Never Forget the Charge Down the Kahlenberg

We recently passed the 337th anniversary of the Other September 11th — the lifting of the Second Siege of Vienna by a Christian army commanded by Jan III Sobieski, the king of Poland, on September 11-12, 1683. Early in the morning on September 12 the king led the charge down the slope of the Kahlenberg to confront the Ottoman Army at the Gates of Vienna under the command of the Grand Vizier, Pasha Kara Mustafa. The Ottomans were routed, and fled back into Hungary. Kara Mustafa was later garroted for humiliating the Sultan with his defeat.

Despite the accelerating Islamization of Europe in the 21st century, the victory in 1683 has not been forgotten. Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Welcoming comments by Petr Bystron on the occasion of the torchlight parade on Vienna’s Kahlenberg

“Remembrance of September 12, 1683 is more topical now than ever.”

September 15, 2020

Again this year, there was a solemn commemorative ceremony recalling defeat of the Turks and the saving of Europe in 1683. Approximately 300 people attended the event organized by the Kahlenberg Alliance. The Wiener Akademikerbund, the organization Okzident, ProVita and the Plattform Gedenken 1683 assembled notable speakers from neighboring lands.

From Slovakia came former Prime Minister Jan Carnogursky—the jurist who was arrested in 1989 as a communist dissident and later rose to become the conservative Minister of the Interior of Slovakia. As a devout Catholic, he is part of the Habsburg Order of St. George. His speech emphasized the Christian roots of Europe.

The Islam expert Irfan Peci — a welcome guest on TV talk shows until 2015 — represented academe. After he had discussed the Islamizing potential of the waves of immigration, the MSM began to avoid him. Presently he inspires the patriots’ camp with his expertise on Islam in Europe.

The foreign policy expert Petr Bystron sent a video message insisting that September 12 be made an all-Europe holiday. Bystron consistently battles against the Islamization of Europe, as well as the broadening of Europe to include Turkey. In his first Bundestag speech addressing Turkey, he said: “Dear Friends from Turkey, Turkey has never belonged to Europe, Europe ends at the Bosporus. And Turkey does not belong to the EU.”

The battle on the Kahlenberg decisively influenced Europe’s fate. This day in church was celebrated for centuries in the Catholic Church in Mary’s Name, specifically in reference to THE VICTORIOUS REPULSE OF THE TURKISH MUSLIMS, who cried “Allahu Akhbar” before Vienna’s walls.

On September 12 every year, especially in the former lands of the Habsburg monarchy, people celebrate the turning back of the Turks at Vienna. On that day in 1683, the Blue Elector [of Bavaria] took part with Polish King Jan Sobieski in the victory over the Turkish Muslims. “Without the victory of united European armies over the Muslims at Vienna, we would have had no Enlightenment. Europe would have taken an entirely different path” says Bystron.

The Catholic Church celebrated the holiday in Mary’s name for a long time. Pope Innocent XI (1676-1689) made the holiday mandatory for the entire Church, following the victorious breaking of the Turkish siege on the Kahlenberg by united Christian armies under King Jan III Sobieski.

A banner with an image of the Madonna’s Protective Mantle was borne before the Christian army at Vienna. Liturgy reforms removed the holiday from the liturgical calendar in 1970. Already in the background was the attempt to appease Islam, driven since the 1970s by progressive circles within the Church.

Apparently, however, the Vatican was aware as early as 2002 of the reality of this historical background. Since then, the holiday appears again in the general calendar. In the meantime, it had been celebrated by devout Catholics in Germany and Austria. They remember only too well the danger of Islamization of the Christian West.

Below are two additional meaningful memorabilia featuring Jan III Sobieski.

First, a drawing by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks of the Hero of Vienna with a Rondellhund (Roundabout Dog) prophet at the Gates of Vienna. It was drawn especially for this blog, and I treasure it:

The second image is a photo of President Donald Trump sitting next to a portrait of Jan III Sobieski during his visit to Warsaw in the summer of 2017:

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