“Wir Schaffen Das” is Finally Paying Off

The following article discusses the catastrophic economic effects of coronavirus mitigation policies in Germany. Hellequin GB, who translated the text, includes this introductory note:

What Napoleon didn’t manage, what the Allies didn’t manage in WWI and WWII, what Bomber Harris didn’t manage, what the Red Army didn’t manage — namely the utter destruction of Germany — Angela Merkel has finally managed with her Corona measures.

Not that she’s alone in this. Most of the world’s political and social elites have been busy destroying their own countries for money and absolutism, while the 24/7 muzzled cerebral amputees are happily clapping and conforming with more lockdowns and chafing at the bit to send in their Darwin Award applications.

The translated article from PolitikStube:

Fatal lockdown policy: A rolling wave of bankruptcies!

50,000 employees have to go: Lufthansa is massively cutting jobs, half of them by the end of December. Next year is also associated with severe cuts for the workforce, which has been suggested to waive its wages. Another 10,000 jobs are to be cut in Germany.

This is all the more annoying as it was not until May that the federal government issued a rescue package of €300 million — including a 20 percent state participation. Obviously, the course was wrongly set for this, as participation at taxpayer costs was linked to so-called sustainability goals instead of job guarantees. After three quarters, the company “rescued” by the state has already posted a loss of €75.6 billion this year.

But not only Lufthansa is affected — the effects of the disastrous lockdown policy affect almost all economic sectors. For example, the largest German hairdressing chain, Klier, is filing for bankruptcy. In addition to around 1,400 branches in Germany, there are numerous other locations in other European countries.

Like that long-established company, the same is true of many others: Hoteliers and restaurateurs are on the skids, and most of them have still not received their Corona aid. Many sole proprietorships from various industries have been hit just as hard. Their reserves are often used up; the existential worries rob one of sleep.

For these companies, the lockdown — which has been extended until the cows come home — is a disaster. In 2021, the bankruptcy wave will roll in with billions in loan defaults, because then the obligation to file for insolvency will apply again.

The GroKo [governing coalition] could not have done it worse and more negligently!

2 thoughts on ““Wir Schaffen Das” is Finally Paying Off

  1. The most prosperous country in the Europe!!, and now we’ll now , she put everything to the toilet in the speedy way , this whole government is a garbage, it’s just heartbreaking how you can destroy that beautiful and rich for 5 years period, including this 3 th. World savages..

  2. Yes our bankruptcies will come next year after the aid is reduced end of JanuAry. Also federal govt changed rules called “regulatory shield” so companies didn’t have to report to shareholders and they could trade while insolvent. Sounds like a good idea to keep business going but they have just passed on the debts to their suppliers as they dont have to pay them and many small solid firms facing bankruptcy courtesy of govt policy. Also shareholders buying shares in Zombie companies. The US is a more transparent system.

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