German Muslims Discuss Islam’s Final Solution

In the following video, Muslims at a street demonstration in Germany discuss the necessity of establishing a global Caliphate to protect Muslims who are “oppressed” — i.e., who don’t live in a fully Islamic state.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Why do you have Europe but not an Islamic Europe?
00:04   Why aren’t we all together? Why aren’t we making an Islamic Europe?
00:08   What is the reason? Why do we all hold back?
00:12   If we don’t solve China, is then everything is over.
00:16   We have more places, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran; we have Yemen; we have Burma; we have Kashmir.
00:22   What is the solution to all of this?
00:26   A Final Solution is our greatest goal. The solution —Our greatest problem,
00:32   honestly, in my opinion, all Muslims have to stick together.
00:35   All Muslim countries have to stick together, and run together.
00:38   Kick everything down that comes against us. That’s my opinion and I stand by it.
00:42   We have to unite, that’s the most important thing.
00:45   The problem is, firstly, that we
00:49   don’t have an Islamic civilization.
00:54   Secondly, because we don’t have a Caliphate.
00:57   It’s because we — you saw it here today, for example,
01:01   how many Muslims we have in Germany. Officially they say four million, but I believe it’s more
01:06   than 10 million. You should be able to, with 40,000 people in front of the Brandenburg Gate
01:10   every weekend, and the economy will stand still and the matter is settled.
01:15   You mean we need to become ONE unit, an Ummah [unintelligible] to really stick together
01:19   after Islam. That’s it, that’s the best solution there is, nothing else; we see it here.
01:26   The Caliphate is a solution, an Islamic civilization,
01:30   the solution, because the Caliphate is the protective shield for every Muslim.
01:36   It doesn’t matter if it is a Muslim in Canada.
01:40   Even if there’s only one who suffers there,
01:45   the Caliphate is committed to freeing this Muslim,
01:50   and as I said, whether or not the Uighurs will now be liberated, the problem isn’t solved,
01:55   since Muslims suffer throughout the entire world. That’s the problem,
02:00   because we don’t have a Caliphate,
02:04   and because of that are all Muslims suppressed.
02:08   Again, Europe, why isn’t there a Islamic Europe?
02:13   Why aren’t they all together? How many Muslim countries are there?
02:16   When we stick together, they’ll tremble, they’ll flee.
02:20   But we’re not bad people, we Muslims.
02:24   We only want peace and quiet, living in peace.
02:29   Live and let live is what the Germans say, and where is it, where is it?
02:33   Muslims must finally get up [Arabic] unite [?] into a single Caliphate
02:40   [unintelligible] the solution lies not with the Europeans or the Americans,
02:46   or a democratic system. The solution is
02:50   with Islam, with Allah, the Ummah, the Caliphate, only like that
02:54   can we help the Ummah. It’s the only way to solve the problem with Syria.
02:58   It’s the only way to solve the problem of the Uighurs,
03:02   in Turkestan, in Burma, in Yemen, in Afghanistan, in Iraq.
03:07   Everywhere they just watched. Tomorrow it could be Turkey.
03:11   The day after it could be another country. Muslims must wake up, must gather under Allah,
03:16   until the worldwide oppression stops, otherwise the oppression will never stop.
03:21   Here you can see the people who have gathered against the oppression…

27 thoughts on “German Muslims Discuss Islam’s Final Solution

  1. There is no worldwide oppression. What we have here is a worldwide resistance to a totalitarian regime which must be maintained. The speakers make it clear that they will settle for nothing other than a worldwide caliphate. It matters not to them that the rest of the world sees that as abhorrent.

  2. Who needs vermin like this walking freely everywhere. Prepare for war or die a slow miserable death. The most extreme of extreme governments needed now. It is too late for democracy. Who do western countries think they are? Islamics see fit for anything from poisoning the water and food supply to simply nuking the lot of us. London, Paris or Rome. New York has already copped it. Arm the police. Expand the army. Nationalise. Stop being so sick.

  3. Germany is lost , they don’t even try fighting for their land , 10 more years and a Europe will be Islamic ..

    • Germany is not lost. Neither is anywhere else. Unless of course the current ladies own version of a mans world is ripped out hook line and sinker. Islam is going to have to be confronted. Just kidding.

