The Coronavirus Police State

The following four videos chronicle yet another weekend of anti-lockdown protests in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: A girl on the ground

Notes from the original YouTube video (also translated by MissPiggy):

YouTube Independent journalist Lisa Lecentia getting arrested in Cologne —

Activist Lisa Lecentia was attacked and beaten by “Antifa” supporters at the demo for our freedom in Cologne. When she defended herself, she was knocked down by the police. She was even handcuffed.

Video #2: “Pull back or I’ll use my gun”

From the notes on the YouTube original (also translated by MissPiggy):

Corona-Demo Gera on May 16, 2020 — policewoman screams: “Go back or I will use gun”?

Apparently a policewoman was overstrained and lost her nerve during the Corona demonstration at the corn market in Gera on May 16, 2020. The policewoman said: “Get back or I’ll use my gun.”

An eyewitness describes the incident: Policewoman screams “I’m using the gun!” I was there with my husband. The people were sitting and standing peacefully together at a distance. There was no reason for the police to be so aggressive. We shouted, and “this is against our own people”, “Fie, shame on you police”, and shortly afterwards we were told over the police loudspeaker that the police did not want to hear any comments and that we should shut up. Some citizens who watched the video said the policewoman said: “Go back or I’ll put some pepper in it.” — Watch the video and listen carefully whether gun or pepper was said.

Video #3: A protest and manhunt in Berlin

Midway through this video you’ll see a man elude the grasp of the police and take off running. Watch how many officers set off in hot pursuit.

Video #4: The arrest of Angelika Barbe

Angelika Barbe was a dissident in the DDR (East Germany), and became a politician after Germany reunited. In the following video she is arrested in at an anti-lockdown protest in Berlin.

Below is a Facebook post by Angelika Barbe (also translated by MissPiggy) about her experience at the hands of the police in the Alexanderplatz:

Dear FB friends,

We just got back from being led away by the police at Alexanderplatz. This arrest is shocking in many ways, not only because of the degrading film footage.

We arrived at the Alex at about 2:50 pm, which was not very busy, and were surprised about a cordoned-off area in the middle of the square. I turned to a policeman, who kindly explained to me that this was the approved portion for the Antifa demo. If we wanted to participate in it, we could do it. In the meantime several passers-by had become curious, we started talking. Suddenly I was barked at by a policeman with the number 34113, I should leave the Alex. Perplexed, I answered that I was here with a friend and my husband, that I wanted to talk to people and also go shopping. He was obviously angry that I did not obey his order immediately. He immediately verbally sent me off. In surprise I turned to another policeman and asked him why the Antifa was protected but we passers-by were not allowed to stay. He also asked me to leave. I relented and explained that I wanted to go shopping, but he let me go on. A few moments later, 34 113 came storming after me and shouted: “No, we’ll report them!”

Thereupon about five policemen rushed at me from behind, two took my arms brutally and mercilessly, dragged me on by force, two flanked the attack. As I recently had a knee operation and I am still suffering from pain, I cannot run so fast and I kept shouting that they should be slow and not rush me, I would not resist and go myself. On the contrary, they ran faster, still twisted my arm and bent my left hand, which the spectators could not see. I pointed at my knee scar and desperately asked to walk slowly. They regarded this as resistance.

It was an arbitrary arrest, I offered no resistance and was fished out of the discussion group. My husband asked the policemen why they had arrested me of all people, especially since several were also standing on the square and remained undisturbed.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Keep one and a half yards distance.
00:13   You, too! Stay back. Go back is what I said! Yes!
00:21   Go further back! —You are pushing her! You’re pushing her!
00:25   What for, damn it!? It’s a woman, damn it.
00:29   It’s just a girl on the ground damn it.
00:33   Only a girl on the ground.
00:37   Keep your distance.
00:50   Keep your distance. Yes. Keep your distance.
00:58   It’s just a girl. —Ow! —The girl wasn’t the aggressor.
01:11   She was pushed. —The girl was not the aggressor.
01:16   She was hit. —Yes, exactly. I saw it. —We did, too.
01:20   Please understand this woman was defending herself. —Yes. —She was rammed.
01:26   Stay back! Stay back! Please don’t getting any closer and stay back.
01:41   Unbelievable! Look at this s***! You should be ashamed. Shameful!

