Knife Jihad at the Duomo in Milan

On Wednesday a man with a knife entered the cathedral (Duomo) in Milan and took a policeman hostage. There was a tense standoff with police for fifteen minutes before the officer was rescued unharmed.

The man with the knife evidently gave his name as “Christiano”. However, according to official information released later by Italian authorities, the hostage-taker is an Egyptian named Mahmoud Mohamed Zin Elaabdin Elhosary. That gives the incident a Mohammed Coefficient of 200%, which is very unusual.

The video below, which seems to be from a police bodycam, shows a large part of the standoff. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

For more on the incident, see this article from ANSA.

Video transcript:

00:04   Drop it. [unintelligible]
00:28   Look, drop it.
00:31   Listen, Listen up. I don’t want to hurt you.
00:36   Come on. Throw it down. Come on.
00:42   Hold it. Hold it. Look. Throw it down.
00:47   Look, OK, throw it down.
00:58   Let… drop it.
01:01   Drop it. There’s no problem. Drop it and let’s finish this.
01:06   Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.
01:09   Look— what is your name?
01:12   Christiano, Christiano, Christiano, Christiano, look at me here.
01:17   Christiano, Christiano… Christiano. Let him go.
01:24   Christiano, let him go. Drop the knife.
01:28   Everything is OK, but just drop the knife.
01:31   You just need to let him go.
01:34   Look, look, Christiano.
01:38   Stand back. I want the space. [unintelligible]
01:58   Christiano…
02:06   Christiano, let him go. Put down the knife. Christiano… Christiano…
02:25   Christiano… Let him go. Drop the knife.
02:28   Drop the knife, Christiano.
02:33   It’s a mistake… you know… a mistake. Drop the knife and let’s get out of here.
02:43   I am listening… —Listening? —Yes, do I go or you?
02:47   Christiano. Let him go, Come on.
03:34   Christiano…
03:38   Christiano…
03:41   Christiano, Christiano, throw that knife away. Let him go. Everything will be fine.
03:48   Christiano, Christiano. Look at me, look at me. Look at me, Christiano.
03:59   Christiano… [unintelligible]
04:02   Let him go. Let him go… —Christiano.
04:12   Christiano. Throw the knife away, Christiano.
04:22   It’s OK.
04:26   We aren’t going to do anything to you. You just have to put down the knife.
04:34   Everyone calls him Christiano. He said it now.
04:37   Where is it? We’ll look for it. We’ll ask. Find out who we can ask.
04:46   Put it down, Christiano.
04:54   Christiano, you said there is a room here, you said? You said there is a room here?
05:00   Right? We’ll look for it. We’ll ask where it is. OK? Just lay down the knife.
05:06   We’ll find out for you, but you have to put down the knife now.
05:09   Christiano. Christiano, listen to me… Christiano…
05:20   Look at me. Look at me, Christiano.
05:26   Look. The room, you told us about a room. Lay down the knife and come with me
05:31   to look for this room. We’ll ask and we’ll resolve the problem, OK?
05:37   But put down the knife. Put down the knife, Christiano. Christiano.
05:43   Christiano, we can’t help you with the knife in your hand, put it down, throw it away. Put it down.
05:52   Put the knife down.
06:06   Are all the [unintelligible] in the back?
06:24   Christiano, let’s talk.
06:48   Can you give us more room?
07:02   Listen. Let’s end this… [unintelligible]
07:25   Look for…look for it [the room] with me, Christiano.
07:29   Listen, put it on the ground, and we go get the room. —Exactly.
07:34   Look at me. Let him go. Look at me. [unintelligible] Let him go.
07:43   Christiano, Christiano. I told you before…
07:46   [Female officer] Look at my hands. I’ll come. Easy, easy, will you come with me?
07:50   …[unintelligible], Can I? Can I?… I want to help you.
08:04   Can I take a step? Can I? Can I come?
08:09   All of them. [unintelligible]
08:13   No, nobody, nobody,
08:16   Can I? [unintelligible] —Listen…
08:22   Look, I’ll come.
08:26   Christiano, Christiano, Christiano, let’s look for the room.
08:29   I’ll come with you to look for the room.
08:33   …your mama. Should I get together with your mama? —Huh?
08:37   Should I …take off my gear? No, no, no. I’m taking it off.
08:40   [unintelligible]. —Yes, I want to help you. I’m taking it off. Look.
08:44   Look. On the ground…
08:47   [unintelligible] to me… —Look, look, look.
08:52   I don’t have anything, look… look.
09:00   I want to help you… [unintelligible]
09:07   I’m far, I’m far.
09:14   Christiano, do you trust me?
09:20   I give you my arm; come take my arm…
09:27   Christiano… Look, if you trust me, I’ll come… Christiano.
09:40   Christiano… Him, what do I do? What do I do with him?
09:46   He [unintelligible] there in the corner … in the corner…
09:58   This here, I… [unintelligible]
10:02   I want to help you. —I have been here many years.
10:06   How many years? (suspect) [unintelligible]… —In this house? —Yes.
10:13   [Unintelligible]
10:23   Christiano, Christiano, everything will be fine, Christiano.
10:26   Do you have children, Christiano?
10:29   Your mama? Your mama? —Why…[unintelligible]… No.
10:34   Now we’ll ask if [unintelligible] been sent… been sent? Come on?
10:40   Don’t you want to try? Yes. Don’t you want to try?
10:50   Christiano. —I’m a mama. I’m a mama.
10:54   Christiano, Christiano. Don’t worry, Christiano.
10:57   I don’t have anything. —Christiano, listen to me, Christiano.
11:03   Let’s move a little.
11:11   Hold it, hold it, hold it. Hold it. Hold it. OK. OK.
12:00   Give me handcuffs… handcuffs.
12:18   Belt…
12:29   Open your mouth.
13:30   We can finish.

