The Nuisance Asylum Seekers of Nijemegen

Remember the angry “Dutch” culture-enrichers who were terrorizing bus drivers in the Netherlands because they didn’t want to pay any fares? Well, they’re back, this time in the city of Nijemegen.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Dutch daily De Gelderlander:

Nuisance Asylum Seekers: Security on Grave-Nijmegen Bus

Grave/Nijemegen — A group of asylum seekers has for weeks been causing inconvenience on bus line #99 from Uden to Nijemegen. The bus operator Connexxion has security ride on the bus because drivers are harassed and intimidated

by Jaap Rademaker
January 24, 2020

Currently, the problem mainly concerns the route between the Grave bus station and Nijmegen, says the spokesman Anton Masteling of the Central Agency for Reception of Asylum seekers (COA). “It concerns a group of some 25 people. From 8 of them we know that they come from the asylum seeker center in Grave.” The origin of the other troublemakers is not yet known.

The nuisance mainly consists of not wanting to pay for a bus ticket or verbal and intimidating aggressive behavior against drivers. “Lately, it has been somewhat quieter in Grave,” says Masteling. “However, it is possible that the problem will move to some other place.”

Hopeless Asylum Seekers from Safe Countries

The Brabant state chapter of the PVV has asked questions about the problem on the bus line between Uden and Nijemegen. According to the party, it concerns “hopeless asylum seekers from safe countries who are terrorizing the bus drivers.” Masteling says on behalf of COA that he currently can make no comment about this. “There is consultation with all parties and with the police. If Connexxion makes a statement, prosecution can be initiated with the camera images.”

It is unknown whether there is a connection between this group causing a nuisance on the bus and the group of young asylum seekers from safe countries who were involved in robberies during the last two months in Nijmegen. There were 64 reports in two months of pickpockets committing thefts in the city center. During their robberies, the young robbers mostly hit train travelers and the public.

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    • Nice to see their lives were lost for a good cause.

      Same goes for France and Germany.

      In retrospect, seeing how the lives of Americans were squandered by those who they liberated and their ungrateful descendents, I do not see a single place on the planet outside of the USA that is worthy of a drop of American blood.

      • good variation of the Bismarck-quote about the Balkans!
        I do all to often have to remind Trump- or US bashers here that the US has sacrificed half a million of its finest young men to set us free from Nazi reign. This silences them in most cases.

  1. Not sure I understand this. If they’re from “safe countries” then they don’t need to seek asylum and should be shipped back from whence they came.

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