How No-Go Zones Are Created And Maintained, Part 2

The three videos below are the second group in a series of twelve reports on culture-enriching violence against the emergency services in the Netherlands. Part 1 (videos 1-3) is here.

Many thanks to C for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #4: Ambulance doesn’t dare to enter refugee shelter

Video #5: “Aggressive paramedic” acquitted

Video #6: Tram conductor assaulted

Video transcript #4:

00:03   A remarkable sight at the refugee shelter in Zaandam.
00:06   An ambulance is waiting outside while a person inside needs medical attention.
00:11   Only when the police escort arrives does the ambulance enter the grounds.
00:14   This is because of this incident from January.
00:18   Refugees assaulted first responders, and ever since the paramedics
00:22   don’t dare enter the premises without police escort. After this incident,
00:27   an agreement was made to decide if a police escort would be needed on a case-by-case basis.
00:31   But in reality the norm is for the ambulance to wait until officers arrive.
00:36   The incident last night concerned a woman who was lying unconscious on the ground.
00:40   Due to waiting for the police, the ambulance arrived to help the woman 18 minutes late.
00:45   Fortunately she regained consciousness during the wait, and the refugee was treated on location.

Video transcript #5:

00:03   Hey come on, come on!
00:07   My knee! My knee! My knee!
00:12   Yesterday evening, several first responders showed up at the site of a car crash on the Ijdoornlaan [Amsterdam].
00:17   Two drivers have been wounded and need [medical] attention.
00:20   But suddenly bystanders get involved, and they harass the first responders.
00:27   But why are you touching me?! —To help you, you retard!
00:32   [Ruben Sprong, Amsterdam police]: Where they came from exactly is not clear at the moment.
00:35   But it’s possible they heard about the crash and went there.
00:39   What it comes down to is that several bystanders interfered with the work of the paramedics.
00:45   Footage shows how a paramedic defends himself when he is attacked by a bystander.
00:49   The paramedic uses his hands to keep him at a distance, but witnesses claim he grabbed the man
00:53   by the throat. Police cannot confirm this. —Of course, we’ve seen the same footage that you have.
01:00   Let’s not forget it was an intense situation.
01:04   And that the footage shows something of that situation, but maybe not everything.
01:14   Well, it’s of course absurd that first responders are interfered with like this.
01:19   This shouldn’t happen; unfortunately it sometimes does.
01:22   In this case, we were fortunately able to defuse the situation before it escalated…
01:27   by arresting the man who interfered with [the paramedics’] work.
01:31   The two women who were injured in the crash have neck problems and were taken to hospital.

Video transcript #6:

00:00   Again during New Year’s Eve, first responders were attacked in several places across the country.
00:04   Police had to protect firemen against stones and fireworks far more often than last year.
00:10   Police call it a busy night. They had to deal with about 7,000 incidents.
00:16   500 people were arrested. In The Hague, first responders were harassed
00:20   who tried to resuscitate a police officer after he was hit by a car.
00:24   Comply! —A sad low point this year was the incident in The Hague
00:28   in which a police officer was badly wounded when he got hit by a car.
00:33   He was helped by paramedics, and bystanders still thought it necessary to pelt them with fireworks.
00:39   Incomprehensible, unacceptable. —A few blocks away, riot police
00:43   put an end to unrest at the Kaapseplein [square].
00:46   But that was not all this New Year’s Eve.
00:52   At the Riederplein in Rotterdam South, riot police restored public order
00:56   after fireworks and stones were thrown at firemen.
00:59   They tried to stop a trailer and a scooter from burning down. This was a case of arson.
01:03   Riot police also charged [at troublemakers]
01:07   in the Rotterdam neighborhood of Spangen, and in Dordrecht.
01:11   In Amersfoort, riots broke out in the De Koppel neighborhood. 48 youngsters were arrested.
01:17   Shortly before midnight a car was set on fire. Riot police acted when
01:21   [illegal] avalanche rockets were fired at officers.
01:25   In Amsterdam at least eleven incidents occurred in which police, firemen,
01:29   and a traffic officer came under a barrage of heavy fireworks.
01:32   They too work with soul and passion for this society, want to protect the citizens, but
01:38   they want to return home safe and sound, and it’s unacceptable that their work is interfered with,
01:43   and we have to put our foot down. Accelerated sentencing,
01:46   double penalties; it is really unacceptable.

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  1. Shoot a few of these scum and it will not be neccessary to someday shoot all of them. What do these stupid native europeans think the end game will be if they continue to deal with these savages as they have dealt with them up to this point?

    • Exactly. Although I’d find it more satisfying to give them a good hiding with a heavy blunt instrument. Just watching these videos gets my hackles up.

    • It wont help . They already have such a great hate for us kaffirs and it is unacceptable to take advice or punishment from us as well as the fact that we are so much more advanced than them. So whatever you do you make sure you clean them out completely and utterly or else they will re-arm and escalate their brutality . Gain notoriety for taking no crap from anyone on home turf and those who remain must tread lightly for we dont hesitate to eliminate that which infringes on our freedoms on home turf . Kapiche ?

  2. I am afraid this is the symptom of leftist philosophy and soft policing. If these people want to fight, shouldn’t they be given one? Maybe afterwards, on the plane back to their countries of origin they will realise, violence hurts and violent behaviour has a price..

  3. It seems that apartheid ( seperate development ) was very advanced for its time and slowly but surely is being voluntarily implemented by various groups across Europe . Racism is most strong from all guests in Europe . They choose to destroy the host while the host just tries to smile and do nothing . Stockholm syndrome at its best. Now pay dearly for your idiocy. No pity for idiots who wont listen nor take advice from another country well on its way to hell , namely South Africa . And thanks for supporting the communist terrorists who are now in power. Every department is bankrupt and the last they are now stealing is the government pension fund . The second biggest single pension fund in the world. Reap what you sowed Sweden . No pity from my quarter , absolutely none. You must learn the hard way when ignorance and narcissism is your master .

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