    • Germany and the rest of western Europe are from lost, it is only the beginning, for the muslims and the rest of these 3rd world vermin keep pushing the European man into the corner where there is nowhere left to flee, and then the terrible, horrific reckoning and wrath of the European man will come forth with a bloody vengeance and brutal resolve. So it is for you too decide if you want to die on your knees like sheep? Or live like no tomorrow like the Wolf? War is here, decide whether you want to fight? Or be put up against a wall or ditch?

      • I think you are dreaming. The European man is a Socialist who has been beaten down by that harridan Deutschland has for a ‘leader.’ She makes it very obvious she wants a European Caliphate and a place where Muslims will have Sharia law everywhere.

        She is paid very well for being a traitor to her country and her culture. If the European Socialist man can’t take her out, then they can take nothing out.

        • Merkel and her little communist cohorts will hang as the traitors they are soon, for you can only push the German so far before they get their nationalist on with a vengeance. They are scared that they cannot get the army under control and fear a coup, they should.

      • The spirit of the true German people have never been crushed. They rose up during the Great war. They fought valiantly in WW2. They rebuilt, and reunited and today they are a proud people who love life and want to live in peace. But turn against them and dishonor their very way of life and you will see who and what the true German people will do!

  4. I wrote this with the UK in mind but it applies equally across the Western Ecumene:

    “Whilst suckling with their noses deep in the public trough the Gadarene Swine of the legal profession, the Princes of the Christian Church who are close-ranking with the enemy and the traitors and apparatchiks of the three-Party ‘Junta-In-All-But-Name’ have for too long regarded these chill, windswept Islands in the North Atlantic as their personal fiefdom, firmly believing that their existence is inviolate. They are hypocrites of the first rank, and they are mistaken.

    The rose tinted social mores that once protected and sustained them are collapsing into dust before the abrading winds of time. Their delusional mantras have become so puerile and repetitive that they resemble little more than regurgitated vomitus as the magnitude of the calamity they have released upon us becomes ever more apparent. So desperate are they to maintain their now tenuous grip on the levers of power, privilege and endemic corruption, these so smug parasites continue to beat their tired, slack-skinned drums in dull, repetitive cadence. They do so in the vain hope that, in the crepuscular light of their end times, the monotonous languor of this puling will quieten the pounding hearts and settle the questing minds of a no longer bovine electorate. It will not; we have been used and abused for far too long and now we know it.

    Perhaps, before they opened the flood gates to a tide of barbarism which surged through and turned the UK into foetid multicultural swamp, this might have worked, but I suspect it will no longer be the case as the indigenous population finally awakens. Doubt it not – a return to robust moral and mental health will expose a long-dormant survival reflex.

    There are now so many predatory camels with their noses in our tent and waving the bleeding stumps of their ‘human rights’ and legal writs designed to protect them from criticism and the public exposure the established elites find that they themselves no longer have any maneuvering room in which to execute even a partial volte-face. They, the morally destitute invertebrates who rule over us, are become but drones on a mating flight that they will not survive irrespective of the outcome.

    Thus, this debacle must now continue to the bitter end. The denizens of Westminster will receive neither mercy from a vengeful people nor immunity from the depredations of the monster they have created because that monster is the most fecund camel in the tent and it waits patiently as it dupes these helpful midwives and quietly contemplates the birth of a new Caliphate extending from Londonistan to Lerwick.

    • I am reminded of what ole Saint Vlad is quoted as saying, men don’t fear swords, men fear monsters, and the so called elite created the very monster that will destroy them all and their wretched families. The bloody 3rd world in our midst will flee in horror as they see the monster pile them in heaps and the fires that consume them can be seen for miles. Let it rain!

  5. Clueless Benetton ad coexist Prius mongoloids will get what they deserve when the crocodile eats them first.
    Feminists are in for a rude shock and homosexuals as well.
    My dear uncle was a flaming gay and he knew the Muslims were a danger.
    Oddly he loved the Nazis and knew Fauci was a fraud right away back in the 80s.
    Oh well. Reality is undefeated and will never lose.

