Greta Enterprises, Inc.

From the moment she hit the headlines in 2018 it was obvious that somebody was making a lot of money off Greta Thunberg. You don’t see that much foofaraw about anyone in the mainstream media unless some entrepreneur is cashing in on her — or plans to. All the hype — Davos two years in a row, the UN, the pope, various heads of state, person of the year for Time, etc., etc. — is a sign that major players have a big stake in her. But who are those major players (aside from the obvious ones such as George Soros)?

Rebel Media sent an investigative reporter to Sweden to ask Greta questions about her sources of funding (and also about the phony way she was “discovered”). He didn’t get many answers, but he did discover that the Climate Messiah-ette has a surprising number of burly bodyguards around her who don’t shrink from manhandling nosy reporters:

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  1. I wonder what the carbon footprint is of Scoldilock’s goon squad. Certainly, they didn’t all cross the Atlantic both ways with her on the yacht. Did she just rent a different pair while in the US or did they fly across each way as well?

  2. That girl is sick , she have autism, she is used by globalist for brainwashing and propaganda purposes, why she is not going to China and India to fight this so called global warming!!, this countries created the most disgusting filth and pollution ( coronavirus) , just go and visit this 3th world countries to spread this [repugnant substance] , really…

  3. Well … many questions, and it’s been clear from the very beginning the guards are not gonna answer ones like “who is paying you”; naive questions to some degree I’d say.

    I think (much deeper) investigative work ought to be done here – like Peter Schweizer did so marvelously. Just quietly snoop around the guys, their cars, license plates; follow them home etc. etc. – that may bring the answers, and true bombshells. Antifa T shirts were very interesting: that nugget itself speaks volumes.

    What is obvious is this: Greta Inc. stinks to high heaven.

  4. I understand that a pushy, devious, and greedy daddy is also behind Little Miss Stompyfoot. Soros is actualizing the payday.
    Whatever the case, I call it child abuse.

    • Greta is no child. In days not so very long ago this piece of meat would have had a good five years of hard labour and lots of offspring in tow. Sweden and the west in general is busy importing more of the same.

  5. Yes, its all a big organised set up, with big money behind it all,
    Big pr companys from day one, a phony story, to create greta the messiah, use power of social media to manipulate the masses, like they been doing to overthrow whole countrys, by creating impressions of fake revolutions in maidan-ukraine, libya, venuzuala, and more.

    Paying people to protest!!! Rent a mob!!!!

    And Duping us all, that this swedish little mao girl, is innocent little girl found on street in stockholm- nice little fairy tale.

    Oh my god!!! This story, Its like rjght out of communist mao china, nkvd ussr,
    Theyve fooled half the world with this phony fairytale, but now its falling apart!!! The truth always will win.

  6. The greta thurneberg story has for sure shades of 1930s, Leni Riefenstal and The Nazi propganda goebbels manipulation machine.
    Using set up photo ops. Staged Video productions, but using 2020 video and computer high tech! Linked in with inet-social media madness,
    All Taken to another dimension.

    Its time to wake people, wake up….

  7. Thanks for posting that. I get updates from Rebel Media (notwithstanding that I find Ezra Levant unpleasant) because of their updates on Tommy Robinson); a couple of days ago they posted this, but wanted payment before I could see it.

  8. VIDEO

    The truth about Greta Thunberg
    261,609 views • May 23, 2019

    Bara Politik (Just politics)
    The truth behind the phenomenon of Greta Thunberg.
    What is really behind Greta’s school strike as she did?
    Was it the climate, or are there other connections?

    • I read an article about this. When Greta boycotted school for the very first time, a family female friend decided to film Greta. The friend makes film documentaries. The parents are actors. At the end of that first day of Greta boycotting school, the friend approached the parents and a calculated plan was hatched. And here we are today.

      They claim her movement is organic, but it isn’t. Al Gore became involved immediately. As did the WWII Nazi George Soros.

      Greta’s appearance is kept to make her look younger than what she is. She is now 17 years old.
      A photo showed Greta and her mother in their home, sitting on expensive chairs made with fossil fuels, they use cell phones, jackets, etc…..all made with fossil fuels. Greta’s team flies to wherever Greta is. It would be interesting to know how much money the family is making from this.

      They think we are too stupid to see what they are doing.
      They need to be challenged about the products they use and their hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is the norm for Communist Globalists.

  9. The British Crown Prince Charles has a hectic travel schedule. Just in the new two weeks, his aircraft and helicopters flew 2,600 miles to slam land in Davos where he met climate activists Greta Thunberg.
    Prince Charles has long been involved in environmental and climate issues. Men his mission for the British royal house makes it difficult for him to travel as environmentally friendly as he himself advocates.

    Before the Prince landed in Davos, for the annual World Economic Forum, where
    he held speeches and shook hands with Greta Thunberg, he had nothing else to fly and back from Oman while sending new jets to the place where the Prince was at to pick him up , Daily Mail reveals.

    In total, the Prince’s private jet and helicopters, with or without him aboard, have flown 16,000 English miles, just under 26,000 kilometers, for the last 11 days.

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