Coronavirus Protests in Germany

The following video is a composite of three clips from various locations in Germany where protesters demonstrated against the restrictions imposed to fight the ChiCom flu.

The first section shows a demonstration in Magdeburg, the second features the arrest of a mentally retarded man, and the third was recorded at the Reichstag in Berlin.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (times based on the original component clips):

    Protest in Magdeburg
00:15   Come join us! Come join us!
    Arrest of mentally handicapped man
00:00   Have you lost your minds?!
00:07   So cowardly! —Oh, come on, you don’t have to do that! Hello!
00:10   Seriously now!
00:13   Stop it now! —That’s a mentally handicapped person, come on! —Yeah.
00:16   He’s mentally handicapped. Not joking.
00:19   He’s mentally handicapped.
00:25   What kind of shit is this! (?) F***ing shit!
00:31   This is an abomination. You deserve to be spit on!
00:35   You are free to do that!
00:43   We’ve informed you several times that this man is mentally handicapped. Stop it now.
00:50   Don’t need ID to ask a question. —Oh yeah. —Oh yeah. —Not from you.
00:59   Continue cleaning up. No? Really? —Yeah. —Piss off!
01:06   Get outta here, man! —Piss off! Piss off!
01:13   Buzz off already! —All you do is lie, anyway! Piss off, you creep!
02:15   It doesn’t surprise me. What nerve!
    Protest at the Reichstag in Berlin
00:24   We’ll do the same to you! —Hey, let him go, damn it!
00:29   What are you doing there? That’s not normal! —Thank you! —Hey!
00:33   Quiet!
00:40   Let him go!
00:44   Let him go! Let him go! Let him go!
01:15   We are the people! We are the people!

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