Islamic Pedagogy in Pakistan

The following two videos discuss the practice of Islam in Pakistan, and particularly the way non-Muslims are treated in Pakistan.

The first video is an excerpt from an interview. It’s not clear whether the two speakers are in India or Pakistan, but they are talking about Pakistan.

The second video is an appeal to India for help for Hindu women and girls in Pakistan.

Many thanks to Janya for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: The curriculum in Pakistani madrassas

Video #2: The plight of Hindu girls in Pakistan

Video transcript #1:

00:00   This is a question on terrorism and ISI,
00:05   and types of terrorism attempts,
00:10   and how we can get rid of this.
00:15   The reason for Islamic terrorism is
00:20   religious thought as taught in madrassas,
00:25   and taught in their political movement.
00:30   All madrassas teach four things.
00:35   All religious preachers teach it. If not in front of you,
00:40   it will be taught behind you. Listen to what these four things are.
00:45   The first thing is that
00:50   any non-Muslim or any apostasy by Muslims —
00:55   meaning if anybody leaves Islam —
01:00   should be punished with death, and Muslim are allowed to execute that punishment.
01:05   The second thing taught in madrassas is:
01:10   All non-Muslims are slaves.
01:15   Except for Muslims, nobody has the right to rule.
01:20   Non-Muslim government is illegitimate.
01:25   Muslims will topple all illegitimate governments.
01:30   The third thing taught is:
01:35   In the world there should be only one government, which is called “Khilafat” [Caliphate].
01:40   All different forms of government have no meaning.
01:45   The fourth thing taught in madrassas is:
01:50   All democratic government is kafir.
01:55   This is foundation of our religious narrative.
02:00   If you receive such teaching, what will you do?
02:05   So I am telling the Pakistani government and the people of Pakistan:
02:10   Bring the correct narrative of Islam against this religious narrative.
02:15   If you will not present the correct narrative, such terrorists will keep on coming.
02:20   Translated by Janya

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Hindu sisters from Multan, Pakistan.
00:05   My sister and I are in trouble,
00:10   crying…
00:15   They beat us and tease us every day in front of our parents
00:20   …they also beat my mother.
00:25   “Sad story of Hindu girls in Sharia Pakistan” Modiji, please help.