Corona Cola: The Pause That Refreshes

The following video was recorded on the floor of the Austrian parliament. During his speech, an MP tests a glass of cola for COVID-19, and it turns up positive.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I will now carry out a Corona test live during my speech,
00:05   ladies and gentlemen, so that you can see how worthless and misdirected
00:09   these mass tests are.
00:12   This item on the agenda is not fundamentally about the Corona tests,
00:17   but also concerns the ministerial charge brought by us
00:21   against the health minister Mr. Anschober.
00:26   Dear ladies and gentlemen, in this context,
00:29   in connection with this ministerial indictment, you,
00:32   as a member of parliament, are the virtual jury here today.
00:36   Even if he’s not here, the ministers’ bench to the left of me is the DOCK,
00:40   and, ladies and gentlemen, the viewers at home, the Austrians, they are the witnesses.
00:48   What you can place safely in front of the health minister, but also his companion the chancellor,
00:53   the evidence, so to speak, is overwhelming,
00:58   and began with the absolutely absurd mass tests
01:03   that are currently being carried out.
01:06   Which are nothing more than a large-scale redistribution
01:09   of tens of millions of euros in taxpayers’ money
01:12   from the population in the direction of the pharmaceutical industry,
01:15   all the way to the restrictions and the wholesale of our freedoms.
01:20   It cannot go on like this. Dear ladies and gentlemen, and now I come to the mass tests.
01:26   I have brought with me a test, directly from the ministry,
01:31   with which the mass tests are also carried out in the ministry,
01:37   and ladies and gentlemen, the patient, under quotation marks,
01:41   Hartlich’s COMMERCIAL COLA,
01:45   and I’m now going to carry out the test,
01:48   I take this cola,
01:51   and put it to this “mass test”, the one you’re also using.
02:03   Dear ladies and gentlemen, yes, it is nonsense, this test,
02:06   which you bought with tax money, with more tax money than would have been necessary,
02:11   and to preserve the ????????
02:14   And how worthless this test is, we’ll see at the end of my speech,
02:17   when the result is available, ladies and gentlemen. You speak nonsense;
02:20   the people have to pay for it.
02:23   But let us continue.
02:26   Not only are you creating a large-scale redistribution here,
02:30   from the taxpayer to the pharmaceutical industry and company.
02:34   With your restructured lockdown, YOU
02:38   have triggered bankruptcies, an economic crisis, a social crisis.
02:43   You have destroyed livelihoods,
02:46   from family businesses all the way to the affected unemployed.
02:50   Dear ladies and gentlemen, you are robbing our children of education —
02:54   we have already heard about that today — and you are forcing our children to wear masks,
02:59   although we now know that masks are of no use in schools.
03:03   You no longer treat innumerable patients,
03:09   and thus you produce a health emergency
03:12   that sometimes has worse effects than the virus itself.
03:16   Or with a increase of the bed capacities and the staff
03:21   to counteract the crisis, there you have failed up to this day.
03:24   You haven’t even started with it. And, dear ladies and gentlemen,
03:28   you have built and led our country into a dictatorship,
03:33   and you have deprived Austrians of their basic rights.
03:37   The Austrians, you are right, dear colleague from the ÖVP,
03:41   that is unbelievable, you have taken their liberties.
03:44   The freedom to move freely. The freedom to see family and friends.
03:49   But also freedom of expression. Freedom of expression, to the extent
03:56   that if someone is rightly critical of your measures,
04:01   then you call these Austrians contemptible.
04:06   You denounce the population as “covidiots”, as “dangerous”,
04:10   as “tinfoil-hat-wearers” if one, for example,
04:13   questions the dubious aspects of your [Corona] tests,
04:17   and questions the correctness of these tests. And the Minister of Health has also
04:22   concretely exceeded his entrusted limits of options,
04:26   and overstepped those in an unlawful and culpable way,
04:29   by issuing regulations that were not covered by the law, ladies and gentlemen.
04:41   The victims and those harmed by your behavior are the Austrians.
04:45   Destroyed livelihoods, scolded children,
04:49   destroyed companies, unemployed,
04:52   a crisis you have caused that is unparalleled, ladies and gentlemen.
04:57   In the meantime, the test result of your wasted tax money is available.
05:02   And I have to say, Mr. President, we have a problem now,
05:07   because we have a positive Corona test in parliament,
05:10   namely, this cola triggered a positive Corona result.
05:15   I don’t know how you will deal with this now, but ladies and gentlemen,
05:19   with things like THIS, you throw millions upon millions of euros in tax money out of the window.
05:24   Instead of providing real protection for old people’s and nursing homes.
05:27   Instead of finally starting to invest money in our hospitals,
05:31   and not starving out the health budget.
05:34   Dear ladies and gentlemen of the government, you have absolutely forfeited our trust.
05:39   You have shown that you cannot lead our country through this crisis,
05:44   but can only drive our country up against the wall.
05:47   Here, this test alone shows
05:50   how ridiculous your measures and your policies are,
05:53   because the Austrian taxpayers have to pay for them.
05:56   If you had even a tiny bit of spine left, dear ladies and gentlemen,
05:59   then you’d resign en masse.

2 thoughts on “Corona Cola: The Pause That Refreshes

  1. The MP’s complaints against the government perfectly mirror those that can be leveled against United States governmental units at all levels. This demonstrates that the response is a global initiative designed to destroy the freedoms of the west.

    Regarding the COVID test, I’ve read that the PCR target fragment most used in Europe has been shown to identify and magnify good old H2O as COVID.

  2. In a normal world, this scene would lead to a discussion about tests, about the whole “pandemic”. But no, they simply ignore it and seem to get away with it.

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