We Hold These Masks to be Self-Evident

The local Food Lion is getting worse. When I was in there this afternoon, I saw only two other people without Mojo Masks. Both of them were grizzled redneck-looking male customers, like me.

However, everyone was being casual about the rest of the COVID regime. They paid no particular attention to social distancing, and pulled down their masks when talking to each other so that they could be heard more easily.

But they made sure to signal their status as good, compliant citizens by wearing pieces of cloth over their faces.

And I noticed that a few people were even wearing those ghastly face shields.

No one reprimanded me for not wearing a mask. But then, I haven’t run into a cop yet since I became a dissident.

5 thoughts on “We Hold These Masks to be Self-Evident

  1. Obviously there is a huge potential demand for “masks” that work. They could be like transparent bulbs covering the entire head, being lightweight and comfortable. They should be furnished with electronics for hearing and speaking, fans for outflow and inflow of air, plus batteries and disposable filters.

  2. It is the same here in Vancouver, BC. Though the province never issued a mask mandate more and more businesses do. Yesterday I picked up medicine in Costco (I don’t shop there otherwise) and I counted 2 other people without a mask. The rest of the people’s behaviour was exactly like you describe. It shows that they are good little sheep and virtue signalling. I haven’t been “called to order” yet either, but am prepared for it.

  3. Six weeks or so ago I was in the supermarket minding my own business getting stuff for supper. A guy approached me – ‘you’re not wearing a mask’ he said. ‘I know.’ I replied. ‘You’re supposed to’ he added. ‘I know’ I replied. ‘Why aren’t you wearing one?’ he asked. ‘What business is it of yours?’ I asked.
    He pulled back his shopping trolley and rammed it into my leg. ‘You’ve just assaulted me,’ I said. He replied, ‘I will assault you if I see you outside.’
    I was prepared to let the assault go, that is until he threatened me. I rushed over to him and landed a haymarket on the side of his head… he was a good ten years younger than me – I’m retired – but there was no way I was putting up with that. I expected him to respond – he didn’t. Liberal behaviour I suppose.

    • On a major supermarket straight out of Africa women walking around laughing. No masks. Sneezing and coughing over everything. Their fellow African ‘security’ thug just looked on with indifference. I realised there is no government. I left. Another household name store – kind of upscale – have an African cashier standing slumped standing up. You see immediately that if he sat like all his indigenous colleagues he would fall asleep. The creature is snacking on a narcotic. His hands are weaponised with huge silver spiked rings on each fingers. I walked away and asked a manager how a drugged dreg like that got past HR. Then I realised there is no government. Another major store migrant kids take a backpack and stuff it with debit cards and just proceed to stuff it with stuff off the shelves. Poor naive me I told a couple of employees who pretended to be concerned and would tell “security right away”. I sensed there is no government. Out of curiosity I followed the thieves who exited the store security tags going off. Nope. There is no government. It won’t be just thieving, raping, slashing and murdering for fun. Great swaths of land will be occupied and independent statelets declared. A natural progression.
      Maybe some kind of seriously speedy drugs would help get the indigenous show back on the pothole filled roads. We str living without government. I mean just look at Bozo, Pathetic and Biden versus really truly dangerous characters like Merkel, Erdogan and Putin. Not to mention Mao’s people. Without government it is very challenging. Faux security too,

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