More on the Anti-Corona Protest in Berlin

I reported on Sunday about last weekend’s protest in Berlin against the German government’s coronavirus restrictions. The five Corona-related videos below provide a follow-up to that post.

Many thanks to MissPiggy and Hellequin GB for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

A police officer is interviewed about the protocol for using water cannons against the demonstrators (translation by MissPiggy):

A lawyer attempts to intervene to represent people who are being arrested, but is rebuffed by police (translation by Hellequin GB):

The Corona-brainwashing of first-grade pupils in Germany (translation by MissPiggy):

Carsten Hütter, deputy treasurer of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), is interviewed at the demo in Berlin (translation by Hellequin GB):

Health Minister Jens Spahn is mobbed and forced to flee from irate citizens. Context:

Germany’s Health Minister Jens Spahn said he is confident that a vaccine for the coronavirus will be ready next year. He earlier urged everyone to stay vigilant amid an uptick in Covid-19 cases. Spahn refused to state a specific month when a vaccine would be ready… (source)

(Translation by MissPiggy):

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I see water cannons over there. Under what circumstances are they used?
00:08   When the situation becomes non-peaceful here, the police may use water cannons.
00:13   According to the proper prerequisites of course. —OK.
00:16   And what are the proper prerequisites? As you are aware, there are no requirements
00:20   for masks during the demonstration. That was the court’s verdict.
00:24   As long as the social distancing rule is observed, there isn’t a mask requirement.
00:27   The water cannons wouldn’t be used for disregarding the mask requirement. —OK.
00:31   How about if the social distancing rule isn’t observed? With such a large group
00:35   of people it is fairly difficult. Would the water cannons be used in that case?
00:40   I don’t think water cannons would be used on people just for not observing
00:44   the social distancing rule. For any further questions, I would direct you to [?].
00:47   That’s fine. I thank you for the information. Thank you.
00:52   Super. Thank you. —Bye.
00:58   From what news organization are you from? —We are from KenFM.

Video transcript #2:

00:50   I’m LIVE, I’m LIVE
00:57   I am LIVE… I am LIVE
01:02   I’m a lawyer. I’ve seen what happened. —GOOD. —I’ve seen how the woman was injured.
01:07   I’m a witness… I’m a witness
01:10   There, that’s my address. —Certainly, thanks. You’re fascists [towards the police].
01:21   You are supposed to protect US! [unintelligible]
01:25   You’re a thousand times worse than all the NAZIS [towards the police]. WE ARE LIVE
01:31   the world is watching
01:35   You are LIVE? … Unbelievable … Great.
01:38   I’ve heard of this before. You should shame yourselves in the ground [towards the police].
01:41   If something happened to this woman… “YES?” Were the woman to sustain any damage,
01:46   then we can lay charges against the police. You can see their numbers; maybe you should record
01:50   their badge numbers. —Yes, yes… —Those are their badge numbers.
01:57   This is securing evidence.
02:10   Yes, just go there and help her [towards the lawyer].
02:20   [Lawyer] they [police] didn’t let me through to her, even though I wanted to represent her.
02:24   Aha… —Even in jail I will get a visitation card to see a “client”,
02:30   and to obtain a power of attorney. —Here, I don’t even get the chance to speak to the woman.
02:35   [towards the police] Give this lawyer access to the woman!
02:38   Please! I beg you.
02:41   [Cop] You know the game, after we’re done with those measures, you’ll have the right to visit.
02:44   Please, I beg you… [unintelligible] Yes, but you’ll have to wait there, too.
02:47   [Cop] Please go towards… WE ARE LIVE
02:51   WE ARE LIVE … YES
02:54   We don’t want any violence.
02:57   We would like peaceful police.
03:02   [towards the police] Your own families will be ashamed of you.
03:05   Women and children, right, (those you can attack and pester).
03:08   It’s a shame…
03:15   [Indistinct police announcement]
03:20   Listen, listen… what kind of fascist state do we have here?
03:26   We are live… we are live… We are watched worldwide.
03:31   When you look into the mirror, what do you see? You have children at home?
03:35   Yes! —And you can still look them quietly into the eyes?
03:39   [Unintelligible]
03:43   Remember 1989…
03:50   1989…
03:56   We make use of our right to demonstrate,
04:01   and you try to stop us.
04:08   This is such a big mess here.
04:15   We pay your salaries. We PAY you!
04:19   We PAY you.
04:22   Shame on you.
04:25   You’ll soon be without jobs, boys [towards the police].