Video transcript #2:

00:02   Pull back or I’ll use my gun. —What!? Use your weapon?
00:07   Then go ahead and use it! She’s going to use her weapon!
00:11   I’ve never heard anything like that before! Never!
00:15   I’ll use my weapon, is what she said! She’ll use her weapon!
00:22   You bunch of criminals! —Your siblings are sitting at home. —We have a right to freedom.

Video transcript #3:

00:04   A vaccine that hasn’t been tested enough. Vaccine development
00:09   normally takes several years. At least five years.
00:13   So how fast is it being developed here? They say due to this emergency, maybe we’ll have one
00:17   by autumn, but they are already doing testing.
00:24   Would any of you allow yourself to be vaccinated?
00:27   Do you want to be vaccinated with something that wasn’t tested for five years?
00:31   No! —It is an infringement of your physical safety by the government.
00:41   Should the government give you a shot? —No! —I don’t hear you.
00:45   No! —I still don’t hear you. —No! —So, they have played
00:50   different players in this game. And now comes…
01:02   What is Bill Gates and his foundation? In the beginning,
01:06   I just thought he wanted to earn money with his research.
01:11   I thought, oh, he’s clever. Three years ago Kai said he was the secret boss of the WHO.
01:20   I was expelled by the police from the area and was going in the direction the officers sent me.
01:26   Then I was tackled by them and now I’m being charged with insulting an officer.
01:31   It’s total nonsense and I’m being arrested for it.
01:39   Super! Thank you. —I’m from the press. —What’s happening in Germany isn’t normal anymore.
01:53   You should be ashamed of yourselves. —Thank you! —Monopolists of violence is what they are.
01:57   They have the right. —I hope you tell the truth. —I’ve been saying for the last six weeks.
02:04   Boooo! You should be ashamed of yourselves. Shame on you!
02:12   Shame on you! Shame on you!
02:21   Excuse me, excuse me! Hello! —Hey!
02:58   Diseases follow me; I don’t know why that is, either. Now I’m separated from the woman.
03:02   Let’s see how it goes. —There are differing opinions; do you believe it exists or not?
03:08   Corona exists, yes. —Oh. OK. That’s the first point.
03:12   I had it, but according to the doctors I don’t have any antibodies.
03:17   Maybe they come later. I’m not nervous, though.
04:04   When are you going to understand?! There should be no repeat of the DDR!
04:12   It’s time for love! It’s time for peace! Peace and freedom! For everyone!
04:27   Attention! Attention! This is the police speaking. I’m addressing the people
04:31   who are in the area between Spandauer Straße
04:34   and Liebknecht Straße. —We aren’t just people! We have names! —with the ordinance
04:38   of containment measures from the city of Berlin, gathering is illegal.
04:43   We’re humans. —For this reason, the police request that you leave
04:47   using the Schloßplatz square, and to separate into smaller groups.
04:53   If you do not comply with this request, you will be faced with police action. It is now 5:12 p.m.
05:02   That was the end of the third and last announcement.
05:05   This is where it stops! This is where this s*** stops!
05:58   Shame on you ! Shame on you!
06:42   Hey! Leave the people alone! —This is unbelievable.
06:47   Shame on you! Shame on you!——Get outta here!
06:55   Stand up for us! Don’t turn your backs on us!
07:04   Stand up for us! —Shame on you! Shame on you! —A duty to demonstrate!
07:08   You have a duty to demonstrate. —Turn around!

Video transcript #4:

00:00   Angelika Barbe is being arrested right now. —You criminals!
00:05   You criminal police, man! You criminal police, man!
00:10   Shame on you! —Fascist police. Ugh! Disgusting!
00:14   Ugh! Disgusting! —You criminals, man!
00:23   Sure, just let me… —An old woman, damn it!
00:30   Keep your hands to yourselves! —Keep the required distance, OK? You can walk alongside.
00:34   You can walk alongside. You can go with her. —I want to go.
00:39   Should I also take you? —I’m going in front.
00:51   I’m going shopping. I’m going shopping. —No.
01:01   No! Please leave me alone now!
01:09   I just wanted to go shopping. They are snatching me away.
01:15   Ow! My… Ow!
01:23   Leave me alone. Stop it! —We spoke to you several times. —No.
01:29   Yes. You said you wanted to be arrested. —No, I said, you don’t believe me.

