The Ineluctable Power of the COVID-State

Christiane Scwarzhuber is a practitioner of alternative medicine. The following video shows excerpts from a talk she gave last weekend at one of the anti-lockdown demonstrations in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

On a related note, this article from Epoch Times (also translated by MissPiggy) discusses the proposed “immunity card”.

The idea of instituting a certificate of COVID-immunity is not unique to Germany — as far as I know, similar initiatives have been proposed throughout the West. I think they’re coming, regardless of what voters think of them. I don’t think we peons will be given a choice about the matter. Once the vaccine is universally available, you will need a corona-immunity card to go shopping or attend a ball game or eat at a restaurant. Even if the vaccine isn’t made mandatory, requiring the immunity card will basically make the issue moot.

The translated article:

Spahn still considers immunity card necessary

May 14, 2020

For Jens Spahn, despite widespread opposition, the immunity card is not yet off the table. He considers the deletion of the project from the current legislative amendment as only provisional.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) believes that the introduction of an immunity card is still necessary in the Corona crisis. Other states are already planning to make entry conditional on such proof, Spahn said. “So we will have to continue to deal with the issue.” The solution could not be that the citizens of Germany “can no longer travel to countries that plan such regulations.”

People who have survived the lung disease Covid-19, which is caused by the novel coronavirus, should be able to prove this by means of the ID card. The introduction of the card was originally planned as part of the new Infection Protection Act, which the Bundestag is due to adopt this Thursday. However, due to opposition from the Social Democrats, the project was provisionally suspended. The SPD warns against dividing society by means of ID cards.

People could intentionally infect themselves

It would be “totally counterproductive to reward those who have become infected because they do not adhere to the rules of distance and to punish those who take care of themselves and others,” SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung a few days ago. But that, he said, would happen “if an immunity card becomes a free ticket for restaurant visits, football or events.”

Spahn said the federal government had weighed all aspects of the immunity card before the proposal was made. Nevertheless, it was right to delete the project from the fast-track amendment to the Infection Protection Act. There is “understandable criticism” that shows him: “As a society, we need more time to debate this issue.” That is why he also asked the Ethics Council for an opinion.

Video transcript:

00:01   In an interview on April 12th, during the German evening news Tagesthemen,
00:04   Bill Gates was given 9 minutes and 22 seconds
00:07   to explain to the audience that there’s no going back to normality without a vaccine.
00:12   There was no talk about whether there will be a vaccine, only when.
00:20   We have to maintain the measures we have taken, if possible,
00:24   for another eighteen months, and then, I quote:
00:27   “We will vaccinate seven billion people”. In other words, we are not given a choice.
00:33   Worldwide inoculation with mRNA vaccine that will, listen up,
00:38   introduce genetic material into the cells with electroporation.
00:47   What is electroporation? This vaccination contains ionized substances
00:51   along with the gene material which is injected
00:55   into the body. By the way, three needles are used simultaneously.
01:00   These ionized substances generate an electric current in the cell,
01:04   which in turn leads to small holes or pores in the cell membrane.
01:09   In this way, the genetic material can be introduced into the cells.
01:13   Since the genetic code is far from being completely decoded,
01:17   we do not know what consequences such an inoculation will have
01:21   for humans, especially for their ability to reproduce.
01:25   The genetic modification of the cells through such an inoculation
01:29   could also affect the egg and sperm cells.
01:33   This must be examined during studies.
01:36   However, the legal regulations for testing a new vaccine are currently
01:40   being significantly reduced, and instead there will be nationwide or even worldwide field trials.
01:48   What are the consequences of such an inoculation? Autoimmune disease?
01:52   Tumorous effects? Fertility problems?
01:55   All of these factors are unknown due to missing studies and safety tests.
02:01   In yesterday’s vote in the Bundestag on the law introduced by Mr. Spahn
02:04   for the introduction of compulsory vaccination in a reform of the infection protection law,
02:09   only the opposition voted against it. —The Greens abstained. —Yes.
02:14   CDU/CSU and SPD came out unanimously in favor of compulsory vaccination.
02:18   The Greens, as was mention, abstained.
02:21   Even if the Minister of the Chancellor’s Office emphatically reassured us that
02:25   no compulsory vaccination is intended, the Pharma lobbyists and thus the friends
02:29   of our Minister of Health [Jens Spahn] get to have the last word.
02:32   So let us remain very vigilant in raising our voices.
02:44   My point is this: I doubt that our government,
02:49   that our elected representatives have our interests, our health as their concern.
02:58   For instance, the Minister of Health, as I just mentioned,
03:01   Mr. Spahn is friends with leaders of the pharmaceutical industry.
03:05   For example, Max Müller, with whom he ran a lobbying agency
03:09   for medicine and the pharmaceutical industry until 2010.
03:13   Mr. Müller was until recently a member of the management board of the DocMorris pharmacy group
03:17   and has just recently switched to the pharmaceutical giant Bayer, in April of this year.
03:22   Anyone who suspects economic interests should be ashamed.
03:30   No one in this business sector has any interest in our long-term health as citizens.
03:35   Neither do the politicians or the experts that advise them.
03:38   If they did, then they would explain what measures each individual
03:42   can take to improve his or her own immune system.
03:45   As evident from the number of people who have recovered from
03:49   a COVID-19 infection, we see that the best remedy against Sars-CoV2
03:53   is our body’s own immune system.
04:00   One’s own immune system can be strengthened with innocuous
04:03   and side-effect-free substances. Inform yourselves about it.
04:07   With a smokescreen of fear, the pharmaceutical lobby
04:10   has been vigorously promoting with parallel initiatives
04:14   the abolition of the profession of alternative practitioners.
04:20   This is currently under further investigation and will be voted on in the Bundestag in June 2020.
04:25   For the purpose of maintaining a holistic, complementary medical view
04:29   and mode of action, we must not allow this to happen.
04:33   Thank you!

