Cracks Are Beginning to Appear

I don’t know how much of a bellwether a rural Virginia Walmart is, but that happens to be my area of research, so it’s where I’ve been gathering my data.

I mounted an expedition to the store this afternoon to stock up on the usual staples, but without wearing the mandatory face mask. The last time I had been to the same store there were just three other people without masks, but this time I counted no fewer than fifteen. In addition to those brazen deplorables who don’t care if they kill Grandma, there were numerous others who were wearing their masks haphazardly, at best — pulled down below their noses, or even under their chins. There was one fellow with a ZZ Top beard who wore a mask plastered on the front of it like a postage stamp on a Brillo pad — he looked completely absurd. And maybe he intended it that way.

So what might this thaw in the COVID regimen portend? My intuition tells me that it must have something to do with last month’s election and the fact that we’re about to inaugurate Beijing Joe as our next General Secretary… I mean, President.

There are an awful lot of Trump voters out here in the Virginia backwoods, especially among white people. Unless I misunderstand the current zeitgeist, they are well aware of how fraudulent the election was, and they’re righteously angry about it.

Are they beginning to react against perceived authority by eschewing the masks they’ve been ordered to wear by Governor Coonman?

I don’t know, but I consider it a distinct possibility…

3 thoughts on “Cracks Are Beginning to Appear

  1. Yes indeed. And that’s only the beginning. A lot of folks are very angry and are starting to understand that only rubes play by the rules anymore. If Beijing Biden gets in then all bets are off. No rule of law and no social contract.
    There are only 3000 state police in the whole of Virginia.
    We had 25000+ Patriots and Shieldmaidens in Richmond last year.
    I enjoy your writing.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  2. Around here it seems to be a political statement as much as anything.

    TrueIdiots[tm] wear them while they’re alone in their cars.

    Fewer older people wear them – that really shows that it’s more about politics than anything else.

  3. As a private (Christian academy) school teacher (age 71 and came out of retirement) after being intimidated at first, the only face covering I will now wear is a face shield. I smile at everyone and it is visible.

    My school doesn’t bug me. I am blessed to be in Florida where we have a Conservative Governor who will not bow down to the globalists. I also have a mighty Lord and Saviour whom I trust completely to protect us as He wishes, and His will – be it life or death – is fine with me, He has always been trustworthy. He is an unchanging God.

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