. What we face is the ultimate nightmare, of the normal everyday things in our lives, and the people, used to whip us and beat us until we are submissive, dead, or otherwise. I have warned close friends ever since Obongo was physically present in the WH that this was coming, and they are pooh-poohing the possibility of it happening now. Probably due to my many and early warnings about the sky falling. I remind them now that it has been incremental, and carefully done according to their plans. The story about the wild hogs being fed, undisturbed, while bits of cage here and there appear each day, not making a cage at first, but only the appearances of one. Then one night they enter to feed as usual, and viola’! The last piece of cage is in place, and they cannot get out. Here we are. Imagine where we will be.

  9. @N Abalzbhf: “The Union” another myth created by Dishonest Abe in order to destroy the American Republic and convince over 600,000 Americans to murder each other.

    Donald “we’ll take the guns first” Trump of course I didn’t vote for this creature but I also will not let stand if I can help in any way shape or form, this fraudulent 2020 election. As for American elections name the last one, where dead people or non-Americans (e.g. Precinct 13 in Texas during the 1948 US Senate election where migrant field workers that could not read or speak English were paid $5 to make a mark on a ballot) did not vote.

    • Well Steve, I am very glad you voted for the crooked killary, I guess she was the animal of your choice.I bet you voted for bidon ( in Romanian means empty vessel) as well.

  10. I fear if Mr. Biden is inaugurated the “line in the sand” will become a “line in stone”. Before, most Americans, who have gone through an experience of similar injustice (government tyranny and self-dealing corruption) would just chalk it up to experience and want to let American resiliency push on and let time heal the illegality of the moment. But now I don’t think many of those same Americans are willing to let by-gones be by-gones. And I don’t think the covers can be pulled back over our eyes anyway. There seems to be a great unraveling from Divine direction; and what used to be excused and forgotten is now exposed and out in the open; and we can’t just pretend it never happened. The “line-in-the sand” is a wake up call, and all those who see it are being asked; what side are you on? Are you going to be rewarded for the evil your life represents with condemnation to death; or have you put on the righteousness of Jesus Christ and will you receive the reward of life eternal and all God’s riches, by believing in the gospel of God and the free gift he offers?

  11. It ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings. I am still holding out for a few patriotic Senators and representatives to object to Electoral results in the battleground states due to fraud causing a Constitutional crisis by which the state legislators would vote for DJT .

  12. ___PLEASE BE AWARE___

    I have noticed a disturbing trend posting at various websites similar to the above (including american partisan) where people who are posting well thought out PEACEFUL and LEGAL intelligent commentary are being CENSORED while people who shoot their mouths off threatening violence OR acting completely hopeless are allowed to stay up.

    I’ve seen it happen to others and it’s happened REPEATEDLY to me. Originally it was just the Disqus (the worst comment system on the internet, with a monopoly, doing this everywhere) but now even the Akismet “spam protection” filters are blocking PEACEFUL LEGAL NONVIOLENT INTELLIGENT POSTS. I verified this by having literally IP’s and email addresses BANNED by them one after another via switching VPN’s and email accounts!

    There was not one drop of profanity, harassment, threats of violence (it was the opposite) or anything else. It also does not happen for mindless posts but if you post something like “lets start a peaceful legal movement under this constitutional law” showing you are intelligent, informed, have references, and can make a good argument those posts are disappearing. I do NOT believe it is the website operators doing this, I think it is misuse of spam filters being turned against anyone who is trying to convince people there is an alternative to giving up and an alternative to violence.

    If there was no chance of legal, nonviolent, constitutional alternatives, why does there seem to be effort put into censoring it?? Why would the covid relief bill contain an attempt to block and alter the Insurecction Act (not what I was quoting, I was suggesting RICO for racketeering as a far less risky and more tenable move) if there was zero chance of it being used anyway??

    They seem to want people to give up or to push them to violence, they dont want any discussion of organized peaceful civil disobedience demanding enforcement of the law.

    FWIW I dont know what to do with this information, i’ve been banned from posting it from most of the right leaning web. 🙁

    • Hmm…

      I believe one can be intelligent and informed and still want to kill every last one of the (illegitimates). After all, what can one do with such creatures who would exterminate us as useless eaters except for those whom are beautiful enough to serve as bedwarmers, or those with skills that cannot be replaced with algorithms. To such elitist filth there can be no compromise or common ground. It will inevitably come down to kill or be killed.

      I agree that much of the more strident posters are likely agent provocateurs trying to incite the foolish to precipitous acts in order to discredit the nationalist movement. That still doesn’t change the facts that eventually we will have to [intemperate recommendation redacted] or face the same from their hands.

      • Please be clear – I am not saying that the people who feel agitated to the point of wanting to lash out are either in the wrong, nor have not reason to be angry. Nor am I claiming that the posters saying violence are or are not agent provocateurs. I am solely claiming that for several years, I have watched ‘content moderation’ most intensively on ALL Disqus boards of note (from alex jones’s infowars while he was using it through michael snyder’s to other places) where they REMOVE INTELLIGENT CIVIL DISCOURSE. As if they either want people to be goaded into violence, or to give up completely. This is my sole and exclusive claim, along with having now witnessed it several times via akismet’s “spam” blocking algorythms blocking entire IP’s and listed email names without the slightest bit of abusive, spam, deceitful, or negative posting.

        I don’t know what to do with this information. There’s nowhere else I can post it. I do think that it’s likely that they hope by goading some people into violence, deserved or undeserved, they will have an excuse to lash back at EVERYONE. This same script has been used in countless foreign countries to initiate civil wars. If someone does not engage in actual violence, something will be staged as a false flag and used as justification until it kicks off on it’s own.

        It should be a warning if calming yet intelligent and organized voices are being REMOVED from the discussion threads all over the internet.

        This is the danger (and stupidity) of Trump refusing to use the insurrection act. Biden will not hesitate to, the moment some “violent right winger” fights back, they will be labeled a terrorist racist religious extremist, and thus it will justify everything from increased surveillance and banning of protest and potential martial law.

        The most agitating is that Trump is still legally the president and can still act – until he cannot. The moment it’s january 20th he no longer has any power to do anything. He is an absolute fool for not doing the things only he can do. Playing in the rigged court’s was a fool’s errand from the beginning.

        • Have you posted on the alt-tech sites, such as BitChute, Gab and Parler? These are services based outside the US and thus freer to post all legal content than US-based forums. Paradoxically, if section 230 is abolished, as Trump is advocating, it is likely that US-based alternative platforms will disappear entirely. The ones with value, such as Gate of Vienna, operate on a shoestring and don’t have the resources to deal with a censorship bureaucracy, even if disguised as a protector of open discussion.

          • Well, Gates of Vienna wouldn’t shut down just because of that. Depending on exactly what the new law specifies, I might shut down comments, and instead use a system like Lawrence Auster’s — invite readers to email me, and post some of the responses.

            However, since comments are already moderated, I assume I could keep on going the way I am. I would just need to stay informed about what posted sentiments would be considered grounds for legal action by the new commie government.

            I also assume that my knack for deadpan irony will come in handy under the new regime.

  13. Baron,

    Do you have a plan to keep this site open when you can no longer manage it? It’s a great
    site and would hate for it to disappear. Just asking.

    Merry Christmas

    • Yes, there are contingency plans for maintaining Gates of Vienna when I’m no longer around.

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