Video transcript #3:

00:00   So, this is what my child is being taught in school. In the first grade.
00:04   The AHA rules.
00:08   A for Abstand [distancing]. H for Hygiene and A for Altagsmaske [daily mask].
00:13   Now, this is what Lena had to cut out and place correctly.
00:18   In the “right” and “wrong” columns. Here under “Stay Healthy”.
00:21   What is “right”? Mask, distancing, and washing hands.
00:26   And what is “wrong”? Look at that smiley. Playing together, whispering, and singing.
00:35   All of this is “wrong”, because that’s how you get sick.
00:39   That’s what I refer to as “childhood”, and now it’s “wrong” here. I could cry.

Video transcript #4:

00:03   With me is Carsten Hütter, deputy treasurer of the federal AfD,
00:07   and member of the Saxony state parliament. Mr. Hütter , what made you come to Berlin?
00:11   Well, I’d say these demonstrations that we have today in Berlin are a MUST.
00:15   The variety of people demonstrating here today.
00:20   It was a matter close to my heart to come here today.
00:24   What would you basically say about statements such as those made by the Senator for the Interior?
00:27   To step down would be the best. There’s nothing more to say about that.
00:31   As you said, it’s a cross-section of society. It is definitely said by interested parties,
00:36   that a “certain type” of people are here. Do you see this in the same light?
00:40   I’ve got to say truthfully that the people who are here today
00:43   come from all parts of the political spectrum that we know of.
00:47   It’s about our Constitution; it’s about human rights;
00:50   it’s about the rights of our citizens, And, with this, everything is said.
00:54   Technically, this has nothing to do with a political agenda.
01:00   It’s about our Constitution, and the AfD is the Party of the Constitution,
01:04   and that’s why it is a MUST to be here today.

Video transcript #5:

00:00   The German Health Minister Spahn to visit the city of Wuppertal
00:03   Mr. Spahn will answer citizen’s questions at 4:30 P.M. for 1 hour on the Johannes Rau Square.
00:13   So I’m here, not more than a few feet away. Oh, what a fitting reception!
00:24   You dirty swine!
00:31   Mass murderer!
00:35   Get out of here, Spahn! Get out of here!
00:38   Spahn’s gotta go! Spahn’s gotta go!
00:47   Child tormentor! Child tormentor!
00:53   Lying press! Lying press ! We want our basic rights!
01:08   You’re hypocrites! You’re all a bunch of hypocrites! —Not with our children!
01:13   You’re a bunch dirty hypocrites!
01:23   Hypocrites! You’re all a bunch of dirty hypocrites!
01:28   Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! —Go to hell!
01:39   What are you talking about? —What ARE YOU talking about?! Piss off!
01:44   —Can you still get air? Can you still get air? —Stuff like that just isn’t true!
01:47   —Catch your breath. Get some air. Breathe some fresh air.
01:58   Mass murderer! Mass murderer!
02:04   Mass murderer!
02:13   Not by the neck! Hey people, you don’t have to drag her by the neck! Huh?
02:21   So, you don’t have to hurt her. —Nope. —That’s really not necessary.
02:27   You can also do it underneath her arms. You don’t need to drag her by the neck, y’know?
02:35   Stop torturing our children! Stop torturing our children!
02:38   We won’t be coerced! We won’t be coerced into doing anything!
02:42   We won’t be coerced!
02:46   Now get out of Wuppertal! AND DON’T COME BACK! Get out! Get out!
03:01   There’s a camera; are you filming? —I’ve got it all! —Wonderful! Thank you!
03:08   Too bad I didn’t have breakfast.
03:18   That’s just despicable!
03:26   I have a question: are you allowed to hurt that woman like that? —Yes, I’m allowed.
03:31   It is called direct force. —Yes, but it looks awful. —It was announced several times.
03:35   I announced it a third, fourth and fifth time. I said it four or five times.
03:38   But dragging the woman by her neck? Honestly, I have to say
03:41   that appalls me. —It’s your problem if you are appalled. You’re allowed to be, you’re entitled to.
03:45   Well, I am. The way you dragged that woman by the neck.
03:50   That’s really violent. It can be done another way.
03:54   Opposition to Jens Spahn in Wuppertal
03:57   Just put them all in jail already!
04:00   Spahn the piglet.
04:06   Spahn appearance: Volume hardly allowed conversations
04:10   Daniel Funke [publishing lobbyist] and husband Jens Spahn
04:13   just bought themselves a luxury villa (€4 million).