Anonymous Speaker at a Hamburg Protest

A young woman who spoke at last weekend’s protest of the Corona restrictions in Hamburg did not wish to be identified, for fear she would be persecuted. Below are excerpts from her remarks.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

From the notes for the YouTube original (also translated by MissPiggy):

Several hundred citizens gathered on the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz in Hamburg city centre on 16 May 2020 to demonstrate against the current restrictions on fundamental rights.

The young speaker in the video did not dare to introduce herself by name, as she feared reprisals due to her critical attitude towards the government.

“Anyone who deviates from public opinion, from the opinion of the government, from the opinion of the public media, their life is made unpleasant,” she said.

Video transcript:

00:04   May 16, 2020 — Gerhart-Hauptmann Square in Hamburg, Germany.
00:08   An anonymous speaker at the Anti-Corona Lockdown demonstration.
00:12   Well, I’d like to introduce myself too, you know.
00:16   I would also like to take off my mask and say what I think, but I’ve noticed
00:22   in the last weeks and months, that everyone who dares to voice their opinion,
00:28   and if it differs from the public opinion, from the opinion of the government or
00:34   from the opinion of the state-sponsored media, their life is made unpleasant.
00:39   It can be singers, politicians, scientists and highly recognized scientists!
00:47   Those who have done good in this country for so many years!
00:54   So, normal people like you and me, we’ll be harassed.
00:58   We’re being portrayed as conspiracy theorists, as right-wingers,
01:01   as leftists, as this or that. Whatever.
01:04   They just want to oppress us and get the majority on their side.
01:09   Those who, because of their circumstances, because they simply don’t have the capacity or the time,
01:14   because they are too busy trying to survive. They have shops,
01:18   they have businesses, they’re at home,
01:21   mothers with children. The people who aren’t to able to search for
01:24   and get the information. —That’s right!
01:27   They all just believe all the lies the media dish out. However,
01:32   I want to say I’m not a corona-denier. Really, I’m not.
01:40   I’m not a Corona-denier. Not at all, OK? I’m really scared for my job.
01:45   I’m scared for my career and afraid of being rejected socially.
01:50   And this is what they refer to as democracy?
01:57   The minister of health, Mr. Spahn… Our Minister of Health Spahn, a banker, sits there and tells us,
02:05   “Of course we want a controversial discussion,” but in the next breath,
02:09   the political arm via official taxpayer-paid media
02:12   asks the democratic people asked not to take part in the demonstrations.
02:16   In my eyes, that’s disgraceful!
02:23   Every democrat… Because every democrat in this country has the right
02:30   to decide which demonstration to go to and which not to go to.
02:37   And that can only be decided by being there. When you talked to the person on your
02:41   left and on your right. To explain why you take the time,
02:45   why you bother to go out on the street and protest,
02:49   trying to explain to the people or to reach them
02:52   and make them understand what is going on in our country. OK?
02:55   For that our lives are made miserable and we’re the ones dividing society?!
02:59   Who still believe that?!
03:02   You know, that dictatorship a hundred years ago didn’t happen overnight, either!
03:06   It came slowly. Creeping in with carrot and stick.
03:14   That’s where the real division is in society.
03:18   When people are encouraged on television to have a discussion
03:22   within society, but then make us out to be a minority!
03:27   So who, who here, standing here, is a democrat?
03:32   Raise your hand! — Here! — Yes. That’s it! So where are the right-wingers or the leftists? Huh?
03:39   I just want to draw attention to the fact that WE are society. Everyone of us is part of society.
03:44   Of course society is made up of a variety of all kinds of people. OK? We’re all different.
03:51   Each has his own philosophical beliefs, religious beliefs,
03:56   different worldviews, but our democracy is founded
04:00   on acceptance and tolerance toward others. By understanding and respect,…
04:10   …but not through isolating our children. That’s a death sentence for their immune systems.
04:18   That’s the reason I am taking to the streets. I’m fine. I have a great family.
04:22   My life is good and I’m healthy. Thank God!
04:26   I’m protesting for my children, so that they can have the same rights I’ve had.
04:31   The right to grow up in this country, in a democracy,
04:36   free to make their own decisions about they want to do in life, what they want to think
04:40   and where they want to go. That’s what I want for my children. Thank you!
04:55   End the masquerade ball!
04:58   Stop the panic caused by the media!
05:02   No Freedom! No Health!
05:06   I don’t want a “NEW” normal, I want my old normal back.

3 thoughts on “Anonymous Speaker at a Hamburg Protest

  1. Great Speech but overall I’m sure I don’t agree with this woman’s leftest politics but listening to her speak with her high German dialect makes my heart race.

  2. For the time being,we started to live as before because we do not obey.We decided to go on with our lives.At the beginning the gov send the police,but it stopped fearing clashes.
    Now everything is back as before ,so it seems with very few stupid wearing masks.
    This afternoon i will go out and see how the bars and coffies work,because they open today.
    So far we were buying drinks and Souvlaki and had a good fun with friends in the small gardens which exists in front of every church in the suburbs and NOT keeping social distancing.
    As for the churches who were at war with the useless P.M,they are open till 22.00 with quite a lot of people inside.
    As for the vaccine?We have decided, we will not have it.All of us except the stupid ones.

  3. Makes me want to cry , what that traitor Merkel&CO did to this country and Europe, it’s awful!!, people needs to get rid of old parties !! Vote AFD !! That’s the only hope for Germans !!…

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