Revolting Migrants, French Version

The popular French commentator Eric Zemmour reports that migrants in the culturally-enriched neighborhoods of France have risen to the challenge of the coronavirus crisis by rioting and looting supermarkets.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [Quote from President Pompidou] Governing is coercion. One really has the impression
00:03   that Emmanuel Macron, by doing so, is very modern. He doesn’t manage to coerce, actually,
00:06   to be more precise, he doesn’t manage to admit he is coercing. — He convinces rather than coerces.
00:11   Yes, but in this case we have to coerce. We can see it precisely, there are already problems.
00:15   In Saint Denis, as you have seen, in the 18th arrondissement, at the Duchère in Lyon,
00:19   there are already many people in the immigrant neighborhoods who have started to revolt.
00:23   They don’t want to respect the quarantine. This could end very badly.
00:26   There is already looting in the supermarkets.
00:29   In the big supermarkets. Here’s it’s not about convincing, it’s about coercion.

5 thoughts on “Revolting Migrants, French Version

  1. Well now is time for the French nation to rise up with a vengeance that will make up for any and all list time. As Angela the Alligator would insist. Every western EU country must do it’s bit of clearing outhouses.

  2. Is anyone surprised orcs are revolting?

    I do find it surprising that the vaunted French riot police, so adept at gassing and beating Gilet Jaunes have the exact opposite response to hordes of rioting and looting orcs. I suppose it isn’t quite so fun when those you are beating and gassing are capable and willing to fight back.

    I am going to go dump some more money into shares of makers of white flags and ISIS flags.

    • That’s how the British police work too – they stand by and watch phoney Brits riot, but when ethnic Brits protest – the Countryside March for instance, and the miners’ strike – the police are more than happy to crack skulls. The British police are hated by all.

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