Update on the Cemetery Torture in Solna

I reported on Wednesday about a horrific incident in the Swedish town of Solna in which two boys were kidnapped by culture-enrichers, taken to a cemetery, robbed, raped, and tortured. New details have now emerged about the case: the boys’ torturers also attempted to bury them alive.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this brief article from Aftonbladet:

Information: Boys buried alive — in a pit

New information on the night of terror in the Solna cemetery

During the night of torture in the Solna cemetery, the victims were also buried alive in a pit, according to information obtained by Aftonbladet.

At one point during the night, the two underage youths were compelled to undress, forced down into a pit in the ground, and the burial of them began, sources tell Aftonbladet.

9 thoughts on “Update on the Cemetery Torture in Solna

  1. The poor boys; they will be having flashbacks and nightmares about this for the rest of their lives.

    These muslim animals are possessed by demons. It’s about time Sweden began to protect its families against the cult of islam. But then, it seems the majority of lefties are demon possessed.

  2. Horrendous. Europe by now must be very sorry they let all those Muslims into their countries.

  3. Notice that Aftonbladet is a mainstream paper sugarcoating news concerning cases with non-european perps and usually hiding the unpleasant facts. They had to publish this piece of news only because there are alternative news channels in the internet. Usually the mainstream media does not publish pictures of the perps and sometimes they blur the pictures and make them look whiter.

  4. This sounds like a job for John Wick.

    Muslims also despise dogs; he would probably take the job for free were he not a fictional character.

    • I disagree.

      I think the guy from the SAW Franchise should teach them the error of their inhuman ways.

  5. It would be poetic justice if the boys parents were liberal supporters of enrichment and diversty !!! But I don’t think so !! The two liberal supporters of imported islamists did not change even after their daughter was raped and murdered by a foreigner in Germany !!!

    • It would be poetic justice if all welfare was cut and removals started – tomorrow. Mosques closed and weapons caches secured.

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