  6. typically megalomaniac muslim world view? Why do they all want to leave their countries?I have to halfheartedly agree on one point, already discussed 20 years ago: it is the number of muslims in Germany.This here umma- member claims there are 10 million here! Allright, this is an impression in public space thus a matter of perception. Apparently the umma does not provide homes where you would want to spend time in, which is how the locals do it. Only solution: Germans must leave their homes and let them in. One downside to it is that lower income people do not have the means to maintain those homes like we do. So, after a couple of years, it will look like in the places they left. Vestiges of the nomadic civilisation in their genes. Pillage and leave for greener pastures and rob sedentaries on the way.

  7. the west is all talk. china clamped down on the religion of [micturation]. the only country with guts to do so

    • The west is a giant tied down by midgets. China is a giant who takes no bs from midgets or giants who are tied down by them. I imagine for China it was a very easy decision. It was a simple case of “Right lads let ‘em have it”. Ps Muslims murdered a million Chinese in one Asian incident alone mid last century. No hard feelings. Ali understands.

  8. Dr. Bill Warner often speaks of the dualistic nature of Islam, and it’s on display here. One speaker acknowledges that Islam is a cause of fear for the non-Muslim—”they tremble, they flee”—but he also says it is a wonderful, beneficent religion—”We only want peace and quiet, living in peace.” These seemingly contradictory thoughts were expressed within a few seconds of each other. How can both descriptions of Islam be true at the same time? A peaceful religion wouldn’t cause non-believers to tremble with fear. But if one is raised in Islam, immersed in its dualistic code of ethics (one set of rules for the treatment of the believer, another for the Kuffar) then this makes perfect sense.

    Also, the question “Why isn’t there an Islamic Europe?” is asked as though it is the right of Muslims to take over a continent, with no sign of awareness that this might require reciprocity, e.g., a Christian Arabia, or a Christian Turkey, or heavens, even a Christian Asia. Even then, the situations aren’t equivalent since Europe has never been Muslim, although Turkey was historically a Christian country. But that would be too much for these speakers to consider, with Islam suffusing every aspect of their lives as it does.

    No awareness here at all, only a self-pitying sense of entitlement spinning out from their Islamocentric view of the world.

    • ”We only want peace and quiet, living in peace.” refers to the Dar al Salaam, the House of Peace. In islam that means a land in which islam rules supreme and non-muslims have been conquered and made submissive or enslaved. That is what they want to do to non-muslim nations.

  9. “Why do they all want to leave their countries?”

    Muslims do not know if they are going to paradise. Their only guarantee is to commit one and/or two acts:

    1) Jihad – Fight and die in the name of Allah
    2) Hijrah – Emigrate to another land to convert or kill the non-believer

    Pretty good reason to leave.

  10. Islam was never a religion but a cult. It is a political ideology and in a democracy must get the same criticism if any political party. Their aim is some shariah disneyworld. The Ummah all 50+ countries are educationally backward, technologically and scientifically non existent, intolerant of new ideas or open criticism, economically poor and T.G. militarily hopeless. They make no contribution to the modern world invented by judeo Christian civilisation. They are the scroungers of humanity! Their Quran is a hate manual!

  11. Baron why have you stopped the queries into Belgian and Brussels Jihad world? What would be fascinating for many of your newer and younger Gates of Vienna followers would be a historical review of where yourself and the First Lady of GoV, Dymphna, and explain the how and why you started the blog and give the older readers a remembrance of the amazing stories and people you and Dymphna met on this unique journey. I bring up Brussels because I remember you making trips there with counter Jihadist and my recent looking into Brussels is that it’s as virulent in Islamic supremacy as the fellows in the video you’ve displayed. God bless you Sir.

    • I haven’t “stopped the queries”. Concerning Brussels and Belgium, I rely on European contacts, as I do for Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and all the other countries. My sources in Belgium have dried up, for various reasons. So I have to focus elsewhere.

      I haven’t been back to Europe in almost seven years. I had been planning a trip this spring, but Mr. Covid showed up and put a stick into my spokes on that one.

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