Eric Zemmour on Sharia in France

The two clips below are excerpts from an appearance by the popular French commentator Eric Zemmour on the TV program C News. Mr. Zemmour discusses with his hosts the Islamization of France and the gradual imposition of sharia on the French people.

Many thanks to Nordische Botschaften for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I think on the contrary, the more we close, the more chance we have to avoid a catastrophe.
00:06   What I mean is that… I want to say, I think, that is the question of the moment.
00:12   That is to say, immigration has to be stopped. Stopped completely.
00:16   That’s it. The first thing is that we have to stop
00:19   receiving hundreds of thousands that aggravate this terror. That’s the first thing.
00:24   Second point: we have to discuss things with them frankly.
00:28   We have to talk to them like adults. We have to stop saying this has nothing to do with Islam.
00:32   They know this has to do with Islam. That all this has to do with Islam.
00:36   Not all of Islam, but it has to do with Islam. We have to tell them, we have to explain,
00:40   to simply be honest.
00:43   The entirety. We know Islam is a religion, is a spiritual practice,
00:48   but it isn’t only that. It is first of all a Law,
00:51   with a capital “L”, that is to say a political system, a judicial system.
00:54   And in France your political system, your judicial system, has no place.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   I’ll go a step further, if you would allow me. Terrorism is terror used for political gain.
00:05   Of course… That is to say,
00:09   for the Germans, they had to fight terror organizations,
00:13   For the French government in the ’50s, the FLN.
00:16   The terrorists, they put bombs in the cinemas, etc.
00:21   The Israelis against the British occupation in ’47, against the Palestinians.
00:26   As with the terror movements in the ’70s.
00:30   That is to say, in essence the use of terror with a political goal.
00:35   That… I don’t call terrorism.
00:38   I call that Jihad.
00:41   That is to say, they apply the rules of the Koran,
00:46   and they apply even the judicial rules, that is to say,
00:49   they punish those who have transgressed the rules,
00:54   insulted the prophet, etc. We saw that with Charlie [Hebdo], we saw that with
00:59   the Bataclan, we saw that with the poor
01:02   teacher Samuel Paty. They were of the opinion they had
01:07   insulted the prophet, and then they
01:10   had to die. That’s not terrorism.
01:13   That is the application of Sharia, because they are of the opinion that France
01:19   is becoming more and more subject to Islam.
01:22   It is not… the Koran divides
01:25   the world in to lands of war and the lands of Islam.
01:28   …and we are a place of war.
01:33   And so it is necessary to increasingly Islamize,
01:36   so that the communities have more Muslims who have more and more mosques.
01:40   And each mosque signifies additional Islamic territory.
01:44   Spoils of war, and so one applies Sharia… It don’t think it is anything other than that.

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  1. The Muslims have Western Europeans in chains. In the UK the police belong to the Muslims. Like they cooperated with the Nazi occupiers in the Channel Islands during WW2. In France today the same surrender in progress. They were saying the same twenty years ago. Muslims have all the countries of the EU tightly in their grasp. Stop ALL MUSLIM immigration. Close all mosques. Ban the Koran. The Chinese can send representatives to show how to protect land and heritage from confiscation by savages.

    • Should have let the Germans keep the channel islands and France, they would have never let this 3rd world filth step foot in Europe in the first place.

      I give the ChiComs credit, they know how to deal with muslims in their midst and are unapologetic about it. When the final straw breaks the camels back in Europe, these muslims and Marxist enablers are going to know what true horror and fear looks like.

  2. From a Gates of Vienna contributor July last year:
    “So so so many people are brainwashed with pc behaviour, and the cultural marxist propaganda and enforcement of pc silence or else!!!

    Open your mouth about immigration, muslims, islam, left wing marxism, and political traitors in a public place, even amongst those who you thought are friends, you soon see who your friends are! They will start whispering hate campaigns against you behind your back, no one wants to know you anymore, you will be labeled by these brainwashed asleep at the wheel sheep zombies as a Nazi, right wing thug, you. wont be welcome anymore, they gang up on you, like a clique, even ones who agree and know the truth, will keep silent, will not lend u support, or they know theyll also be banished from the clique and social circle.
    There are many women operating as stasi type sjw eyes and ears, who pedal rumours to destroy any one who dares speaks up against the destruction of europe, usa, western culture and people.

    We are according to the lies of these left retarded bastards, guilty colonialists, abd we must hand over everything we own to the third world and muslims.
    Leftists peddal white guilt tactics, built on falsehoods they have engineered, they deny reality, everything icluding Darwin, is fake, Darwin was fraud according to leftists, his work, evolution of the species is fake, it wS just his own opinion, a man can be a woman, all races are equal, we are all equal,

    The war is here! The enemy are these people who are promoting and spreading the lies and propganda of cultural relatavism, these sjw lunatiks are
    All around you, watching you, listening, ready to destroy any of us who dares to speak up. I live portugal, this place is loaded with these brown rice hippy gandi peace and love types, sitting here in the sunshine miles away from the chaos nightmares they have helped create in there home countrys and towns,
    Marxism- has killed murdered 3 times more than the nazis according available data, this poisoning of people with this death cult ideology, is equivalent to how islam creates suicide bombers.
    Soon these brown rice veggie leftitists will be doing the truck and knife attacks on us in european and usa cities.

    Dont be silent anymore, speak up against the lies of marxism, loud in public, dont be cowed.”

    The Muslim pandemic.

  3. The instant it was realised how sick and traitorous the muslim is ALL doors should have been slammed shut. Hang around Muslims long enough and voila! You get sick too. May as well inject bubonic plague. Barren Merkel and her sickos have demoralised and demonised a once God fearing society.

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