Open Season on the Women of Amsterdam

Femke Halsema is the mayor of Amsterdam. She represents the party GroenLinks, which used to be the Communist Party.

The following article concerns the safety of women in Amsterdam. Ordinary citizens in Amsterdam are well aware that the cultural enrichment of the city has negatively impacted the safety of women, but that fact is never talked about as a possible reason for the surge of crimes targeting women and girls. It simply can’t be discussed, not while the communists hold power in the city.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this piece from De Telegraaf:

Mayor Halsema: Great concern for their safety

Half of Amsterdam women are intimidated on the street

Amsterdam — The city leadership of Amsterdam is greatly concerned about the safety of girls and women in Amsterdam. According to Mayor [Femke] Halsema, girls and young women are being confronted with sexual intimidation or violence in increasing numbers. Therefore, she is announcing measures.

Research shows that 51% of women in Amsterdam have been confronted with street intimidation. For the ages 15 to 34, the percentage is 81%. Many reports come especially from the region around the Central Station, by the red-light district, around the Leidseplein [Square], Bijlmer, Jan Evertsenstraat [Street] and the Mercatorplein [Square]. Also online there is a large increase in sexual harassment and violence.

Halsema states that for a smaller group of girls and women the situation in Amsterdam is “really alarming and almost hopeless due to a negative spiral of abuse and violence, sometimes extended over several generations.” The most unsafe place for women is at home; many perpetrators are ex-partners or family members. In Amsterdam, for example, the number of registered violent incidents went up by 7 percent: from 6,183 in 2017 to 6,608 in 2018.

Greater readiness to report

The figures are a reason for Halsema to begin a campaign, the focus of which is victims of sexual intimidation and violence, on the street or online. One of the aims is to create a greater readiness to report, so that the police and the Public Prosecution Service can conduct investigations. A personal approach is also being launched for girls who have repeatedly been victims of sexual violence.

Halsema is also entering into talks with the hotel-restaurant and night club industry because personnel are likely to see the practices of pinching, intimidation and abuse. “Most do not count this as one of their responsibilities.”

Search for safe places

For victims, safe places to live and be sheltered have become the most sought after, even outside the city. Social workers are also encouraged to work differently. “Social workers and parents often have little control, and there also seems to be a professional inability whereby the problems are incompletely recognized or cases where people work past each other,” says the mayor. In addition, the existing area ban that the mayor is now putting on notorious nuisance offenders will also be put in place for people who annoyingly hang around near a shelter for vulnerable girls, or who are demonstrably sexually intrusive on the street.

Social workers and parents often have little control

The causes of sexual intimidation and violence, just like the situations in which the victims find themselves, are diverse, writes Halsema. Along with classical patterns of power inequality, based on tradition or physical strength, in Amsterdam, “reactionary ideas about the equality of men and women reappear.”

She refers to a study in which it is written how upcoming religious fundamentalists and secular extreme-right movements encourage and justify hate toward women. “Under the mask of a restoration of traditional role patterns, whereby women are subordinate to the demands and wishes of men, a woman’s ‘no’ is openly doubted or ignored. With the presence of religious fundamentalism in our local society, there is even talk of the re-entry of age-old and forbidden phenomena such as forced marriages and female circumcision.”

“Walking hand in hand can be dangerous”

Halsema writes that almost every Amsterdam woman has felt unsafe, either in public spaces or in the private domain. “The same goes for LGBHQ people. Walking hand in hand can be risky. Being alone can put your safety and physical integrity at risk. Not only on the street, but also behind closed doors, in houses, hotels and schools, the security and freedom of a portion of Amsterdamers cannot always be guaranteed. This is not only sad, it is also unacceptable.”

Amsterdam earlier introduced a ban on street intimidation, but it is not enforced in the capital city because the court in the Hague earlier ruled that the similar Rotterdam provision is not legally valid. According to the judges, such a ban can only be introduced by the Second and First Chambers of Parliament.

26 thoughts on “Open Season on the Women of Amsterdam

  1. women power, the future is female, toxic masculinity, mansplaining, women are angels, men are beasts…

    The women are so independent there is no need for a man to protect them, equal rights…

    The feminists are finally getting what they preach?

    • Though generally a friend of the females, I can not hide my Schadenfreude. I can hardly think of any man that would step in to help a girl in distress like in the old days.
      But paradigms have changed: back then, your max risk was a punch to your nose, whereas today you face stabbing.

    • I would venture that arming themselves would curtail this, as in America, we have a right to bear arms. Islam is a disease. A blight on humanity. And until people recognize that they have no intent of joining and assimilating into a country or culture, instead abusing the common decency and culture to their advantage and dominating it out of existence… this will continue, feminism is an excuse, survival is the goal, defend yourselves.

      • Quote from the web: The Netherlands: It is Illegal for civilians to own and carry pepper spray. Only police officers trained in the specific use of pepper spray are allowed to carry and use it against civilians and animals…

        • What is legal or not is irrelevant and immaterial at this point, it is your God given right to protect your God given life. So carry a good reliable pistol and do what you must, if you fire it, walk away like it never happened. Otherwise go ahead and be sheep for the slaughter.

      • I was just thinking, if it were here, or I were there, my big kitchen knife could be useful…… purely for chopping meat of course.

        • It doesn’t matter where you are, always carry one of God’s(not allah) magazine fed bundles of joy where ever you go.

  2. The Left are discovering what fools they have been. They have been schizophrenically fighting for the triumph of feminism and for islamisation of Europe at the same time. Now (and only now!) some of them are waking up to the “values” of feminism and those of Islam are absolutely incompatible. This may be the beginning of a war between feminists and Islamists. Who will win, I wonder? What’s your bet?

