We Boys Have to Stick Together

The following report was broadcast recently on the Aktuellt program on Swedish television. In it various male high school students are interviewed about their reactions to the recent wave of culture-enriching violence, in which their peers have been subjected to larceny, beatings, and humiliation at the hands of the “New Swedes”. Significantly, it seems that the boys are now in the early stages of banding together to protect themselves from such attacks.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

02:45   Swedish Television visited a high school in Nacka [Central Stockholm]
02:48   to talk with the juveniles.
02:51   The students are talking here about a widespread worry of being attacked and robbed.
02:57   The students say that if you’re a young boy,
03:01   you must plan when you go outside, and decide what to wear.
03:04   I wouldn’t wear this jacket because I don’t want it to get cuts and damage.
03:09   It isn’t a kind you’d want to get rid of. I’d think: “Should I wear this
03:13   when I head outside, or a cheaper jacket?”
03:16   If someone threatens me with a knife to take it off,
03:20   it will be an easy decision to make! It could be when friends want to go back home,
03:26   they usually call or even sometime ask for a ride home,
03:29   because they don’t want to be walking late alone. Several weeks ago
03:33   someone was robbed nearby at 12:00 midnight.
03:37   You would think you can go by yourself at such times, but it could still happen.
03:42   Some students criticize the Plea Deal law,
03:46   which allows young perpetrators be sentenced to lighter penalties.
03:51   They’re young, sure. But they still have done something terrifying!
03:55   So why wouldn’t they get punished accordingly?
03:58   Do you mean, if someone in your age group commits a crime, they should get a full sentence?
04:03   Yes! I know that I shouldn’t rob or knock down anybody.
04:08   Why wouldn’t anybody grasp that as well as I do?
04:11   The students are experiencing the ongoing trend which the police also witness,
04:16   where juvenile perpetrators choose to excessively humiliate their victims when they rob them.
04:22   They usually record the assaults and publish them afterwards on the internet.
04:27   I have watched such videos online.
04:30   It’s bad enough to be robbed of your belongings,
04:34   but it’s far more terrible to be humiliated, urinated on or something like that.
04:40   The juveniles should try to stand together.
04:43   Because we are the most exposed! We’re the targeted group
04:46   when they’re out to rob, knock down and assault.
04:49   It’s important to go home frequently in pairs.
04:53   We should always try to be accompanied back home, as often as possible.
04:57   Otherwise, I might be the next victim.

12 thoughts on “We Boys Have to Stick Together

  1. Well, one should expect a hundred thousand years of animal instinct and masculine aggressiveness to kick in at some point, even though the modern feminist superpower of Sweden has tried to emasculate it out of it’s males going on several generations now. At least it is a start.

    What Europe’s native young male population needs is the equivilent of Palahniuk’s “Fight Club”. Without the opportunity for outlets for natural male aggressiveness and instinct to dominate other men in physical confrontations, the ability to do so atrophies to the point that they become easy targets for low IQ but highly aggressive african invaders. It isn’t too difficult to teach someone how to fight, but instilling the desire and awakening the suppressed instincts to aggressiveness is the real trick.

  2. Nacka = white uppeclass place. This goes to show, that enrichment has spread all over Stockholm. And why it has reached the papers at this late moment. Already in the nineties there were robberies of youngsters, but it only hit the proletarians, so noone noticed https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nacka_kommun

  3. There is a pronounced gender dimorphism in Swedish youth in party sympathies:


    The bar diagram shows party preferences for voters aged 18–29. Females, “Kvinnor” (engl . queen) to the left and males, Män, to the right. The letters at bottom denote the party they prefer:

    C Centern Liberal democrats; today very “globalist”.
    L Liberalerna “Teacher’s party”, similar to above.
    M Moderaterna Party of former Fredrik Reinfeldt, economical right wing.
    KD Kristdemokrater An offspring from M to “keep cristianity in”.
    S Socialdemokraterna Social democrats.
    V Vänstern Left party, communists.
    MP Miljöpartiet Greens
    SD Sverigedemokraterna Sweden democrats

    Today SD, M, KD may have started to form the conservative (patriotic) block in politics which would get majority against the globalist block (rest of parties) if there was an election today.

  4. Maybe it will only take a feeble typical young girlyman’s real Nordic male instinct to kick in some of allah’s bloody teeth. Discover that most incredible of feelings. It could spread like wildfire. Muslims are chain smoking around gas supplies.

