Are Candles Haram?

In the following video you can see a Turkish woman deliberately vandalizing the memorial for last month’s terror attack in downtown Vienna by kicking over the candles.

It’s no surprise to learn that the vandaless reportedly has psychological problems.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   On Sunday morning the police had to go to the site of the terrorist attack on Seitenstetten Gasse
00:04   in downtown Vienna. Callers reported an incredible act of vandalism.
00:11   A woman devastated the terror attack memorial and knocked over the candles.
00:15   The suspected culprit was able to be identified on Monday morning.
00:18   Attentive security staff at Vienna Airport noticed her.
00:22   She has not yet been captured, the police tell OE24.
00:26   The woman is said to be Turkish and to suffer from psychological problems.
00:30   On Sunday evening the video appears, which is also leaked to Austria,
00:34   in which can clearly be seen a nocturnal figure in a thick coat with a blue woolen cap,
00:40   a Corona mask and a large shopping bag,
00:43   walking along Seitenstetten Gasse.
00:47   There she kicks the candles over with precision
00:50   and scatters them all over the cobblestones, and this deliberately.

14 thoughts on “Are Candles Haram?

    • Before deporting her,kick her to the point that she will not be able to kick again.
      Enough with the Turks,they respect nothing.

    • Only one way to deal with the bloody turks, the good ole fashioned way like ole Saint Vlad ” Lord Impaler” Tepes used to do, for no more turks = no more problems. Plus it leaves no question that they and the rest of the bloody 3rd world in our midst are no longer welcome. For the problem is the muslim never gets it until you leave examples. My Hapsburg ancestors used to be really good at this as well.

  1. And all the immigrants have psychological problems,for the natives there is no excuse.

    • No reason to keep the natives out of jail or to not charge them in the first place, then, which happens but never makes the news.

  2. In recent weeks, arrivals of migrants from Somalia, a country that does not border Greece, have been observed in Lesvos. Of the 214 arrivals since November 1 in Lesvos, 142 are from Somalia. According to testimonies and cross-referenced information, NGOs pay the costs of transporting & issuing Visa to Turkey, with flights to Istanbul. They are then transported to the Turkish coast, where smugglers, again with the support of NGOs, help them to enter the European Union illegally. These crossings must and will be blocked in every legal way. We do not want our country to be the gateway to Europe.

    Also, asylum applications from people coming from a safe environment will be considered inadmissible. “As a Ministry, we are completing the necessary changes in the process.”

    These NGOs are mostly German.

    • It’s because Christians do it. Especially Catholics which in Austria is a majority. The bloody savages of islam don’t like it, especially when Catholics honor a martyr who has been killed in Islamic jihad.

      • so it is not written in the Qur’an. Well then, punish the lady like the vandal that she is.

  3. Due to interfamily marriages being preferred by Muslims, the rates of Schizophrenia in nations where they concentrate are
    the highest in the world. I have an idea that so many go Jihadi
    because they believe the voices they “hear” due to their illness
    have them believing that Allah is directing them.

  4. The nations and parts will rise and close in on their source of Muslim. When will a BBC reporter or a “ trusted”government infiltrator do “it” to some unfortunate on the job? Terrible times ahead.

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