Corona Hijab

When I posted about the coronavirus scam last night, I referred to the now-ubiquitous medical face mask as a Corona Hijab. I’d like to elaborate on that concept just a little bit this afternoon.

When a Muslim woman wears hijab, it serves two functions. First of all, it covers up a female’s sexually attractive characteristics, which keeps the wearer from arousing the lust of men with whom she is not permitted to copulate. When a man’s lust is aroused, he is not responsible for his actions. The woman (or girl) is responsible for the consequences if she allows herself to become “uncovered meat”.

The second function of the veil is to signal a woman’s submission. By wearing it she shows her obedience to Allah, who commanded that women be covered. Since Allah also deemed that a woman must obey her father or her husband, the hijab is also a signal that she has submitted to one or both of them.

Similarly, the public wearing of a medical face mask is a sign of submission. Science has deemed that face masks must be worn to prevent the djinn the COVID-19 virus from invading one’s body. By wearing it, a dutiful citizen signals his submission to Science.

Since Science has also delegated authority to divers worldly powers — national and local governments, the CDC, the WHO, state health departments, etc. — the mask-wearer is also publicly declaring his submission to state authority.

Just as Allah’s commands may not be altered or overruled, so the commands of Science must not be questioned. Science has determined that the mask is necessary; therefore it must be worn, and no ordinary mortal may presume to argue with that decree.

Now, I’ve read a lot of data about face masks, both pro and con. On balance, it seems they are largely pointless. As I understand it, the virus particles are so small that they pass through the filter of even an N95 mask, which provides less than 10% protection against the ChiCom flu.

On the other hand, they prevent droplets of saliva or sputum from escaping when the wearer coughs, sneezes, talks, or sings, which means that anyone who is already infected is less likely to spread the disease via his mouth or nostrils. So they’re not entirely useless.

We’re not allowed to have such discussions in public, however, for fear of arousing the wrath of Science, as explained by His prophets, such as Anthony Fauci (pbuh) and Neil Ferguson (no pbuh for him, however, since he has recently sinned).

A faithful believer in Science does not question the face mask; he simply wears it, thereby displaying his submission to Science. When an obedient citizen ventures out onto the street, he makes sure to wear his mask. That tells the muttawa the police that he is a compliant servant of Science, so that they leave him unmolested.

When a citizen fails to wear a mask, he is responsible for the consequent actions of the police, whatever those might be. It is well-understood that police are unable to control their reactions when they witness any behaviors that contravene the will of Science.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I wore a face mask a few times during the height of the Coronacrisis, just to be polite. Especially when I was in Whole Foods, which is a den of submissive sanctimony at the best of times. I hate the damned mask — it makes my glasses steam up, no matter how I fiddle with it.

But then I read about all this mindless submission to Science, and thought about the underlying significance of mask-wearing, as described above. So I decided not to wear one anymore. If it is ever made mandatory — which Governor Coonman (pbuh), in his infinite wisdom, has not yet decreed — I’ll bottle up my ire and put one on when engaged in necessary activities, such as grocery shopping or visiting the ABC store. I keep one in the glove compartment, just in case.

But I will simply forgo optional activities under those circumstances. At some point a man has to take a stand on principle. My advanced age denies me most opportunities for principled behavior, but I can manage that one.

I will NOT submit.

20 thoughts on “Corona Hijab

  1. Nor will I submit. Yesterday evening I attended a friend’s BBQ in Penistone (Yorkshire, England). Social distancing was not observed.

  2. I agree 100%.

    I refuse to wear them too. Most people are too scientifically illiterate to understand how truly small viruses are and how ineffective a homemade clothe mask is. I think part of requesting or requiring a mask to be worn is meant to insult the dignity of the wearer, and part of if is meant to show mindless compliance with authority.

    In principle I don’t have much problem with staying six feet away from other people since I already dislike most people enough that it isn’t too onerous of a request that they stay that far away from me. Although I believe that that rule too is mostly ineffective against exposure. It is just my misanthropic nature that can more easily accept Karen having to get stuffed and out of my face.

  3. I have decided, in the spirit of summer, to invent the Bikini Mask. Cut off all but a 3 inch wide central strip of the mask, leaving the nose piece to clip onto your nose. It covers the nose and mouth (barely!) and it is, therefore, “legal”.

