Bring ’em in! There’s Plenty of Room!

The following video by the popular German vlogger Unblogd discusses the ongoing sequelae of the arson at the Moria migrant camp on the island of Lesbos. After inmates of the camp burned it down, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister-President Markus Söder of Bavaria agreed that bringing thousands of displaced “refugees” into Germany was a good idea. Not surprisingly, migrants reacted by torching other asylum facilities, beginning with one on the island of Samos.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   It looks like Merkel and Söder [Governor of Bavaria] want to reward refugee camps being torched
00:07   and are trying to create a second 2015. Markus Söder said, “I just believe
00:11   Germany has no problem taking an increased number of people,
00:15   especially young children and their family members.”
00:19   Young children and their family members? Is this who he’s talking about?
00:30   Capacities are already completely exhausted. And now with Corona,
00:34   Germany is totally screwed for the next couple of years. But hey, there’s still room!
00:38   It’s totally perverted how many people are here. About 100 people going up and down the stairs
00:43   for a 400 square foot apartment. [Chant] “We have room” [Sign] “Evacuate the camp in Greece.”
00:47   Even Merkel is totally enthusiastic about this plan
00:50   and wants to continue taking in even more illegal migrants.
00:53   How many? That’s not quite clear. It wasn’t very long after Merkel and Söder made their invitation
00:58   to the first arsonists that the next refugee camp started to burn on the Island of Samos.
01:09   The absurdity picks up speed when those responsible
01:12   for bringing them into those camps start to whine about it.
01:15   Right now I’m on Lesbos, in the so-called “Zone”. People are suffering here. They have no hope.
01:23   They told me that they are afraid of the police and that children aren’t able to go to school.
01:29   No school? No future? Inhumane living conditions?
01:32   That all could be avoided by not sending out false promises
01:35   to thousands of illegal migrants and luring them to Europe. It would have been better
01:40   to help them where they came from. Apparently, no one can come up with such a plan, except,
01:44   oddly enough, one conservative aid organization. —Clearly, helping refugees in
01:48   their country of origin is the only way to help those who truly need it.
01:57   More people can be helped in their country of origin with less effort.
02:01   Anyone critical of making false promises to thousands of migrants
02:05   and bringing them to the EU is blocked right away.
02:08   So what have we learned? Helping refugees in their countries of origin is racist. It’s more humane
02:11   to uproot them from their home country, lure them to Europe
02:15   with false promises so the already exhausted resources
02:18   are completely destroyed. But hey, we’ve got room.
02:22   “We’ve got room! We’ve got room!”

5 thoughts on “Bring ’em in! There’s Plenty of Room!

  1. This people in Germany totally sick I the heads , I just wish that nut head women will be reap over and over again by this savages, illegal parasites!!, Merkel&CO muss Weg !!!, what stupid people living in the bubbles..

  2. If the evil scum masquerading as leaders were actually such, they would lure the orcs who burnt down the camps created for their care by put upon EU taxpayers onto the aircraft with the promise of lots of goodies in Germany then as soon as the flight was airborne, take them back to Africa and unceremoniously dump them, preferably without first landing.

    Reward such behavior and thereby guarantee more of it… The pols are not stupid although it may appear to be so to the rational observer. This evil is by design, and the hordes of orcs in Europe are only a manifestation of the deeper underlying problem, which is the stupidity and brainwashing of a majority of European voters thereby enabling the evil elites to continue to do these things.

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