We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Quarantine!

As we saw yesterday, Germans who sit on a park bench for more than two minutes can expect to be issued a citation by the police and charged with a criminal offense. But Muslims — surprise! — are exempt from the social distancing regulations put in place to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Calm down. We only want to take down personal information.
00:05   If you don’t leave, I will touch you substantially.
00:18   These images are from an authorized demonstration called
00:21   “Defend Basic Rights — Say No to Dictatorship”
00:24   that took place in Berlin last Saturday. —Why are you here today?
00:27   Because of the suspension of democratic principles
00:30   and the fact that our constitution is being massively restricted. You can see for yourself
00:35   how few people are here and how few people dare to
00:39   open their mouths in such a situation. A face mask isn’t a muzzle.
00:44   Only about 40 people had enough courage to demonstrate against their basic rights
00:48   being violated, and even though all of them adhered to
00:52   the required 1.5 meter distancing ordinance, the police in Berlin cracked down on demonstrators
00:56   in the hardest manner. —According to the containment ordinance from the Senate of Berlin,
01:01   gatherings of more than two persons are prohibited.
01:05   Your gathering is a criminal offense according to the containment ordinance
01:09   under the Infection Protection Act.
01:13   Since you have not followed the repeated request to disperse, police officers will
01:18   take down your personal information in order to file criminal charges.
01:21   Everyone’s identity was recorded
01:24   and criminal charges brought against all demonstrators.
01:27   Each of them will have to pay a penalty of €500 [$550].
01:31   We’re doomed! If they destroy our constitution here now, then we’re completely lost anyway!
01:38   I saw an elderly German woman who was standing up for her rights —
01:42   the same rights that weren’t even taken from her
01:45   during the last war — I saw how she was dragged away by the police,
01:49   intimidated, screamed at and locked up.
01:53   You have nothing to do with this; if you have any question, please come with me.
01:56   Please let go and keep your distance. —I have my hands up here.
01:59   This lady is being taken into custody because of a misdemeanour.
02:09   Let the woman go! —Don’t you touch me again and stay away from me.
02:14   Just sit down and stop trying to run away!
02:18   Understood!? Yes or no? —Just one day before this,
02:23   in the Neukölln district of Berlin, 300 Muslims showed up
02:28   for a prayer meeting. They didn’t follow the containment ordinance
02:31   or maintain the required distance from each other.
02:34   What do you think the Berlin police did about it? Did they disperse the group gathered there?
02:39   Did the police take their personal information? Was anyone assigned penalties?
03:03   The Berlin police were there the whole time!
03:11   The police did none of what was mentioned before.
03:14   They didn’t disperse the unlawful gathering or take anyone’s
03:18   personal information. There wasn’t a single offense reported.
03:23   With 300 offenses with a penalty of €500 each,
03:27   it would have been €150,000. However, when it’s Muslims
03:31   Who don’t follow the law, the police in Berlin
03:34   just look the other way. It looks like Muslim living in Berlin
03:37   are above the law, but if German grandmas dare to stand up
03:41   for their basic freedoms, they can expect to be massively intimidated and mercilessly persecuted.
03:45   What wrong with you, Ms. Barbara Slowik, police chief in Berlin?
03:49   Why don’t you or can’t you press charges against Muslims who break the law?
03:54   Berlin Police double standards: Are Muslims above the law, Ms. Barbara Slowik?

3 thoughts on “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Quarantine!

  1. That’s racist, pure and simple, so Germans can’t seat on the bench for 4 minutes!!, it’s obvious, they are favourite Muslims in the own country, thanks a Merkel for this awful mess You created , outrageous..

    • In this particular circumstance, I am rather of the mind to just let them. If the virus really is dangerous, it will cull the fools. If not, it will expose the other fools to be dealt with later.

  2. You have in effect 2 sets of rules, one for us and one for the 3rd world savages, and they are in no way, shape or form the same standards. So folks, the governments have now sided openly with our 3rd world enemy, as not to upset the bloody savages who will riot at the drop of a hat. So arm up and take whatever matters dealing with these 3rd worlders as you see fit. No more muslims = no more problems, get it yet or are you still all a tad slow over the whole understanding the issue that lies right before your very eyes?

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