Busted in Barcelona

The video and article below concern yesterday’s arrest in Barcelona of an operative for the Islamic State.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating the article, and to Vlad Tepes for uploading the video:

The article from La Vanguardia:

Profoundly radicalized Jihadist arrested in Barcelona

The individual had sworn loyalty to Daesh (ISIS) and demonstrated the will to carry out a terrorist action

The Civil Guard has arrested a Moroccan citizen in Barcelona linked to Daesh, and who demonstrated the will to carry out a terrorist action.

The individual was arrested this morning in a dwelling on Calle Josep Anselm Clavé [street], between Passatge de la Pau and Nou de Sant Francese Street in the district of Cuitat Vella, Barcelona, He had shown signs of radicalization and an affinity for the Islamic State for at least four years.

The police blocked traffic in the street where he resides, and agents of the Armed Institute [Civil Guard] searched the residence until shortly before 12 noon. Agents of the Civil Guard transported the arrestee in a van at 11:47, accompanied by three police vehicles in front and another behind.

The individual came out of the building dressed in black with a mask covering his mouth and nose also with a plastic visor in front, which fell off at the moment in which he was placed in the police van.

Until recently, the process of radicalization was apparently discreet, both on the physical level as on the virtual level, and in no way was he identified as a major actor. It was precisely during the current state of alarm, according to the Civil Guard, that the radicalization of the individual was activated in a “highly noticeable and concerning manner”.

The arrestee publicly showed his adherence to the terrorist postulates of Daesh and hatred toward the West on social media. In addition, he was observed avoiding the confinement [lockdown] in a habitual manner and without justification, in a possible search for targets.

The principal hypotheses indicate his recent radicalization could be a response to calls made by the leadership of Daesh for solitary actors located in the West to mobilize and perpetrate attacks in their places of residence.

The investigation concluded that it was a real threat to security after the agents verified, among other things, that the arrestee was found to be under the total influence of the propaganda and postulates of Daesh, including sworn fidelity to the terrorist organization.

According to the Armed Institute (Civil Guard), the investigation, directed by Central Court of Investigation #4 and the Public Prosecutor of the National Court, was carried out with the collaboration of the US FBI and General Directorate of Security of Morocco (DGST).

2 thoughts on “Busted in Barcelona

  1. “Profoundly radicalized Jihadist arrested in Barcelona”…
    Is there a scale? Say, just a tad radicalized, hardly noticeably radicalized, modestly radicalized, radicalized beyond a doubt, intermittently radicalized? His-parents-are- worried-about-him radicalized, really and truly radicalized? I wonder how many word searches were used until “profoundly” was settled on as conveying a stage of radicalization that justified this response.

    Seems like plain “radicalized” doesn’t convey much to the writers of the article, or to their readers if they need to accessorize the term to get it across that this time radicalized means radicalized. Sheesh.

  2. Four star generally radicalised. Three stripes? Retired? Semi-retired. Pensioner.

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