How No-Go Zones Are Created And Maintained, Part 4`

The three videos below are the conclusion of a series of twelve reports on culture-enriching violence against the emergency services in the Netherlands. Previously: Part 1 (videos 1-3), Part 2 (videos 4-6), and Part 3 (videos 7-9).

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #10: Officer assaulted by head-kickers

Video #11: Victimised officer talks about stopping [Turkish] wedding caravan

Video #12: SIRE Public service announcement | Hands off our first responders: ambulance

Video transcript #10:

00:02   We’ve organized a roundtable discussion on the subject:
00:09   violence against first responders during last New Year’s Eve.
00:13   I was victimized during a New Year’s Eve shift, in which I, but also colleagues, were assaulted.
00:21   So I hope I get extra time to tell you all my story. Thank you.
00:29   I’ve put it on paper.
00:33   I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Marcel.
00:36   I work in the Segbroek area with rank at the brigade level, senior area-bound police,
00:42   and deployable in basic police care. I’ve been active in this organization for 16 years,
00:46   and I still do this with a lot of passion.
00:49   We work to make neighborhoods, cities and regions safe and livable.
00:54   Our work consists of surveillance, prevention, advice, dealing with traffic incidents,
00:58   simple forensic research, but above all, helping, and enforcing laws and rules.
01:03   We are here to serve the community.
01:06   I’m here not just as a police officer.
01:09   But also as… um… the father of two daughters, and a husband.
01:15   My family wants me to return home safely, too.
01:18   I am also here as a victim. I’m also here because Mr. Paul Vermussen [?]
01:22   asked me to tell my story concerning a violent incident
01:25   during New Year’s Eve, in which I and three colleagues
01:29   were assaulted at the Newtonplein here in the Hague.
01:32   The cause was an incident of vandalism or arson of street furniture,
01:36   in which I arrested the suspect.
01:39   His little brother interfered with our arrest, which resulted in two hard punches to my face.
01:45   We fell, and as I was lying on the ground I was punched and kicked in the head
01:49   and all over my body. My three colleagues were also assaulted by the mob, and kicked and punched,
01:55   and that mob consisted of parents, family and little friends (children).
02:00   They turned against police. It was so bad, backup had to be called.
02:06   We only do this in an emergency; we don’t do this just for fun. This was one of those situations.
02:14   Backup arrived from all directions, with sirens and flashing lights.
02:17   In the end they managed to create a secure perimeter, and public order was restored.
02:23   All of us were wounded, and could not continue our shift. That is regrettable.
02:28   It could have been such a fun night. We were treated by a medical team.
02:33   Result: a colleague with a concussion. Neck and back injuries, bruises.
02:38   I was taken to hospital for further treatment.
02:41   I had head and neck injuries, and had to go through a neck scanner.
02:45   Fortunately, nothing serious was found.
02:49   All four of us had to report in sick with our employer.
02:53   I was able to go to work again after two weeks,
02:56   though in a limited way. One colleague is still staying home and recovering.
03:01   Of all the wounded colleagues, I came off relatively well.
03:05   You have to understand that this had an enormous impact on us, both physically and mentally.
03:13   What personally shocked me was that my assault was filmed and posted on the internet.
03:19   I received this video [swallows]
03:26   and to this day, when I watch it, it affects me.
03:29   Filming me. Civilians can film me in my public role, and publish the video on the internet.
03:35   When the police do this, too, it goes against all norms and morality.
03:40   All the more reason to equip officers with body-cams as soon as possible.
03:44   I, for one, am very much in favor of this.
03:49   I’m also in favor of more manpower and equipment. More “blue in the street”.
03:54   The unions mentioned this in their letter, and described the need accurately.
03:59   I think you’ve all received a copy.
04:03   My message to you, and I’m looking at all of you, my dear MPs:
04:07   This can’t be allowed to happen again. Keep your hands off first responders!
04:11   You politicians have the power and the means to make this stop.
04:18   Please step up. I thank you.
04:22   Thank you very much.

Video transcript #11:

00:01   The leader of the [wedding] caravan got out of his car immediately and walked up to me,
00:08   and… I asked for his driver’s license five times. I told him
00:12   I was seizing it, and if he didn’t comply I’d arrest him.
00:15   I demanded it three times… I told him don’t do it,
00:18   you’re going to a wedding, you have a party to attend. He didn’t care; he wouldn’t
00:21   give me his license. So I said he was under arrest, and asked him to come over to my car.
00:25   Then the whole thing started all over again, he refused to let me accompany him to the car.
00:28   So I said, if you don’t comply I’ll handcuff you. By then he was very close,
00:32   which was convenient because I could put the cuffs on one of his arms,
00:36   and then I said, if you don’t comply I’ll pepper you. He refused, so I took my spray
00:43   and pepper-sprayed his eyes. I thought, at least we’ll have a level playing field,
00:49   and he ran off, but he was still cuffed, so I wanted to grab him,
00:52   and right at the moment I wanted to grab him, I felt a punch to my neck, and… um…
00:57   then… I realized I was getting up, I think I got up rather fit.
01:01   Definitely. —So I thought, maybe I went out for a moment, but otherwise it’s not that bad.
01:07   The first few days I felt the adrenaline, and had the plan to go work, but…
01:14   I was in church on Sunday morning and I walked out halfway through, because I couldn’t handle it.
01:19   I visited my doctor next day, and he said I had to lie down in a dark room, that whole thing.
01:23   You were left with a concussion? —Yes.
01:26   My second son is eight. My doctor advised, because in case of a concussion,
01:29   apparently you have to be woken every hour,
01:32   and he [his son] would come downstairs using all kind of lame excuses.
01:36   His hair was giving him trouble, or his toenail, little things like that.
01:41   And I asked him, why are you doing that? Well…
01:44   that was to check to see if Papa was still awake. He was so miserable, that’s just not right.
01:49   It affected my children a bit too much. And that’s what I really hold against these people.

Video transcript #12:

00:00   Article 24 of the Geneva convention:
00:04   Medical personnel exclusively engaged in the collection, transport, or treatment
00:10   of the wounded and sick, attached to the armed forces,
00:14   shall be respected, and protected, in all circumstances.
00:21   If we respect first responders in wartime, why then not in times of peace?
00:35   Hands off our first responders. SIRE — Sign the petition on

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  1. The one reason that no one mentions about why and how no-go zones are created and maintained is because for reasons of weakness or malevolence, western european governments have chosen to tolerate this behavior from non-native invaders. The response from the French government to the gilet jaunes or the German government to the AfD shows there is a double standard in applying the law to demonstrations of native vs non-native inhabitants. I don’t believe that if the gilet jaunes decided to make a few rural villages no-go zones for French government officials and first responders that the government would sit idly by and allow it.

    The observed fact that this behavior is so widespread and so seldom prosecuted or even when prosecuted, punished leniently if at all indicates that this is something which has official sanction at the highest levels of government in multiple european countries. The appropriate question then becomes “why?”

  2. Exactly, why our daughters and small kid have to reape and harass?, why women can’t go in the evening outside by them self ? , why this leaches, savages have to lived from our tax money for rest of their life’s , whole family including, why We are Europeans have to suffer from this disgusting unnecessary madness , just because this traitors politicians decided to destroy whole continent in the speedway..

  3. Germany is not run by Germans. France is not run by the French. When that changes in the future, here’s to hoping that blame will be properly placed with the globalist ruling class.

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