GrandmaGate Scandal Engulfs Germany

On Monday I reported on a propaganda song recorded by the German state broadcaster WDR2 (West Deutsch Rundfunk 2, West German Broadcasting 2). The boys at WDR used a children’s choir to create a little ditty pushing action to stop “climate change”. The children in the choir sang an irritating song about “Grandma”, whom they labeled “an old environmental pig”.

Well. The invasion of hundreds of thousands of third-world migrants is not enough to get ordinary German citizens to take to the streets. Not even if those culture-enrichers engage in rape, assault, robbery, arson, and other forms of general mayhem. But insulting their grandmas — that’s going too far!

The first video below is a news report about the controversy caused by the anti-grandma song, and the way it is being exploited by right-wing extremists. The second video shows a protest in front of WDR’s offices in Cologne by offended grandmas and their supporters. Antifa shock troops were present in force, to make sure those Nazi grandmas didn’t get out of line.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   “My Grandma drives in the chicken coop with her motorcycle, motorcycle,
00:03   motorcycle…” —Well, that really escalated. The satirical song
00:06   about a grandma who drives an SUV and cooks up a pork chop every day.
00:10   “My Grandma is an old environmental pig!”
00:15   The outrage about this video was huge. Children are being exploited and the elderly slandered.
00:21   As a result, the WDR [West German Broadcasting] removed the video.
00:24   With good reason, according to Director Tom Buhrow. His reason:
00:27   Satire should be poking fun, and I’ve been the target of satire as well,
00:30   especially in times such as these.
00:33   That has to be tolerated. However, satire should not slander
00:36   an entire population group, and that’s what happened here.
00:39   At least that’s how it was perceived by many older people.
00:43   There’s even criticism about the fact that the satire video was removed.
00:49   One of the voices critical of the broadcaster’s handling of the satirical video
00:53   is the caricaturist Burkhard Mohr.
00:56   When this kind of satire is no longer permitted in Germany,
01:00   then I have to ask myself, shouldn’t we then just forbid every form
01:04   of satire in general? Because it seems as though there are just
01:08   too many people who are insulted, offended and outraged.
01:12   And what will happen to our freedom of speech and
01:16   our freedom to think if we constantly react to those
01:19   who are offended or outraged, and orient ourselves according to their wishes and must apologize?
01:25   The discussion has already escalated on the internet. A s***storm was raging this time,
01:31   according to the communications consultant Erik Flügge,
01:35   the flames of which were fanned by right-wing opinion-makers. —This is where
01:40   we really have to be careful. Not everyone that was upset about this video is a right-winger.
01:43   Not everyone that disliked this song is a right-winger,
01:46   but there are right-wing groups that fanned the flames,
01:49   which created massive pressure. That’s the reason
01:52   this is very problematic. When WDR removed the video,
01:56   now right-wingers have of course understood that
01:59   in the event of doubt, WDR can be forced to apologize
02:02   and remove certain reports from the highest level of direction, by external pressure.
02:09   It was an employee of WDR that fanned the flames further with his tweet.
02:13   He further insulted grandmothers (by calling them “Nazi pigs” as well).
02:16   The spiral of escalation continued as a spontaneous demonstration against the satire video was held
02:21   in front of the WDR building yesterday. According to police,
02:24   among the 100 demonstrators were right-wing extremists.
02:27   And now there are even death threats against certain WDR employees.
02:31   Obviously we will do everything in our power to protect them. That means, personal protection
02:34   if necessary and accepted by the targeted individual. Legally, we are examining
02:38   whether or not we can file a complaint against unknown persons by the police.
02:42   Our lawyers are working on this already and examining these threats, and we will take
02:45   every available means to combat this and do everything to protect our employees.
02:48   An online satire video has morphed into a scandal in real life.
02:53   An exemplary case of how internet outrage
02:58   influences political topics and can exploit these topics. According to Flügge, this could be used
03:04   by campaigns against the public broadcasting service.
03:08   Basically, we know from our research in this field
03:12   that 95% of all “LIKE” clicks are made by only 5%
03:18   of internet users, which means a gigantic shift in
03:25   perceived relevance is being organized. Topics are being hyped
03:30   that have very little relevance to the general population.
03:34   Now the cat is out of the bag, and grandma is an agitator whether she want to be or not.