    • I refuse to wear one too, except when forced like going to my ophthalmologist or finally having my hair chopped off. Besides for people who have normally breathing problems (I speak from experience) it brings on an extra level of anxiety and in my case rage. I also have some level of understanding in science having been trained and worked in microbiology and from that point of view the whole virtue signalling makes no or little sense.

      • Where are you, Ursula? I got my hair cut just before the lockdown, anticipating its imposition, but it’s getting very unruly. My lady friend likes it, but I don’t!

  4. I have noticed that people stay further away from me when I don’t wear a mask. Since the mask is almost useless, the physical distancing should be better for everyone involved.

    • Here’s one for older readers: definition of an intellectual- someone who can hear the “William Tell” Overture without thinking of the “Lone Ranger”.

  5. Face masks are discrimination against glass-wearers. Whenever I put on one, my glasses immediately steam up. While shopping in a face mask I cannot properly see what I am buying.

    Besides, it forces you to breathe back a large part of what you have just breathed out. This cannot be good for health, can it?

  6. I think we should not be forced to wear mask if we are healthy and have nothing to hide. I will avoid anyone serving me in public with their filthy looking masks on because it does not in any way create a safer environment for all concerned. I am not surprised that we are being forced to wear masks by mask manufacturers that seek to profit from it and enslave us with forceful mask wearing propaganda. Another reason why Eastern culture besides their many unhygienic practices is so prevalent in Asia is so incompatible with our values in the West that value consistent good hygiene practices, freedom, transparency, etc.

  7. Baron, you’re fortunate to have a mask.

    Just before the lockdown here in England I wanted to buy some masks and latex gloves to wear white I painted my garden fence. There were none available in the hardware stores because, I was told by one store, the Chinese had been buying up all their stock too send to China.

    When I went onto several websites s few weeks later for the same purpose, I was met with a message saying to the effect, these items have been reserved for health service workers.

    So, I’m not sure where we’re supposed to obtain masks, our latex gloves.

    As for wearing a mask for other than DIY purposes. I’m never going to do that.

    I wrote to my MP a few weeks ago on several matters including the virus situation and she has replied asking if I’d like to discuss my concerns with her. So I’m looking forward to both hearing what she has to say and to explaining in more detail what I think about these things.

    • I have a mask because Dymphna left behind a whole box of them that she used for gardening and housecleaning. I use those when I mow the lawn. They’re proper dust masks, not those flimsy little rags with ear loops.

  8. Mask are useful.But whatever… on this site if I dare to say they are useful I may be deleted.Masks are not protecting 100% of course, a plastic bubble will protect 100%.
    However, the mask is a physical barrier and you all know that.Exacly like washing hands.Will protect you partially.Just be responsible , it does not cost you anything.Your interactions with people will be easier.If you hate it we are a shield.

    • My point about masks isn’t whether or not they are useful, but the fact that dissent about them is generally not permitted in public fora.

  9. What you are criticizing is pseudo-Science – if we are being fed similar nonsense on this side of the Atlantic – and I trust that this piece is not strawmanning. Alas, I have read and heard very little science the last few months, probably because practicing it takes patience and the willingness to entertain contradictions: two, difficult qualities if you must submit and just believe.

    If a face mask is fogging up your glasses, it is badly sealed and you are also inhaling and exhaling unfiltered air. I have had poor luck with disposable face masks, and wear a reusable, half-facepiece respirator with HEPA filters. Properly fitted, that works, even with particles both larger and smaller than viruses.

    BTW, N95+ air filters are not just simple sieves. They are least efficient filtering out particles with a size around 300 nm. Even then, an N95 filter will let no more than 5% through. Because of brownian motion, a filter becomes more efficient and effective as the particles get smaller. I believe the virus of the month is around 100 nm, so an N95 will do better than that.

  10. If masks DO work, why are we told to stay at home and why have shops and businesses closed?

    If they do NOT work, why were we told to wear them?

    • That’s a good question. If people are sick, they should stay at home. What is the point of wearing masks in a normal open environment? I noticed many Asians wore masks even before the pandemic and their wearing masks in public does caused needless discomfort to us who are not wearing one. Many of them are known to intimidate us with their face masks. They want to force everyone to wear masks because they want to feel superior over us and not because there was any real need to do so or any real concern about our wellbeing.

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