A Surprise Change of Venue for the Democratic National Convention

The Democrats have abruptly decided to relocate this summer’s nominating convention. Here’s the story from The Washington Post:

In a surprise move, the Democratic National Committee has decided to relocate the party’s July convention to Wuhan, China.

The convention was scheduled to take place during the week of July 13th in Milwaukee. However, with the coronavirus pandemic raging through major American cities, it had become unclear whether an event of that size would be allowed to take place.

At a hastily-convened press conference in Washington D.C., DNC Chairman Tom Perez said, “Since the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis, the Democratic Party has admired the way China has handled the infection. Chinese officials acted promptly and decisively back in January, implementing stringent measures that curbed the spread of the disease. As a result, no new coronavirus cases have been reported in China for several weeks. With respect to the coronavirus, Wuhan is now the safest city to be in on the planet.

“It had become uncertain whether we would be able to hold the convention in Milwaukee in July, given the way the disease is trending. The Chinese government has made an excellent facility available to host the relocated convention. It’s a large building in Wuhan that was formerly used to manufacture funeral urns, for which purpose it is of course no longer needed.

“There will be plenty of time to refit the premises for the full participation of the international media, so you will be well taken care of there. All American journalists can expect the usual gracious Chinese hospitality — except for those malcontents who were recently expelled from the country, naturally, but that’s only a tiny minority.”

Lijian Zhao, an official spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed his government’s offer. He said further details of the arrangements will be announced in the coming weeks.

21 thoughts on “A Surprise Change of Venue for the Democratic National Convention

  1. I hear on an underground grapevine that by counting the number of funeral urns containing the ashes of the deceased and returned to their families the true number of fatalities in Wuhan is in the region of 43-45 thousand. This should come as no surprise to anyone, including the lying WHO that has been bought and paid for by the CCP and says exactly what it is instructed to say.

    P.S. I so look forward the sight of a well Covided Pelosi in a ventilator struggling to peddle her usual vitriol with her dentures slipping free again and periodically blocking the oxygen inlet.

    • Mentally, they’ve been there for quite a while, indeed.

      I’ve long wondered who is behind the idiotic trends that we see in the West. The CCP is one of my key suspects.

  2. Hey you ” western europeans” crocks !
    This is how your call for pan-European “solidarity” look like in reality :https://www.irishtimes.com/news/world/europe/coronavirus-european-solidarity-sidelined-as-french-interests-take-priority-1.4216184
    Whom you wan to fool ??
    We learned all your crockery tricks and professional tools..
    Macron-France propose “New European Deal” Hi call it ” EU coronavirus rescue fund” as a ” EU solidarity debt sharing “..
    In his vision, financially responsible countries will join and pay debt of those “less” like France,Italy,Greece ans Spain.. Spain itself has a national debt of 165 %..Italy 180 %
    France 140 % Greece 220 %
    Financial Armageddon is coming in EU !!

  3. That is surprising news.

    Almost as surprising as the news that Joe Biden announced he was coming out of the closet, along with his equally shocking admission that he really wasn’t an idiot and it always was just an act.

  4. and I just won the Coronado Island Bridge in a lottery and I am now offering it for sale.

  5. Too close to reality to be a really good April Fools joke. Well worded. Sounds just like a Democrat press release. If they could do it they would.

    • Ah, Bill, but that’s the essence of the April Fool! Utterly deadpan, with only a hair’s breadth between the satire and reality. Then, if you’re lucky, someone who’s forgotten it’s April 1 will pick the story up and pass it on, and it becomes Fake News for a while.

  6. This was entirely plausible until I realized it’s also April 1st today. Well done!

  7. Perfect! Hope they really enjoy the Wet Market Catering Service’s buffets and Horse(?) d’Oeuvres.

  8. The CPUSA is planning a 9/11 style investigation into Trump’s handling of the CCP virus and that is no April Fool’s day.
    It was on NBC though so it could be fake news agitprop.
    Also Jo Jo Biden has come out in favor of virtual voting by email, proxy, online.
    Trump is the Roadrunner while the CPUSA or democrats are Wile E. Coyote.
    Did they try a virus free zone sign or a hashtag?
    The virus trembles in fear of flashing lights on the Empire State Building synced up with a Jay-Z Pro Tools (c)rap song.
    Peak Clown World has been reached. Be ready to roll with the changes.

  9. On page 2, they are reporting that Lincoln shot Booth and the Titanic has arrived in NY.

  10. Each delegate is to receive a Chinese Communist course on how to operate free and fair elections.

  11. Than you have ” patriotic” German AFD real sentiment for Communist Putin Russia..
    ” AfD urges end to sanctions against Russia ” https://voiceofeurope.com/2020/04/populist-afd-urges-end-to-sanctions-against-russia-amid-economic-fallout-caused-by-virus/
    This a REAL West Europe! This is a REAL Germania..
    USA for them is “enemy of democracy” ..Russia and Putin theirs “REAL Democratic “friend.. they admire..and inspire..
    As long US military bases are present in Germany..we REAL European people are Safe ! God bless America !

  12. Not funny. Uncle Kepha is old enough to remember when people who are now the Old Bulls in the Democratic Party walked around campus with their fists in the air and sporting Mao buttons and assured us that the highest development of participatory democracy had been reaced in Mao’s China and Castro’s Cuba. I don’t think that Bolshie Boynie is an aberration in a Democratic Party whose older activists cut their teeth praising some of the last unreconstructed Stalinists on the globe.

  13. Everybody, clam up, please! We should be encouraging all democRats to go to Wuhan. Afterall we can have travel restrictions and keep them progressives in china!

  14. Actually, the Demonrats having their conference in Wuhan is not such a bad idea.

  15. Yes, the Democrats will believe the Chinese Communist Party any time. What more do you expect from a party whose senior activists, when college students, put on Mao buttons and shook their fists while canting agains the American “fascist insect”? I’m old enough to remember the Silly ‘Sixties and Sillier ‘Seventies.

    But, to get serious, I believe the coronavirus stems from either an accidental or deliberate leak from China’s bio-warfare labs.

    My family is partly Chinese. In many years of living in the Far East (teaching in Taiwan, diplomatic service in Thailand and Mainland China), I have strolled through many “wet markets” and ate a number of “weird” animals, but with no ill effects to either me or mine. In the USA, I knew people from “flyover country” who ate squirrels, opossums, raccoons, and other game; and in urban areas, Orthodox Jews who made sure their meat was glatt kosher. But these people were never breeding grounds for epidemics.

    The Chinese government’s initial response, to deny anything bad was happening and to crack down on the doctors and citizen journalists who first alerted the world, then to understate the number of infections and deaths, is typical of a totalitarian state. It’s threat to withold important pharmaceutical supplies to the USA shows both its arrogance and its underestimation of American readiness to adapt and meet a challenge. Perhaps the Trump administration’s merging CDC offices on epidemics with the NSC’s offices is not merely limiting governmental reduplication of efforts, but a suggestion that it knows something that it does not want the Chinese government to know that it knows?

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