A SWAT Team for the Revolting Migrants of Suhl

I reported yesterday on the actions of rebellious “youths” at an asylum facility in the German city of Suhl in Thuringia. After one of the inmates was confirmed to be infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus, the entire facility was quarantined, and the inhabitants prevented from leaving. Needless to say, the “refugees” didn’t take kindly to the new limits placed on their freedom, so they revolted. The resulting violent disturbances required a large police presence to contain.

The Thuringian police have now solved the problem: a SWAT team stormed the refugee facility and dealt with the mischievous rascals who had been making trouble. A water cannon and a riot control vehicle were required to accomplish the mission. The members of the assault force in their hazmat suits looked like Imperial Storm Troopers from Star Wars.

Once again: considering how many police were required to contain the revolt, what would happen if multiple facilities in the area experienced the same sort of insurrection simultaneously?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Police removed troublemakers from refugee facility with a large contingent including
00:03   a water cannon and a riot control vehicle. In the city of Suhl in Thuringia, Germany police were
00:07   on a Corona mission. In the refugee facility, several asylum seekers barricaded themselves off.
00:11   Their building was under quarantine following a confirmed case of the coronavirus.
00:14   Since then no refugees have been permitted to leave the premises.
00:18   Thuringia: Coronavirus in the refugee facility — SWAT team mission in Suhl
01:43   SWAT team dispatched to refugee facility because of Merkel guests with an ISIS flag.
01:46   Water cannon, riot control vehicle and police in Hazmat gear
01:49   enter buildings around 5pm. The battle of Suhl 2020 A.D.

14 thoughts on “A SWAT Team for the Revolting Migrants of Suhl

  1. What a insanity!!, what a Germans need this parasites for ???, all this chaos on top on this virus ???, those not even refugees, this savages are Afghans, Pakistani , an on and on , Merkel screw up this country big time , and. Looks like this is no end with this horror, I can’t not believe this how she still in the office, they not came for work, they came for free money and as a bonus They can reap young girls, I think this “ refugees “ was taken from Turkey/ Greece border , that means they are criminals straight from prison !!, Erdogan send them to Europe, that means Greece defending Europe’s door , and Merkel brings them anyway by busses and planes , speechless, totally speechless..

    • Communists like Merkel never leave office until physically removed. They crave power like a drug fix. Merkel like all Socialists is a junkie. She cannot help herself-she is a blood sucker. .. a political leach.

      • Exactly!

        How is that fat ugly whore communist nazi traitor merkel

        STiLL in power in Germany???? How can this be possible??

        They have managed to fool a very large % of germans, like hitler nazis did, with lies, propaganda, using and careful control of media, banning, jailing people who dare speak truth, and thereby rigging reality.

        I still believe at some point, peoplenare going go out on streets, in millions, and going storm that reichstag traitors building in berlin, and also eussr building in belgium,
        And capture these communist filthy traitors like they did the nsdap in 1945,
        It just needs to be organised, prob a million people ot less can overthrow these phony leaders, that are leading us into genocide.

        I prey it happens soon. I believe it will happen! History repeats…..

  2. One would think that a logical next response by the invaders would be to coordinate their mischief among multiple invader centers via cell phone. It also leads to the next question; why have they not done so?

    I cannot believe that the German police and police state is so incompetent that it does not monitor cell phone traffic and social media from the invaders, but incidents like this leads me to believe that that is the case. Likely they were too busy monitoring AfD politicians to allocate resources to monitoring the enemy already inside the gates.

    • One always needs to find a pathway to victory. The German state (and the other states invaded) will not have a path to victory unless they have a path to expel the invaders already in their borders.

      They can use water canons and tear gas, but the invaders are free to riot another time or even better for them: engage in covert but deadly activity.

      The Germans, French, Swedes etc are simply sweeping the problem under the rug. Unless there is a path to deportation, there is no solution, and all activity by the security forces is for show.

      I liked the Israeli solution. They contracted with some warlord or another to claim all undocumented illegals as citizens of his fiefdom and for a price accepted the refugees. The Israelis weren’t too concerned about what happened after they dumped the illegals.

      Amazingly, Trump agreed to accept thousands of these undocumented African interlopers, rather than allow them the rigors of deportation into the realm of the warlord.

  3. Crush these verminous bastards. Millions of Buddhist and Hindus are wiped out. We are next on their list as far as they are concerned. These coming days London will be interesting to watch,

    • Supermarkets in London requesting police protection! That’s a laugh. Police will stand and watch looters – provided of course they are not ethni Brits.

  4. One can see the use of children (as reported yesterday on GofV) in the front line at 31 seconds.

  5. The toilet roll obsession in the pandemic lines explains the logic behind the importation of Muslims and mass murder. It makes no sense. It just is. Merkel still in charge. Rallying the German population to that WW2 spirit. Would that be Nazi or Axis? Soviet?

  6. Good training opportunity for a future actions :-))
    Those Allach” soldiers” after all look like a chicken coming to be roast..

  7. “…what would happen if multiple facilities in the area experienced the same sort of insurrection simultaneously?” That remains to be seen. My guess is we’ll see it. The social and political consequences of the China virus will be longer lasting in Europe than in China.

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