    • This is exactly my impression of the Swedes – the immigrants don’t have any idea who they are provoking to fight – on their home turf.

  5. Street fight is not a boxing match, a street fight, best to carry weapons, and br fully prepared to instantly use them, attack first, take the fight always to the bully boy, never back up, if the foe trieds to back dont let, chase him down, finnish him off, so hes going remember for rest his life, what can happen when u want start trouble with strangers.

    If u live in europe, u have god given right in self defence!

    Now theres millions savages roaming around eu, thinking they own us.

    Its up to you to show them they dont.

    • Use weapons, attack first, and finish him off? Now this is a recepi for some barbarious savagery that will not produce good results.

      There is a magic in making your enemy strike the first blow, and kicking your enemy when he’s already on his back is simply wrong. And as for weapons, they should be used preferably as a deterrent.

      • You can’t just say “this is wrong” without saying how to do it right. These fine ethics will fail when you are confronted with an enemy who doesn’t share the same values in conflict resolution. The ones we are dealing with here WILL strike first, chase you down, finish you off, use any weapon they can, and be as cruel as they please all along. And will thus prevent you from carrying your ethics into the next generation. Or in not so many words: You’re dead. What now?

        • Sun Tzu – The Art of War:

          “…the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.”

          Or to quote Carl von Clausewitz: “War is an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will.”

          I am a simple Christian, I oppose Naziism, Communism, Islamism – because all of these ideologies have in them the “extermination of enemies”. Therefore, to do it right means to compell our enemy to share our christian values, like “our fight is not against the flesh but against evil spirits in high places”.

          If they strike first, like Nazi Germany, they will lose the war. If they would like to chase us down, I would prepare formidable defences like Israel does today. If they would want to finish us off by any weapon they can get their hands on, I would simply get a better weapon.

          But ultimately, the war is for the minds of men. That is why I would not lower myself to their standard. Because that, in my mind, means we have been compelled by our enemies to do their will…

          • I have to laugh, for the high moral ground is reserved for those who want to buried in it. If you think for one bloody minute that you will win a fight with these 3rd world savages with Queensbury rules, a cup of tea and some crumpets and quarter and mercy, you really have no idea of the enemy of which we fight. These 3rd world muslims and Africans understand and respect one thing, absolute, naked, ruthless force, anything else is a losing strategy with these savages in our midst. Want to win, get downright absolutely ruthless and medieval with them. Please do wake up from your old delusions from long ago, and get with the program.

            Violence is the supreme authority from which all authority is derived.

  6. ” We Boys Have to Stick Together”

    Think about the idea those six words convey:

    1. A noble notion of cooperating collectively after so many decades of being taught individuality. Going to church together would instill that meme in them. But going to church is a sign of mental illness. Scandinavians know better than self-inflicting mental illness by believing in fairy tales of Christianity. So now they discovered the advantage of togetherness. You don’t go together only to discoteque.

    The mosque is different. It does not cause mental illness in the west.

    2. The emergence of enemies triggered this noble attitude: hence enemies are essential to make you think deeply and get rid of mental shallowness. Noble attitudes emanate from lowly situations and urinated-on humiliation. This causes indiginous people to respect each other again and shet the mantle of selfishness.

    3. Humanism and love for all,m hate for none is a sublime slogan in books but useless in real life. You cannot force others to adopt your way of thinking. If you do, that means war. Muslims force their tactics of islamization and subjucation on the west. There is no war NOW because of denial, ( bigotry, racis, they are poor, oppressed, Crusades. mental illness, other rubbish) .

    4. We have to force others to do the right thing: Or force is authoritarian, oppression, totalitarianism, . . .

    But There were 3 captains who had a ship. Being wise like the Swedish, they divided it and each had his compartment. One day the Swedish captaon started to bore a hole in his portion. He was asked by the other two why he was doing that. He said that it was none of their business because that part belonged to him. Well, they murmured. This humanist wants to commit suicide. We cannot prevent that. But we can prevent tgaking others with him. So they offered him to the sharks.

    We have to eliminate the perverts or else.. .

  7. Could be the young men are realizing they have stones. Kids have always been more open, honest about feelings, cruel, etc. than adults. In their ‘innocent’ youth, they see some realities of life without the tempering of growing up. Not always a bad thing. There are lessons to be learned from the young…!!
    Looks to me as though some adults in Sweden ought to learn something from THEIR youngsters.

    Just an old cowboy’s interpretation…. -West

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