Mujahid Targeted Catholic Youth Group in Vienna

The article below provides an interesting follow-up to the November 2 Islamic terror attack in Vienna. According to the latest news from the investigation, Kujtim Fejzulai, the Islamic State mujahid who carried out the attack, intended (but failed) to cause carnage during the prayer service of a youth group in a Catholic church.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Kronen Zeitung:

Terrorist had Catholic Youth Group in Sights

The background of attack warnings on local churches is frightening: Because the ISIS-killer wanted to cause a bloodbath during an evening prayer of the Catholic Youth group in the Ruprecht Church on the night of terror in Vienna. The Islamist failed to get through the closed door, however, due to a timer lock…

As reported, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) in connection with Advent and the Christmas season, strengthened the protection of local churches. The details behind the security alarm are — despite the silence of the prosecutor’s office — shocking: Because, according to Krone’s investigation, 17 children specifically the Catholic Youth Group, escaped catastrophe by a hair!

Terrorist wanted to cause a massacre in the church

While they were holding a non-public prayer hour in the Ruprecht Church in the heart of Vienna, the ISIS killer wanted to break in with an assault rifle and pistols. However, he failed— due to a time-locked entrance. Seconds later, the attacker was “taken out” with one shot by WEGA agents in front of the oldest church in the city. The “Investigative Group 2 November” interviewed the shocked women and children.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that the interim report of the Commission on the possible breakdowns investigated by anti-terror forces will be made public before Christmas.

Archdiocese spokesman: “You reacted with presence of mind”

The spokesman of the Vienna Archdiocese, Michael Prüller, on Friday afternoon, described the situation on the evening of the terror attack. The 17 youths escaped the attacker by turning off the lights when the first shots were fired. “You reacted with presence of mind and hid,” Prüller further reported. The youths stayed hidden in the darkness until 2:30 am on Tuesday. Then the police gave the all-clear so that the 17 girls and boys could go home.

5 thoughts on “Mujahid Targeted Catholic Youth Group in Vienna

  1. I’m actually amazed the the Krone Zeitung wrote and printed this article.
    Before they’ve always decried anyone remotely critical of Islam as a Islamophobe and Nazi.
    I wonder what has changed?
    The direction of the political “Wind” in the Nation perhaps?
    Not that I would trust Sebastian Kurz and his Sycophants with a Pet-rock to look after, let alone the security and wellbeing of the Citizenry of a Country.

    I wonder if they also used the Dominion “Voting” system during their last Elections?

  2. Young people are a favoured target – witness Beslan.
    The Hyper Cacher killer had intended a mass shooting at a primary school, but was questioned by a police woman: having killed her he changed his target.

  3. The concept of gun control may or may not have been an underlying factor in the defenselessness of the church-goers. I’m reminded of the church in Fort Worth whose security team stopped a would-be church shooter.,this.%20That%E2%80%99s%20what%20our%20nation%20has%20evolved%20to.

    I realize it’s better to have an effective police protection. And the police in this case seem to have accorded themselves pretty well. But it’s worthwhile to reflect that the progressive push for disarming the citizen is specifically for the purpose of making the citizens vulnerable to any identity or political group. An individual who is not on the government’s approved list would be completely vulnerable. Gangs need not even be overtly political; if they find out an individual will not be given police protection, they will feel free to attack or rob him.

    • Where there are no guns, you have victims. In this utopian world, there are now just killers and victims. An armed man is the master of his own destiny.

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