Allahu Akhbar! Italian Nuns Put to Flight by a Culture-Enricher

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Shouts “Allahu Akhbar” and breaks through the door: Maghrebian devastates convent

While shouting, “Allahu Akhbar,” he broke through the entry door of a convent at Mazara del Vallo and turned some rooms upside down.

by Maurizio Zoppi
October 3, 2020

Moments of tension and fear in the seaside village in the province of Trapani due to a young North African in a state of intoxication who turned some rooms of the convent upside down

Fortunately, the sisters who live in the ecclesiastical structure were eating in the refectory during the act of vandalism by the Maghrebian. The 25-year-old was semi-nude, broke through the entrance door of the church, and headed for the first floor of the convent. After turning several rooms upside down where the sisters live, he threw a suitcase and some papers through a window on the first floor, causing them to land in the lobby. The commotion and the shouts were heard by a citizen of Mazara del Vallo who lives right in front of the convent. The man notified the police, causing the Carabinieri and police to intervene. In the meantime, the sisters, frightened by the incident, fled outside the convent. The attempts by the North African to flee were in vain, and he was stopped in a state of intoxication by police officers and transported to police headquarters.

So much fear among the sisters. “The neighbor saw that he had broken the door,” stated one of the nuns who live in the structure to the online daily, Prima Pagina Mazara. “He, the neighbor, came to call us. At that moment, we were in the refectory, at lunch. From the vestry, passing the ladder, he went up. And he had time, there was nobody around…”

Just a few weeks ago another North African had created public order problems in a state of intoxication, reacting to officers by starting to yell, “Allahu Akhbar” and pretending to have a weapon. The incident occurred at Ferrara. The young, 20-year-old Tunisian had arrived in Sicily August 3 on a barge, then escaped from the center where he was being lodged, and arrived at Ferrara. The Tunisian, after the aggression against the police, was expelled from Italy. The mayor of Ferrara, Alan Fabbri, was satisfied: “Thanks to the police headquarters and the officers for the expulsion and congratulations for the operation carried out,” he declared. “Whoever comes to Ferrara and doesn’t respect the rules is not welcome and deserves only to be taken back to his country of origin… I again thank the police and all the forces of order who are tasked daily with taking care of the security of the city. We expect that cases like this are a warning to whoever is under the illusion of being able to violate the rules. Ferrara is not willing to accept subjects of this type.”

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  1. Typical case. And it’s hard to distiguish cause and effect of the intoxication.
    Can some socio- psychologist person here help out?Religion of peace,hmm, inbreeding for centuries,yes, drug production and abuse of alcohol in countries of origin( Rif mountains in Morocco for pot, Afghanistan,Iran and Pakistan, formerly Turkey and Libanon biggest producers of Opium/ Heroin.
    Frustration in the face of western wealth and innovation when yourself being among the chosen right believers? This must create a weird mindset combined with educational lacks. More reasons ? I ‘ ll be glad to learn.

  2. Europe and Europeans never be safe again, never peaceful again , , and they charged Salvini for kidnapping this savages!!!, He want save the country from this filthy parasites, unbelievable..

  3. Intoxicated by Islam.

    If he is indeed deported, he will be back with the next boat.

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