9 thoughts on “Knife Jihad at the Duomo in Milan

  1. They should shoot Him from the spot , Europe is too weak to do that , obviously it was a terrorist, not “ mentally ill “ unreal..

  2. I agree. There was the head and upper body clearly visible for most of the first many minutes. There was the policeman right in front of him, on one knee with the gun securely supported.

    I find that it is a video that needs to be seen to show the world how NOT to save a hostage.

  3. The density’s that descends. The old dumb as rock steady job. Pension. He wants no hassle. All the paperwork. Potential reprisal. Family. Court. TV. Contrary to the steady pc fm regime he is stuffed in.
    Men tally the cost. Finds a major arms dump and the possibility exists now that it would not report it. Too much hassle. Let’s hope millions don’t take the law into their own hands. Works either way now.

    • Hope ain’t much of a plan. Millions will be taking the law into their own hands shortly because they will be forced to as their governments are very much against them and for the 3rd world invaders. So are you going to be the sheep and go quietly to your slaughter? Or are you going to be the Wolf on the hunt?

  4. Gettin’ all stabby with it is enrichment comrade. It is an indispensable part of the vibrant tapestry of diversity.
    All serfs of the neo-feudal borderless globalist utopia will get along and enjoy ice cream cones together under the rainbow chocolate fountain.
    Forward! Yes we can!

  5. All that God given power turned to freedumb. All those 9/11 types must be working feverishly on the endless possibilities for bigger better.

  6. While I was translating the video, as a retired law enforcement officer myself, my thought was….”Take the head shot”. One quick slash of the knife and it would have been over for the hostage. The cops had a clear line of fire to the suspect’s head. One reason I read that was given for holding fire was that they were afraid of ricochets given the marble wall behind the suspect.

    I suspect this was not a SWAT type team, merely the first officers on the scene. I admire the courage of the female officer, but I would never had laid down my weapons.

    I also need to state that never having been in that situation and certainly not at the Duomo incident, I am always hesitant to second guess. It ended well, fortunately.

  7. A travesty of Western European weakness. The terrorist had a KNIFE, and he wasn’t even holding it against the hostage’s body. The police had a number of firearms—any of which could have killed the terrorist before he could cut the hostage in any way. It’s disgusting that the police were obviously under orders not to harm the terrorist.

  8. The Los Angeles PD has a tactic using non-lethal bean bags that fire out of weapons resembling shotguns. Their is a video on YouTube with a similar situation minus a hostage but a knife wielding psychotic man. One bean bag and the perp is reduced to palookaville and everybody goes back to their mundane existence. After years of watching these police standoff videos I can never understand why police departments are so resistant to arming officers with what are non-lethal weapons or defensive-offensive tools to disarm and stop perps from getting into begging and pleading sessions to disarm.

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