5 thoughts on “The Ineluctable Power of the COVID-State

  1. I’m not sure Christiane Schwarzhuber is the most authoritative critic of immunisation. She practices “alternative” medicine; as far as I’m concerned, the only credible medicine is that which is clinically proven, in which case it’s no longer “alternative”.

    • I agree with you regarding immunization. I strongly dislike the anti-vaccination movement with one exception – if children and adults were no longer vaccinated for diseases then the weak would perish and likely never reach reproductive age and thus the species would be far more robust and healthier without the need for medical intervention.

      Hordes of illiterates multiplying exponentially in Africa and Pakistan/Bangladesh prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the power and effectiveness of modern medicine, vaccines, and modern methods of food production that allow those in the Third World to be able to reproduce uncontrollably. My issue with a vaccine for Wuhan virus should one be found is the powerful, scheming parties such as Bill Gates and Soros who are behind it, and not with the scientific principles of vaccination. Requiring it along with all the suggested schemes of verification as the price of admission into public places sounds to me more like one more step on the road to absolute, total control over every aspect of one’s life in ways that even Stalin could never have imagined. This woman, even though I disagree with her reasoning, is still an ally and one should take allies where one can find them. If this is the means to rally the left and far left in opposition to the growing power of the neo-fascist police state then so be it.

      • That’s harsh. Surely one of the marks of humanity is that we choose to support those who, through no fault of their own, cannot support themselves, eg people with Down’s syndrome, or autism, and we’d have deprived ourselves of the genius of, say, Steven Hawking. Otherwise, how are we different from the Nazis, and other believers in/practitioners of eugenics? I don’t believe Heinlein, one of our (and Dymphna’s) favourite writers, would have approved.

        What is needed, in “advanced” societies and others, is the widespread availability of birth control, especially for the poorest: not because they are in some way “inferior” (I see no correlation between intelligence and moral standards; most dictators have been pretty smart), but because there will be fewer and fewer jobs for them, thanks to advances in AI.

        Of course, one of the reasons people in poor countries have large families is for support in their old age, and the solution is a decent pension system, which requires a prosperous economy to generate the necessary tax revenue… do you know, I don’t envy politicians, in any society, even if they choose such a career.

        • One of my favorite Heinlein parallel universes has to do with the saga of one Lazarus Long, senior member of the Howard Families. The Howard Foundation and the resultant Families for those of you who do not read Heinlein novels, is a novel attempt at extending the human lifespan by using the same methods of animal husbandry with cash payments as the inducement to members to mate with one another and beget offspring. Aside from cash payments to encourage those from demonstrably long-lived stock to breed, those families which did not produce long-lived members were culled from the program.

          The point of this long-winded exposition is that the methods of horticulture, viticulture, and animal husbandry all have been used to improve the stock for all kinds of properties throughout all of human history, yet we balk at applying such methods to improving the human race. The stench of the Nazi, leftist, and racial supremacist support of eugenics does not mean that the idea of improving the species by selective breeding or discouraging of those with poor characteristics from reproducing is fundamentally flawed. Maybe it will be possible in the near future for gene therapy to correct genetic flaws in-vivo before reproduction occurs, and thus the species will be improved without the need to discourage those who want to have children from doing so.

          The bigger challenge is how to discourage those who have no business having children due to being on the dole, congenital laziness, drug use, or simple inability to properly care for the children they already have or even themselves from having kid after kid after kid.

          • I’ve no quarrel with your last para; discouragement is one thing, coercion another.

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