Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough!”

As reported in last night’s news feed, the flood of illegal migrants pouring into the port at Lampedusa has intensified even further. Residents of the Italian island reckoned they’d had enough of all the cultural enrichment, and staged a protest to announce their defiance to the government in Rome.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …don’t understand. Our balls are being broken!
00:05   Understand? Balls!
00:09   Enough! From here nobody passes tonight.
00:15   Repatriate them immediately! This is what is happening at Lampedusa.
00:21   Shame. A fishing boat. Look! A fishing boat. Look.
00:34   Look. I’ll show you.
00:38   Immediately! Repatriate them immediately.
00:42   They are Tunisians! What are the Tunisians going to do here? Repatriate them immediately!
00:48   Today [unintelligible] nobody, Minister Lamorgese!
00:52   You are causing us problems, Minister Lamorgese! Repatriate them immediately!
00:58   Repatriate them immediately! —We are ruined!
01:01   Tonight, this will end really badly! Repatriate them immediately!
01:19   Where are you from? —Bangladesh.
01:22   We are here for peace. We only want illegal immigrants to turn back,
01:29   because we are tired! Lampedusa…
01:34   Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”! Lampedusa tonight [unintelligible]
01:40   to the business of human cargo!
01:43   The situation [unintelligible] Lampedusa.
01:47   We are all dying.
01:51   No, they won’t go. They’ll come back with the sun. —I’ll stay alone.
01:55   Everyone stops… No! Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”!
01:58   …and they will pay. Don’t worry…
02:01   Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough!” and the police should be with us — not against — with us!
02:09   Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”! Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough”!
02:19   Government of accomplices! You have sold out Italy!
02:23   Don’t touch Sicily and Lampedusa!
02:34   Shame, Lamorgese… Go home, illegal.
02:39   This government should resign. —Illegal!
02:45   Criminal accomplice government! —I’m not afraid of the Left.
02:50   There is no emergency condition. They are all OK.
02:55   …full of money, and tomorrow morning, they’ll go out and go to Lampedusa!
03:01   They’ll go shopping in the supermarket buying cigarettes.
03:06   There is nobody sick here… —To steal, to steal… —nothing.

11 thoughts on “Tonight Lampedusa says, “Enough!”

  1. Good for them.

    Hope they stick it to those ministers and traitorous cops good and hard. And then through the trash back into the sea from whence it arrived.

  2. Too bad. Boris and the boys in the EU have already agreed on how everything is going to be divided up. These are the good ol’ days. What time is it?

  3. Sorry Lampedusa and Europe and North America. This [waste] should have been addressed fifty years ago. We are all going to go the way of Kosovo. i.e Overrun by Africans and Muslims who have 12 kids per family while we have the politically correct one or two.

    • Stalin was alleged to have once said “Quantity has a quality all of its own”. This was supposedly in regards to the T-34 tank which stood little chance against German Tiger and Panther tanks but was produced in such numbers that it didn’t matter. Rudyard Kipling’s poem “Arithmetic on the Frontier” also brings that to mind.

      Every time I read about hordes of orcs from the dregs of the Middle East and Africa multiplying like, well, orcs, I am reminded of the quote and the poem. At some point it doesn’t matter that Westerners are more intelligent or better educated or have better weapons, science, wealth, etc. It simply doesn’t matter in the face of exponentially multiplying hordes that could care less if they are mowed down like grass as long as they manage to take a few of our infinitely more expensive and exquisitely trained soldiers with them. By the time we ever get serious about dealing with the infection suppurating in our countries it will probably require glassing our own cities or genetically engineered biological weapons to thin the hordes down to the point the remnants can be managed by conventional means.

      • Apparently there is no functioning government. All security paralysed. Act and act fast or the job will be done by volunteers. Scrap the EU and get those borders back with their life giving and checks and balances. Papers please! Hands up! You are under arrest. You must be an enemy. Aiding and abetting auto ten years hard labor. JC are China’s prospects improving daily? You bet they are,

        • Don’t worry, the militaries of western Europe will be taking over from these traitors soon, then the herd of orcs and their leftist Quisling enablers will know what true fear looks like and the Purge will be epic.

      • It is more likely the militaries will simply surround the areas of orcs and level the place with artillery and airstrikes. Fighting in urban areas as you know is dirty, time consuming and a bloody up close and personal affair that leads to very high casualties.

        • Artillery and airstrikes didn’t work in Stalingrad or more recently in Tora Bora and Fallujah. In the end, some poor (illegitimate) has to go in there with his rifle and bayonet to winkle the enemy out of his foxhole.

          I would use gas or neutron bombs to save the infrastructure for when the orcs have been evicted, but those are options only available to governments and there is little sign of that being an option anytime soon.

          • Actually in Fallujah it did work because Mattis dropped Willy Pete on the savages by the ton. It drove them out versus the high casualties by house to house fighting.
            I do agree with you on the use of gas though, it makes short work in urban environments and saves us a lot of blood.
            As for western Europe, the militaries will take over at some point, surround the high density areas of 3rd worlders and slowly starve them out and purge the rest and anyone who objects.

    • Daily Mail UK: “Gary Lineker reveals why he is inviting a refugee to come and live in his £4million London townhouse because ‘my kids are all grown up so I’ve got plenty of room”. What drives these creatures? Drunk with self. No room at the in for veterans or a fellow national. Only military age scavengers from Hell need apply. The neighbours must be chuffed. ISIS has found another way to relieve those poor suffering sods burdened with the drudgery virtue signalling. Let’s hope someone doesn’t burn his property down. I imagine there are many who would.

    • It could EASILY be dealt with NOW. IF we find the ballze and cut the virtue signalling like a bunch of twisted alcoholics. This is just the THIN edge of the wedge. No? We won’t have to wait long to find out. Diversity and Islam the most destructive sickest miscarriage of a marriage – ever.

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