11 thoughts on “The Coronavirus Police State

  1. In the west the police are innocent completely no matter how brutality they exercise because they are obeying orders. They have no choice.

    The big fish are the criminals.

    • Obeying superior orders is called the Nuremberg Defense. In the Western country I live in the Police are, or at least used to be taught this principle to not “obey” superior orders that violate human rights and their oath to uphold and protect the supreme law of the land which is the Constitution of the United States of America. It was infamously known as the Nuremberg Defense because it was so farcical to the purpose of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg after the world saw the death camps of the progressive National Socialist Party of Germany by 1945. This is where the concept of Human Rights was born in 1945. Today in 2020 it has all but been forgotten. So then can anyone tell me what will happen next? There is truly nothing new under the sun. Here we go again.

      • Nuremburg was nothing less than Victors justice, end of story. Nuremburg is the reason we haven’t won a war since WW2 because we are afraid to break things and kill people, and everytime we do, the bloody do gooders scream and cry war crimes! Nuremburg is the reason why we take unnecessary casualties because heaven forbid we actually might have to kill the bad guys and blow up a building or two. Nuremburg is the reason our western armed forces have insane so called Rules of Engagement that get people killed because oh my that guy is shooting at me and I have to call for permission to fire back and even then the bloody human rights lawyers want to drag you to that abomination The Hague for your trouble. No, Nuremburg is the reason why we can’t rid ourselves of this 3rd world invasion taking place before our very eyes because to do so will take very harsh and brutal methods to accomplish this task that has everybody navel gazing instead of a bloody stiff spine and taking care of business of defending our lands from this abomination and afraid of some bloody bottom feeding lawyers. In the end, violence is the final arbitrator of all things great and small and we are coming back to those tried and true methods, because they damn well work.

        • It was the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg that brought the German National Socialists who carried out their superior orders to murder allied prisoners of war as well as millions upon millions of civilians in Europe.

          So you say those millions of civilians and prisoners of war who were murdered were victors then. You actually wrote that. Because this is the whole point of why nobody should be stupid enough to murder unarmed people because they received superior orders to do so. I find your attempt to obfuscate using logical fallacies contemptible too.

          While I also find your last sentence: “In the end, violence is the final arbitrator of all things great and small and we are coming back to those tried and true methods, because they damn well work.” …is beyond my contempt. Which is why as long as there are people who think in such a manner there will be “victors” like me here to stop them.

          The philosophy of the destroyer doesn’t work, it never does. It only destroys itself in the end. But that is the lesson of history that some never will learn. All who hate wisdom love death.

          • Rather amusing that you say nothing of the communist atrocities that made those bloody naxis look like rank amateur hour. None of those communists were ever brought to any sort of justice now were they? I could care less what is beneath your high and bloody contempt, for what I had to do was contemptible to keep my men and myself alive in very nasty places of Africa, Middle and Far East and Central and South America. The high moral ground in war is reserved for those who want to be buried in it.
            The philosophy of the Conqueror is what decides things, not some sort of fuzzy high moral nonsense, it is kill or be killed by whatever means available, your Nuremburg Laws is why we loose men and lose wars because we have failed to kill enough and break at lot of things, the Total War Concept is what wins wars and the peace afterwards, that is the time honored tradition we have utterly failed at since WW2. Always remember, overkill is always highly under rated. Your wisdom is not wisdom, it is our current education system undermining what your instincts tell you to do.
            Semper Fi !

  2. What are we doing to our hard won countries? Islam and it’s hordes of brainwashed butchers and perverts are determined to undermine and eventually crush our feminised castrated tools. A duct taped together god forsaken bits and pieces of hostiles making up a “diversity” of characters will never again allow the current majority Judeo – Christian population know freedom and progress. Unless action is taken to do something about it. Read the bloody jCorona. Just look at the way these characters are colonising and not contributing.

      • Well apparently you read it. It refers to Muslims? Police obeying orders? Merkel tax free loaders? And so on. I believe in gradualism. Far less Mr Nice Guy lately. Decorated vet? Ca va?

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