    • ” the left are discovering what fools they have been.” no they are not! the only fools are those people that still believe this isn’t exactly what the left intended. they want to destroy every democratic country in the world. they want to make the countries unlivable so people will revolt. the muslims are their surrogate army doing the evil deeds that the communists use to have to do to destroy a country. even hear of a glorious revolution because things were going good in a country?

      • Agree with you 100 %..
        Muslims and theirs sick Islam ideology are used as a useful political tool..Masters and switch controllers are somewhere else..and there purpose is one..Wipe out White,Christian,Latin Culture Europe !! by ANY means..

    • They are not feminists. Who would really want to stop a woman who had talents in say… medicine, science, law, fulfilling those talents? However many women are sold the lie that they are better off, working themselves to a frazzle, at a soulless job, than staying at home, being mistress of their own house and bringing up the kids and looking after their husband, freeing him from some of the domestic hassles so he can go out and earn for them all. BTW, I am a scientist, so I am not suggesting all women should do as I do, some would be much happier not working for the dime (or penny over here).

  3. The replacements want some of that sugar honey and they are entitled.
    Now go along quietly or be charged with a hatecrime.
    Enjoy the fruits of your glorious multi-kulti utopia.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  4. Hmmm. Will this type events occurring so often change, Dutch National priority Agenda ?.. From endangerment of Dutch National existence and survival posed by “polish plumber” to risk coming from multiculti man and atomic physics engineers and doctors ?
    We in Poland feel envy,that we don’t have such a worldly dilemmas.. quiet,boring life excitement at all..Sometime we feel like 3 World country.. even international engineers,doctors want come here..Any clue why is that ??

  5. So called equal rights has a lot to answer for. The pathetic western EU with its femixed maxed out block of dead heads and Islamists.
    JC, the female anchor is fast tracking Albania and another fourth world Balkan dumpster divers to offset the UK. Yes they are serious. It’s being called “a win-win”. Rise and shine – with great MALE force. If we don’t others will.

  6. Oh yes by all means the government that created the problem will be the same one that will solve it. Except that any viable real solution will also be deemed to be not legally viable for enforcement under the current rule of law. Remember this is Amsterdam where prostitution is legal and regulated by the same government that isn’t concerned about solving the conflicting paradigms which it brought about into its own society. Yet people there expect that it will do something.

    Is this not the exact clash of civilizations they called for in order to create a new global citizenry? Then to always blame the usual boogeymen, the secular extreme-right and the religious fundamentalists. Did anyone expect anything different? This being their modern versions of Emmanuel Goldstein to which they can direct their required two minutes of hate towards and away from any governmental officials and their institutions who are the ones creating all of the problems.

    Those in the governing bodies who are never held to account by those they govern and lord over. This is Amsterdam today. Just be glad you and your family don’t live there. I’ll never go there either. It is now just another place to avoid. Like a no-go zone. Just like I’ll never go to a city whose government has betrayed and abandoned its people. Baltimore, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, San Franciso et al.

    • you can’t never expect a dependent people to vote for freedom. the European is so enamored of the dole and the politicians that promise it they will continue to vote for these communists even if it means their extinction.

  7. The mayor of Amsterdam cares only about herself and communism. In that order. Her husband rubbed some salt in her wound by not accepting 40 hrs of community service for having an illegal weapon in their house. That very expensive house, by the way, is rented for next to nothing by the city to the mayor.

  8. does this mayor write the curriculum for women’s studies departments of American colleges? her speech is a whole lot of blatter about women’s rights that doesn’t address the problem of sexual assault in amsterdam and will do nothing about it.

  9. Just what the [deuce] did you think would happen when you import hundreds of thousands of third world savages whose religion allows women to be viewed as nothing but objects placed there for the pleasure of men? Sheer and utter lunacy.

  10. I wonder if there have been other cultures that have tried to use Islam for their own revolutions?…like the progressives seem to be doing.

    It truly is an odd alliance with such opposing beliefs. Amazing.

    Or, maybe the Islamists are trying to use the progressives. Who is the most cunning?

    Or maybe there was no planning or scheming by either group. Maybe it is all inadvertent?

    The US being allied with Saudi Arabia or Turkey seems almost as incongruent.

    • On a related note. The Tudeh Communists were instrumental in bringing about the Islamic revolution in Iran. Have a look at what happened to them afterwards. If only “liberal progressives” could actually reason.

  11. You can’t run feminism and Islam concurrently. The male need to establish reproductive rights will always trump any female objections. Those that instigated feminism and it’s present day adherants,threw away a benign but extremely effective patriarchy that made them the most privelaged group ever to exist on planet earth at any time in its history. The split second that you let women have any control over any form of national discourse,is the second it starts to go wrong,it simply infects the entire discourse with neurosis,and neurosis,is contagious.

    It’s most probably past the tipping point by now. It’s perfectly normal for women to reproduce offspring that conform to the physical norm in their vicinity thus women in the inner cities will begin to choose Islamised/Africanised fathers. Inner city birthrates are high and also the western governments haven’t finished importing the third world immigrants yet. There are also no signs that the government’s will withdraw funding for the project. We will be in a strange situation of foreigners with IQ’s of 80 running roughshod over middle class Europeans with IQ’s of 120 and excluding them from the workplace via legislation. Go to any government office in the UK,it’s already starting to happen. The literacy standards of many of the employees are a catastrophe and the lack of pattern recognition intelligence is truly frightening.

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