Video transcript #2:

00:02   [Sign] WDR — For the people. For the West. Building for you the multimedia group of the future.
00:05   Hello and good evening. Following the enormous reaction to the video
00:09   produced by WDR, a spontaneous demonstration was held today in Cologne.
00:14   I was expecting to see more people participating due to massive internet echo.
00:23   Nevertheless, I was able to capture a few interesting images and of course Antifa wasn’t absent.
00:33   [Sign] We are grandmas. Not #Nazi Pigs!
00:37   [Sign] Nazi grandmas = Eco-Logical. Sustainable. Creative. Social. Innovative. Cyclist! Active.
00:40   [Sign] Once the word Grandma meant something loving, now thanks to public
00:43   mud-slinging, children think Grandmas are pigs. [Sign] My grandma is an old
00:46   environmental pig. WDR exploits children to slander the elderly. Shameful! Stop causing division.
00:49   [Sign]You can’t buy an SUV with money earned collecting bottles. —As a Grandmother,
00:52   I would like to say, it is unbelievable the way we are being mocked as grandmothers
00:55   by this song. It is incomprehensible.
00:58   If one of my children were to allow one of their children
01:02   to sing something like this, which would never be the case,
01:06   the s*** would really hit the fan. Without us grandmas,
01:11   this country would have crapped out a long time ago.
01:17   The government can’t even manage to create enough daycare facilities
01:22   in order to meet the demand, although this
01:26   doesn’t concern me so much because I can do without your filthy childcare, because I would rather
01:36   care for my grandchildren for FREE. I have more fun that way!
01:41   I’d like to get back to the subject of grandmothers and mothers.
01:45   Piss off! —I’m not going anywhere.
01:49   My point is that my grandmother was one of the “rubble women,”
01:55   as well as my mother. I can recall times
02:01   when five people had to share a bathtub together.
02:05   That’s something young people aren’t familiar with today.
02:10   They also aren’t used to having patched up clothing, with more than one patch. Or darned socks.
02:21   Or hand-me-downs from their big brother or
02:25   the dress from their big sister. Not having something of your own.
02:30   The young people today have so many things that we never had. We didn’t have cell phones.
02:40   My grandmother was the first in the neighborhood
02:44   who owned a T.V. and that meant the entire neighborhood
02:48   gathered on her patio to watch T.V. together.
02:51   Nothing like that happens today. Today, in every child’s bedroom
02:54   there’s a laptop, a computer, a T.V., a stereo, etc.
03:01   I remember playing on the street outside and we had fun.
03:10   Children today only spend time with their laptops.
03:14   I play with my grandchildren and my grandson says to me,
03:19   “Grandma, you’re the best grandma in the world.” He said,
03:23   “Some grandmas knit, but you play with me.”
03:27   I think it is very important to be there for our children
03:32   in order to show them the right path. I would do anything
03:37   for my grandson and I couldn’t imagine that he would ever say to me, “Grandma, you are a Nazi pig!”
03:47   Honestly, I don’t know how I would react, but that’s what children are being told nowadays.
03:55   They have now idea what that is, and unaware of the implications. That’s all I wanted to say.
04:05   In the past, grandmothers always did all they could
04:08   for their children. My ex-husband’s grandmother
04:11   had 16 children, because her husband died young leaving her alone with 16 children.
04:20   She raised them all by herself without the nanny state
04:24   contributing anything. That’s what I wanted to say.
04:27   We demand the dismissal of the Antifascist Daniel Hollek. Exactly, get out! Along with the
04:39   program director Jochen Rausch. WDR director Tom Buhrow, out! Our grandmothers, even those
04:56   after the war, the grandmothers today, can’t be labeled environmental pigs.
05:03   Then this Danny Hollek comes along, the little weirdo, who thought he could do one better
05:10   by calling grannies Nazi pigs. That’s unacceptable, and that’s why we are here.
05:15   We demand that WDR make a statement concerning this incident
05:18   and that these people have been fired. Real simple.
05:21   Let’s see what the next year brings in 2020,
05:27   and then we can all go united to Berlin and make a little noise.
05:33   Oh, now the grownups have shown up. Please stay here. Hello! Stay here. Stay here.
05:52   There is no right to Nazi propaganda! There is no right to Nazi propaganda!
06:29   That’s because you guys are stupid. —Is that it?
06:50   Lisa, you’re here too! —Yes, of course! —I didn’t recognize you with black hair. Gimme five!
06:55   Hey, no pushing, hands off! Get back. Back. Who are you? You little wee-wees!
07:39   That’s how it is in Cologne. We are marching in the street
07:44   because in Cologne, at WDR, a song was made
07:49   that slanders our grandmothers. Our grandmothers are depicted as environmental pigs.
07:55   Grandmothers are called Nazi pigs. Not in the song, but an employee from WDR said,
08:01   “No, no, you guys are right, those aren’t environmental pigs, they are Nazi pigs.”
08:07   So that’s what is happening here in Cologne,
08:10   and we registered our demonstration in order to protest
08:13   against this. To exercise our right to freedom of speech,
08:17   and what happens? It’s us being cordoned off
08:21   and those guys over there that want to suppress our opinion, they are allowed
08:25   to move around freely. That’s Cologne for you!
08:29   —Old socks, old socks, old socks. My grandma repairs her sock herself
08:35   and my grandma sets aside new things. Ole!
08:42   My grandma stays at home and saves her money, saves her money, her money.
08:48   My grandma stays at home and saves her money.
08:53   My grandma doesn’t need make a scene and show off. Ole!
08:57   My grandma built her house by herself from rubble,
09:01   From rubble, from rubble. My grandma built her house by herself
09:07   From rubble. My grandma was a very clever lady. Ole!
09:14   My grandma is the reason I’m alive, I’m alive, I’m alive.
09:20   My grandma is the reason I’m alive. My grandma helped rebuild
09:27   everything here herself. Ole! So now your grandma will be
09:31   ashamed of all of you, ashamed of all of you,
09:35   ashamed of all of you. So now your grandma will be ashamed of all of you,
09:41   because your grandma is very smart. Ole!

