“So Where Are All the Dead People?”

In the following video (audio-only), the mother of a German schoolchild vehemently protests the totalitarian coronavirus regulations being enforced against children and their parents. Failure to promptly comply with government orders may result in the removal of children from their parents’ custody.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A recording of a mother speaking at a school parents meeting in North Rhine-Westphalia
00:03   I would like to say something to you all. [Name] is no longer attending school.
00:08   I think it is sad, because we had a certificate from his doctor stating he can’t wear a mask.
00:13   Now the school says, after the summer break, that he is no longer able to attend school.
00:20   He’s not allow to set foot on the school premises. He’s no longer able to participate.
00:24   I find it to be quite alarming that it has come to this.
00:30   Let me say this clearly: I think this is dangerous.
00:38   If there are any other parents that see this critically and think it is strange that their children
00:42   have to wear a mask for six to eight hours. The entire time.
00:48   It would be great if you contact me, because I think it is time that we start to become active.
00:53   Our children are being made sick by being made to wear these masks.
00:57   They breath CO2 back in constantly, so they are constantly suffering from a lack of oxygen.
01:03   Of course the body gets used to it. They don’t pass out right away, but it means the brain
01:08   receives less oxygen. The muscles also receive less oxygen. It also causes
01:12   psychological problems, if they constantly see masked people. They can’t see
01:16   the facial expressions of others. When they are constantly told to practice social distancing.
01:21   I wanted to say this clearly and wish more parents would take a stand
01:28   and refuse to allow their children to be placed into such conditions.
01:32   I think what makes it worse here at this school, more then any other school, is that
01:37   this school has a flag with the pledge: “Responsible for the emotional, cognitive
01:41   and physical well-being of children”. And it is supposed to ensure our children are doing well.
01:47   I had to say that at least. My child will not attend school as long as this ordinance is in place,
01:54   because I don’t want him to get sick from it.
01:58   Today I heard from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), after the constant warnings circulating
02:02   about a second lockdown, the second wave, etc. — there isn’t a single positive sample
02:09   of SARS-COV 2. Not one. There’s all this talk about testing, testing, testing,
02:17   Which is just showing that someone might have fragments of the virus, but is healthy,
02:20   and that there are many false positive included in the results. So where are all the dead people?
02:26   Where are all the corpses from this pandemic? I keep asking myself that the entire time.
02:30   WHERE ARE THEY!?
02:35   I have to ask. I want the truth. No one is talking about this and everyone is just believing it.
02:39   We’re so very obedient. It makes me want to puke. Where are the people who resist?
02:43   The ones who are going to say: “I’m taking this thing off! Who’s going to forbid me
02:47   from breathing freely in this country?” Outside or wherever? In Israel they have to
02:51   wear masks everywhere! I’m going to protest! It’s probably going to happen here too,
02:54   if we don’t put a stop to it. Are we going to do that too? Mandatory vaccines?
02:59   And the chip that will probably follow that? Where does it end?
03:02   When do we say, I don’t want my child to live in such a world?
03:06   We were talking about digitization. In the future will it be my job as a teacher
03:10   to speak to every student online in their house? With everything under surveillance.
03:15   I don’t want to live like that, and that’s why I am taking a stand against it.
03:19   I’m a good person. I don’t do stupid things. I’m not a right-wing extremist or anything like that.
03:23   I’m fighting for the children, for all of our children.

2 thoughts on ““So Where Are All the Dead People?”

  1. August 29 !!, everyone have to go to the protest in Berlin !!, go and fight for this poor children!!, leave the kids alone , that’s nasty , all this traitors elite Merkel, Sphan, all this disgusting politicians to step down ..,

  2. “Failure to promptly comply with government orders may result in the removal of children from their parents’ custody.”

    Where does this information come from? I find it a bit of an oversimplification.

    But: I agree with the mother, I don’t want to live in such a world either.

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