People’s Home Care

Folkhemmet, “The People’s Home”, was the model touted by the Social Democrats at the founding of the modern Swedish welfare state. Now it looks like it will morph into People’s Home Care for those dying of the ChiCom flu.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Care places are expected to run out next week — patients will be cared for at home

April 1, 2020

According to previously unknown documents from Region Stockholm, which is said to be a guiding prognosis for primary care, the care facilities at Stockholm Hospitals will run out next week. To solve the situation, doctors must be quickly trained via the Internet to treat coronavirus patients at home. The region also makes it clear that “lowered quality may need to be accepted”.

According to statistics, Sweden has 4,527 infected so far, of whom 199 have died. But the statistics are flawed, because Sweden does not test members of the public who experience symptoms of the coronavirus infection. Furthermore, Samhällsnytt also reported that the statistics of the Public Health Authority lag behind by several days.

It is now clear from internal documents from the Stockholm region dated March 27 that the health centers are preparing to take over responsibility for coronavirus-infected patients in the region. This is because the intensive care and outpatient sites at the hospitals are projected to run out on April 7, as reported by Aftonbladet.

Region: “Decreased quality may need to be accepted”

Furthermore, the forecast shows that the maximum number in need of healthcare is expected to drop on April 29. But that is not where the bad news ends — you should also prepare for deteriorating quality, the documents say:

“Decreased quality may need to be accepted, can no longer strive for maintained quality”

Dying are left to wait at home

The region is also preparing for a situation in the future when fewer staff will handle more and more patients. In One solution to the situation says that coronavirus patients should be cared for at home.

Physicians from primary care will also be “quickly trained” across the web in so-called end-of-life care in order to deal with patients in their final hours and thus relieve the hospitals.

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  1. Sounds like a case of the elderly Swedish voters getting precisely the government they deserve; good and hard.

  2. Professor: “Shut down society now”
    The public health authority’s strategy
    continues to be sawn. “Shut down
    as much as you can.

    Close all of Sweden
    Still not too late. A short but total
    shutdown costs the least, both in kronor
    and in human life.

    Corona in elderly homes in 90 municipalities.
    Anders Tegnell acknowledges that the strategy
    to protect the elderly has not succeeded.

    “No, obviously it has not done so. Stately

    59 corona deaths in Sweden last 24 hours
    Significant increase in deaths. The number of
    deceased has more than doubled in three days.

    The deadliest day in Spain so far
    Another 864 coronary deaths in the past
    24 hours. Over 9,000 have died in total.

    Children aged 12 die in corona
    Several notable cases in Europe.
    In the United States, the youngest
    death victim was an infant.

    USA: Two million would die without
    intervention Expect that measures
    against the spread of infection have
    a strong effect. Up to a quarter of a
    million Americans are believed to
    still die from covid-19.

    Stockholm hospital overcrowded within a week
    Internal documents from the Stockholm region.
    Physicians should be trained quickly online
    to care for the dying in their homes.

    Where are the ventilators?

    Coronavirus confirmed among Swedish dogs
    But it is not the same virus type that now
    affects people. Transforms to infect new host

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