13 thoughts on “GrandmaGate Scandal Engulfs Germany

  1. Do Antifa scum not have grandmothers too? Or did they just spontaneously self-generate from piles of filthy laundry, environmentalist magazines, and violent video games left in a corner of a basement somewhere to slither and ooze out into sunlight to infect the rest of western civilization?

    • Oh no, they do have grandmothers but they shipped them all off to their Antifa “reeducation” camps in the East. All six million of them.

    • Typically they are nice grandsons to them because grandma has worked hard an has money ….

      • Unfortunately, too many seniors there are collecting bottles to make ends meet (that’s the meaning of that sign the protester is holding), or only turning on the heat when relatives visit because it’s so expensive. They don’t want their kids to know how hard they have it.

        I read a couple of years ago that resorting to food banks is becoming less of an option due to violent migrants that have taken over there. Volunteers who run them have quit because they can’t cope with it any longer.

    • Considering what they think of the “boomers”, I’d guess they don’t care for their grandmas. Or they’re being hypocrites, as per usual, looking down on everyone else, but somehow not involving their own families.

    • All my respect to the germans men and womens who take it action against this shamefull ,,progresist” propaganda . Shame ! This is too much !

      • I wish I lived closer. I would come to respect my wonderful grandmother, Anna, from the German enclave in, now Kaliningrad who raised 3 fine sons.

  2. I think that Grandmagate is making such an impact because it harkens directly to Soviet and DDR Communist era propaganda.

    I’m reminded of the (in)famous Soviet “Hero” Pavlik Morozov. From wiki:

    In 1932, at the age of 13, Morozov reported his father to the political police (GPU). Supposedly, Morozov’s father, Trofim, the chairman of the Gerasimovka Village Soviet, had been “forging documents and selling them to the bandits and enemies of the Soviet State” (as the sentence read). Trofim Morozov was sentenced to 10 years in a labour camp, where his sentence was changed to death, which was fulfilled.[1] However, Pavlik’s family did not take kindly to his activities; on 3 September of that year, his uncle, grandfather, grandmother and a cousin murdered him, along with his younger brother. All of them except the uncle were rounded up by the GPU and sentenced to “the highest measure of social defense” – execution by a firing squad.

    Thousands of telegrams from all over the Soviet Union urged the judge to show no mercy for Pavlik’s killers. The Soviet government declared Pavlik Morozov a glorious martyr who had been murdered by reactionaries. Statues of him were built, and numerous schools and youth groups were named in his honour. An opera and numerous songs were written about him. Gerasimovka’s school, which Morozov attended, became a shrine and children from all over the Soviet Union went on school excursions to visit it.

  3. The song actually labels grandmothers as “sows”, not “pigs”. (Sau is the German word for sow, schwein = pig.)

    As for the opinion rendered in the first video that the online negative comments were “massively” exacerbated by right-wingers…well, keep telling yourself that, sonny. How could everyone not be on board with the hard left? Why, I’ll bet that in reality only three people had any issue with your satirical masterpiece! The rest of the complainers were all opportunistic Nazis! With no grandmothers!!

    Best of all (Wikiedia):

    WDR is in part funded by the limited sale of on-air commercial advertising time; however, its principal source of income is the revenue derived from viewer and listener licence fees. As of 2015 the monthly fee due from each household for radio and television reception was €17.50.

    So the populace has to pay (can’t opt out) to be insulted by these half-wits (all of whom are more than old enough to have known better than to put out this tripe).

  4. “But insulting their grandmas — that’s going too far!”

    German here. In one word: yes.

  5. WDR is a goverment owend Radio and TV Station.
    So this is the voice of the german goverment to the german people!

    • Clemens, this is a widespread misconception. The government does not own any media.But that does not make things better: the major broadcasters are controlled by a board staffed by all concerned public organisations,parties, trade unions, churches, educational institutions and so on.What is worse is the fact that all those and the editors obey the laws of political correctness to excess.

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