Eating Apples Quickly Helps Keep us Safe

The German man in this video isn’t eating his apple fast enough for the CoPo. Obviously, he doesn’t care whether or not he kills Granny (Smith).

Nash Montana, who translated this clip for subtitles, says: “Finally the bored Frankfurt police have found some meaning for their existence.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

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Video transcript:

00:00   We will come a conclusion then: you eat the apple now,
00:03   but please don’t just suck on it; you will now eat it, please.
00:06   Because otherwise I might get the idea that you
00:09   basically just want to circumvent the mask mandate.
00:12   No, no, no, I just — there are reasons for this because I… [unintelligible]
00:15   Good, we have an understanding so far, right?
00:18   So I have to eat it, will eat it slowly, but I will eat it.
00:21   Good! Otherwise I can tell you, we will take you somewhere
00:24   where you will not endanger anyone else, and there you can eat your apple.
00:27   I endanger people? —Yep!
00:30   We take precautions, right?
00:33   [people mumbling]
00:39   Apparently there is now a… a new speed at which one
00:42   has to eat an apple. This has just been determined.
00:45   I have been set a time limit within which I have to eat this apple.

2 thoughts on “Eating Apples Quickly Helps Keep us Safe

  1. Yes, what should the police do otherwise?
    I once read a comment in DER Spiegel, where a guy wrote that he parks his car near Frankfurt train main station that is totally in turkish hands. Nobody touches the cars there and no traffic warden “Politesse” dares to give a parking ticket for fear of what the rulers of this area would do to her and her family.
    There is a lot of crime and the police should take a look at it, but political correctness and fear of ones own life, then you better harrass those bad biological germans who only complain via lawyer. It is safer.

  2. This is what we’ve come to,

    That gestapo Nazi, his ugly voice, spitting out orders terrorising people with violence.

    He would not talk like that to a Muslim man in Germany, because he knows he might get stabbed, shot, or bashed up.

    But he not afraid to humiliate white German native.

    Its very telling.

    I hope people will take action soon.

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